Saturday, October 17, 2009

An award and a MEME.....

Thank you, Gypsy, for including me in your group to receive this award. I'm supposed to pass this along to 6 people but I am going to extend this award to anyone who has commented on my blog in the last two posts. So if you have, consider yourself a recipient and accept this award from me because if I have you on my blogroll and I read and comment on your blog, I consider it to be genuinely "over the top" in every way possible.

Now......for the Meme part. Apparently the answers to these questions can only be one word. Hmmmmmm....kinda hard for most women to do, but let's see what happens.

Here goes:

One Word Meme............

Where is your cell phone? Purse

Your hair? Colored

Your mother? Passed

Your father? Passed

Your favorite food? Steak

Your dream last night? Driving

Your favorite drink? Coffee

Your dream/goal? Happiness

What room are you in? Den

Your hobby? Reading

Your Fear? Pain

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Secure

Where were you last night? Home

Something that you aren’t? Dishonest

Muffins? Yes!

Wish list item? Maid

Where did you grow up? Michigan

Last thing you did? Typed

What are you wearing? Nightshirt

Your TV? Sharp

Your pets? Dog

Friends? Valued

Your life? Introspective

Your mood? Variable

Missing someone? Yes

Vehicle? Pontiac

Something you’re not wearing? Pantyhose

Your favorite store? Kohl's

Your favorite color? Blues

When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday

Last time you cried? Unsure

Your best friend? Relocated

One place that I go to over and over? Memories

One person who emails me regularly? Wanda

Favorite place to eat? Home

Don't forget to retrieve and then pass on your award to keep it going. Happy Saturday!! (and YES...I'm feeling better already!)


Gypsy said...

Good on you for joining in Val and congrats. I'm impressed that you kept to the one word rule (unlike me who strayed a little).

boneman said...

glad you're feeling better, Val.
and, thanx for the award, gal.
I shall retrieve it, but right now can't stop.
I'se painting a picture, but then, "over the top"?
Is that a mystery, and I've rarely understood.
I hate to be over anything, even when I could.
And funny enough, because I'm six foot five.
Not the tallest guy around, but happy to be alive.
Every morning, I get up and look in the mirror.
"You're an artist" I say, and then when I'm done laughing (whirherherher)
I go to work doing all sorts of odd things.
Painting walls, cleaning gutters, and all the while sing.

OK, that's about enough of that, eh?
It's quite addicting, I really must say.
Next thing you know, you'll be doing it, too.
But, that's OK, because we all know there's a poet hiding in you!


SOUL: said...

mornin charlotte :))

i'm not sure if i've commented on here in the last two posts or not -- i think i have tho-- but i was passed along the award by Gypsy as well-- i also learned a new word with it-- did you? 'fortnight'. haha. she's a trip.
i thought it was as in - the night before-- did you? i was wrong.

so anyhow-- as usual - you and i answered a few similarly. i did answer the meme.. but i had blabbed so darn much already -- i stashed it away for tomorrows post. i did manage to stick to one word tho.

anyhow-- happy to hear you feel better :))

hope your saturday is a happy one-
hugz and byeeeee

Golden To Silver Val said...

Gypsy: Answering with one word is harder than one would think.

Boney: Wow, I've never had a poem written to me before. THANK you. You've made my day! LOL, we would be a sight standing side by side...I am 4'11 to your 6'5.

Soul: Hey df...yep you did post within the last 2 posts and yes I had heard that term before...its very English. But because we don't use it here I always forget how much time it means...I knew it was either 2 weeks or 4 weeks though. I imagine your sistah will be talkin' like that before long. She can teach us! LOL

Maria said...

I, too, would love nothing more than a maid service. AHHHH.

Jamie said...

Yep--I think you are over the top!

Love the meme, and happy that you are getting better!


SOUL: said...

mine's up if you care to check it out-- or should i say -- if you 'dare' to.

happy sunday-

coffee's hot ovah heah!

Anonymous said...

You did great on this one Val! Saying something in one word is an aquired skill, I can do so much better in about 50 words - just ask my spouse! :-) Ahh, a maid... definitely - and one who cooks supper and and cleans up the kitchen before she leaves! I see myself as being "introspective" as well. Look out for us quiet folks, there's a whole lot going on inside! :-)

Joy Des Jardins said...

So glad you're feeling better Val. I loved this really did great on these one-word answers...that's hard. Boy, would I love a maid service at this point in my life...and could use one. Congrats on the award sweetie! Stay well....and wonderful Val...

Brad said...

Hey you stockingless, nightshirt wearing, gorgeous vixen! Hope life has been treating you good. Over the top? maybe not how I'd describe you but it's a nice award anyway. All good here - I'm cursing fall and the early dark hours but hey, maybe it will get me off the stick and to start posting again. Anyway - Miss you lovey!