Friday, October 16, 2009

Pardon me while I just s-i-g-h.....

I really did try hard. I did everything but enclose myself in a waterproof suit and wear a face mask but the germs still got to me anyway. Yep....bronchitis and a sinus infection. I have learned not to wait with this kind of stuff cause it only gets worse. I didn't see any sense in going into the doctor's office because I get this just about every Fall.....I figured he could call a prescription in for me and I wouldn't infect his waiting room. Well, I called and of course I had to go through the whole business of recorded announcements, computerized voices and voice mail. I ended up leaving a message which they said would be listened to and handled shortly. Well....good thing I wasn't dying! 24 hours later, after no response from them, I called back and I was more than a little bit ticked off. This time they called in the prescription for me within an hour.

So I have missed a week of work and that's like throwing money out the window. I haven't felt good at all and when I'm not happy.....ain't NOBODY happy. (just kidding about that.....I actually curl up in a corner and just feel sorry for myself). I wasn't able to get my flu shot because I didn't think it was a good idea to get it when you're sick already. So I've started the 5 day dose of antibiotics and I hope this does the trick. Last time I had this stuff, it took two prescriptions to clear it up.

Sorry I haven't said much.....I just haven't felt up to par. I've been trying to make the rounds and visit everyone though. Hope you all are feeling well. I'll see you in a few days....hopefully bright eyed and bushy tailed.


boneman said...

OK, well, you just stay there under the covers and I'll bring the silly joke to you....

A professor at the University of Mississippi was giving a lecture on 'Involuntary Muscular Contractions' to his first year medical students.
Realizing this was not the most riveting subject, the professor decided to lighten the mood slightly.
He pointed to a young woman in the front row and asked, 'Do you know
what your ass hole is doing while you're having an orgasm?'..
She replied, 'Probably deer hunting with his buddies.'...
It took 45 minutes to restore order in the classroom....................

Smocha said...

well, it may not be the swine flu , but thst don't mean it ain't the "whatever" flu. Cancel 2 weeks of your life.....and pamper yourself if there's no one else around to do it.:)

forsythia said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Mikey said...

Hope you get better soon!! This bug sucks a lot. I know what you mean about being out a week. It's hard!!
Get better quick! We miss ya!

Gypsy said...

....LMAO...Loved Boneman's joke....sorry Val.

I hate to think of you sitting there all alone with nobody to take care of you. Hope you get better soon my little Pisces girl.

Jamie said...

Well crap..EVERYONE is getting sick this year! I know you get it every fall, but have you noticed how it seems that everyone around us has something? You will be lucky to just get this annual thing. I hate being sick, and like Gypsy, I hate that you are all alone and sick. Unless of course you prefer to be all alone and sick, which I do---the sicker I am, the more I just want to be left alone.

I hope you are on the road to recovery. I know you hate to miss work, but a few days at home alone doesn't sound too bad right now.

Feel better good friend. One day, I am going to show up for coffee.

Lots of hugs. :)

ps...i thought that joke was pretty great, too. :)

Karen said...

Oh so sorry to hear you are sick. I hope your back to feeling fine real soon.
A good time to read a good book.

SOUL: said...

hmm.. looks like i didn't make it to this one-- oops.
you are an annual bronchitisy too i see? hmm. it sucks, i know. you don't smoke tho-- do ya? i'm sure not. i blame the smoking.
i just kicked my bout with it-- but i think it's trying to attack me again. ugh.

i do hope yours goes, and stays gone.

stay warm and well
big get better hugz to ya-