Sunday, October 25, 2009

This n' that.....

Nothing post-worthy has happened and sometimes that's a good thing. Its been cold, blustery and rainy. The leaves are falling heavily now and if they weren't so wet, you would be hearing the rustle and crackle of them when you walk out to get the mail. Soon the trees will be bare, their naked branches reaching for the sky.

I think I've gotten the upper hand with my bronchitis with the help of antibiotics. Still have a little cough left, but its not bad at all. Because of that, I put off getting my flu shot and now I'm not sure I can get one because of low supply. Tomorrow I will be checking that out to see if I can get one. I don't think I will get the H1N1.....I'm a little fearful of it because it was formulated so quickly and also, according to the news reports, because of my age I may have a bit of built in immunity.

I've been doing a lot of reading and also getting back into the groove of watching TV on some evenings. It gets dark so early and light so late in the day now. I will be actually glad to see the time change take place. I'm driving to work in darkness and coming home in twilight.

Speaking of Twilight. I saw the movie finally. I was curious about all the hype over it but didn't buy the books and I didn't pay the outrageous prices they want for a movie ticket. I waited for the DVD and then got it used. People.....I'm sorry, but I just can't see it. I know a lot of people went nuts over it and maybe I've become a cranky old woman....but I just didn't get pulled in by all of it. First of all, the star....Pattinson. He's not THAT handsome....plenty of other stars that have it all over him. Secondly, the girl....Bella. I didn't appreciate her mouth always being open. It was driving me nuts! My grandmother used to get after me when I was small about that....she'd say..."are you trying to catch flies?....close that mouth". It makes her look very unintelligent. Then her backpack....she'd have it, then she wouldn't only to see her have it again at home. Her trip into the woods started out with backpack, then it mysteriously disappears. It drove me nuts because she has this book in there that if "he" found it, he would know that she was on to him. The movie's special effects were not good.....a children's "Goosebumps" movie has better. The only thing I can say is that the country is gorgeous. The scenery is absolutely breath-taking. So, I didn't think much of it. My young granddaughter, however, loves it. I can say it was refreshing to look at a movie that wasn't forcing the F-word down your throat every other minute. In fact, I don't think there was any swearing in it at all, no nudity and very little gore. Even though those are all attributes, I'm guessing that maybe I'm just too old to appreciate the plot and I've been spoiled by excellent special effects in other movies, which would have enhanced this one immensely.

If allowed to go, the trick or treat set will be going from place to place in darkness, which is dangerous but more thrilling for them. We really don't have door to door trick or treating in my neighborhood any longer. The schools and churches have little parties for the kids so everything is done safely and supervised. Its a shame that so many sick people have ruined a holiday that every kid looked forward to; when I was a kid doing this, it never crossed our minds that anyone would try and harm children. So, this coming weekend will be an active one.....for the older kids with pranks and mischief on their minds. Before Friday, I must get all my outdoor furniture and such brought into the garage where it will stay for the winter....otherwise it might end up in the middle of the road, arranged for a social gathering.

My grandson has abandoned his ideas of going into the service in the hopes of attaining a specialized field. His very selfish, immature girlfriend has nixed that. And what is more frustrating is that he's listening to her demands. He has wasted months of his life only to be of service to her. He spends his days waiting on her, eager to jump to her every command. Its sickening and makes us all feel so helpless. We can't talk any sense into him. As for her, she definitely has gotten off on the wrong foot with me. Her rudeness, lack of any sort of etiquette whatsoever and her "me first" attitude cinched that. I would like nothing more than to see him break it off with her and to do it quickly. Since she's been cheating on him, maybe I'll get my wish soon. So far she's been able to lie her way out of everything and he believes her excuses. She's going to make a kind-hearted, trusting young man very bitter and suspicious of all women after this.

Well, that's about it. I have laundry to do and tomorrow is dreaded Monday, which is always busy at work. Maybe tomorrow I won't drop and spill my entire cup of coffee in the parking lot in the pouring rain like I did Friday. Have a nice evening dear friends!


Smocha said...

You want to see a vampire movie with a man worth drooling over, see the old movie ...Near dark.

Nuff said :)

I agree with you about this one.

Happy Sunday poops!

Coffeypot said...

Thank you, Val, for stopping by my site and leaving the suggestions. That Ext. HD was my next purchase.

Be careful who you let know you came by. I wouldn't want to ruin your reputation, but if you do sneak in, just say hello.

I agree with you on Twilight. It's a young chick flick thing. And I think the dude vampire is just plain ugly.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better Val. I guess a lot of doctor's offices are out of the flu shots let alone the H1N1 shots. My daughter is still trying to get her two little ones the regular flu shots, but her pediatrician hasn't had it yet. She's been very nervous about it. She's also nervous about the controversy on the H1N1 shot. She's not sure what to do.

I hope your Grandson breaks up with his girlfriend soon. There's nothing worse than knowing he's with someone who's no good for him; but he needs to find it out for himself. It's a very painful situation for everyone who loves him who wants someone better for him....because he truly deserves it. Good luck with that whole situation sweetie... Have a good week... Love, Joy

bearly domesticated boneman said...

did the meme (why do you suppose they call it "meme"?...)
Hey..I wanted that award!
Thanx, again, gal!

SOUL: said...

hey charlotte--
so, ummm, i take it you didn't like 'twilight'?
i knew i wouldn't like it-- so i didn't waste my time, money OR effort on either the book, movie, or dvd. i couldn't care less.

and just a heads up--- if you enjoy goin to the movies-- or obviously rentin-or buyin the dvd's---

we went and saw 'paranormal activity'
what a disappointment--
the critics must be gettin some kinda kickback -- cuz it was very comparable to "blair witch project".. and the ended is very similar too --
as in --
"WTH???? that's IT?"

so, there's my two cents on the movie review night.

happy last week of october to ya-

ps-- did you notice- you posted at 3:33
bw hahahaha

Anonymous said...

now I gotta go back and look for Bella's thanks for that.

Karen said...

Glad you're feeling better.

I haven't seen Twilight and don't plan to see it.
But I thought the book was great - I couldn't put it down. I always like books better than the movies.

When I was a kid, I had to bring all my candy home for my mom to check it before I ate any of it. I'm not a big fan of Halloween and wouldn't care if it was canceled altogether!!

Have a happy Monday. :-)

Jamie said...

I am so happy to see that you are back among the living. You even sound like yourself and I love that!

I think it's awesome that you even WATCHED the twilight movie. I am just too old to care, I guess. :)

Hopefully your grandson will learn something out of what will probably turn out to be a bad situation for him. The first big breakup is hard, I hope he comes through smarter.

And yes, you did post at 3:33---and of course, that makes me think of soul.

Happy Monday friend. Hugs. :)

Brad said...

Sorry to hear about grandson - Wish I had some advice but I'm sure you've tried it all by this point. Sometimes you just have to let things play themselves out. Hopefully he'll realize he's worth more than that.

Glad to hear you almost have the bronchitis licked - that stuff sure can hang on a while!

forsythia said...

I have a nephew who had a millstone for a girlfriend. He finally got rid of her, only to take on another. SIGH. In many other ways, he is all growed up and a wonderful person. He just likes to be helpful and some young woman always spots this and takes advantage.

Glad your bronchitis is gone.

Cheryl said...

It was good to catch up with you. My mom used to say the same thing about having your mouth open and catching flies. Funny. I've been known to say it to others.

I hope you're feeling 100% soon.