Friday, April 10, 2009

Computers....gotta love em.....and a thank you.

I have spent so many hours and hours in front of a computer monitor that I see it in my sleep. My workplace is putting something new into effect....using PDF files. Now, I'm a long-time word processor user...first it was WordPerfect and for the past 10 years its been Word. With all that use, you become proficient and settle into a comfy little niche. Then they put something new in front of your face.

Does anyone know anything about PDF files that could help us understand them more. To me its like a graphic image on the paper that you cannot edit without special software. The special software will be coming to us in the next few months when everything else is all in place. The one thing bad about employers is that when they implement something new, they expect you to be all versed on it and able to perform within say......15 minutes. My co-worker and I are trying to get a head start on it all. She knows just about everything at work but she's not the best when it comes to computers if its something that ventures out of the normal range of just typing. That's where I come in. I know a bit more about computers and will work on something forever in order to master it. She leaves it to me to figure it out and then teach least when it comes to computing.

I've never had to use PDF files before and am puzzled by them. You can incorporate them in Word but you have to hold your breath and say a couple prayers first for patience. This is what I've been working on for the past week or so. I think we finally have it mastered and I'm sure we've gone about it the most difficult way....but at least its done. I can't say that it looks well incorporated within a Word document.....I'm not totally pleased with it but for the time being, it will have to do. If anyone has worked with these files and can give me some hints, it would be appreciated.

Is it any wonder that I had an eye doctor's appointment in the middle of all this. The exam turned out pretty well and my eyes haven't changed much at all. I wear contact lenses and love them. I've been wearing contacts since 1961 and can't rave about them enough. They had to dilate my eyes while there and I spent the next 8 hours with hampered vision. I hate that feeling. Of course when I got home, a box was waiting for me and it was my new printer. My old workhorse finally gave it up after 12 years of VERY dedicated work for me. I naturally stuck with the same company and was fortunate that they were having a wonderful sale. I got this printer for almost half off the regular price. I was anxious to unpack everything and get it up and running but I couldn't see well enough and had to postpone it. That is what I'm going to tackle today. I just hope and pray everything thats supposed to be in the box really IS in the box. You know how that goes. I did notice right off the bat that the instruction manual is not included in the box. Apparently if you desire such a thing, you have to download and print it off yourself (only 218 pages). What's up with that? I guess its a ploy to get you to use more ink. I'm not going to print it off unless I can't find what I want by looking at it its PDF file format.

I will end this post by relaying a message from my daughter to all of you who had such kind and encouraging comments for her. She said that during the first night of her class in Drug and Alcohol Abuse she felt your presence there with her. She, of course, had to be tested before entering the class and her test was, of course, negative. She tried to get something positive out of the class even though it really didn't pertain to her as she does not partake of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs. Afterward she sat in her car in the parking lot and cried. Tears of relief that one session of one class out of three was finished and prayed for strength to manage the rest of the sessions. The instructor had informed the class that "passing" this particular class could take as long as 9 months...if you continued to be in denial about your problem. She to deal with this. She doesn't have the problem but they surely will interpret that as DENIAL of her can she fake it and pretend to have the problem and then pretend to be getting better. It made her head hurt to think of it. The following week, she went through the same process for this same class and, again, felt the strength coming from all of you. Within 3 days, she received a letter (divine intervention?) stating that she would no longer have to take this class and they would be transferring her into another class, which is Anger Management. Someone is finally paying attention and recognized that she did not belong there. So, she will take the Anger Management and attempt to come away with something positive out of it. There isn't a person anywhere that can't take a few tips on how to manage your anger every now and then. She sends a sincere thank you to all of you. We can get through this. We WILL get through this. Bless you all.


fiwa said...

Tell your daughter that the same cloak of love we throw around you extends to her and to your grand daughter too. Hang in there, and show them that they will not beat you. You are stronger than this - we know you are made of tough stuff - just look at your mama!

Val, PDF files are a booger. They're made so that you can distribute a document to anyone - because unlike say Word or WordPerfect - you don't have to buy anything to be able to look at a PDF file. Anyone can download the reader part for free. Also it keeps people from being able to edit or make changes to a document that you send to them - so it's often used for transmitting legal agreements. It is - as you say - a graphic picture of what your document looks like. Editing is another story - you have to have the full adobe product to edit - and it's not easy to do. It's best to create your document in word or wherever, get it ready and looking the way you want it to - and then turn it into a PDF. If you have any questions just send me an email and I'll try to help. I don't have the adobe acrobat product installed at home cuz it's expensive - but I remember bits and pieces about how to use it.

Love to you and happy easter -

happyone said...

Tell your daughter "Your Welcome!" :-)
Glad things seem to be going her way now.

boneman said...

well, I dunno. My brother started up on using pdf files for his business and swears I can't edit them.Which is poo.
I copy the words, paste to a new pdf and ship it back to him and he writes back, "Why did we change over?"

Ah....Progress! Makes you wonder why did we get rid of that horse and buggy idea, anyway?

As for your daughter, there are other answers that she can offer without lying OR seeming self denying.
It just takes a bit of study on the questions and then decide on the proper answers.
Since she will read negative, anyway, half the problem is done.

As a recovering alcoholic/drug using/cigarette and cigar smoking moron, I can tell you this.
Once recovered means more than what anybody thinks.
(and, truth is: worse than drinking, worse than heroin, is cigarettes. Absolutely the most dibilatating drug on the market today, will hook a user inside of the first pack, and will never let go! And availiable in manthol, too!)
(geez....can you believe that they made marijuana illegal, which has killed no one, and cigarettes, which still claim 100000 lives to an early death every year is so easy to get?)

forsythia said...

This was one of the reasons I retired. Just when I'd entered the comfort zone with the system we had, they'd change it. They'd install a new system and give you a big, fat book to go with it. Bleh.

Being told you are in "denial" when you know that you're not is enraging. It's enough to make you WANT to take an Anger Management Class. Is there room for me in your daughter's class? :-)

Anonymous said...

I never understood PDF from day one. I can teach myself Photoshop, but I avoid everything else Adobe.

I agree with Forsythia; I get angry just reading about what they have put you daughter through.

She is stronger for all of this isn't she? Regaining her power is the best thing to come out of it. I hope that she continues to feel all of the support and caring that we throw her way, (and yours too) dear Val.

SOUL: said...

well, i don't know nuthin bout birthin no PDF :))

but i'm glad things worked out this way for your daughter.

i am wondering-- if you have a new printer-- with no instructions---well, unless you print them...
how the heck are you sposed to hook up the printer with the non-printed instructions.
just a question...


happy easter---
glad you're gonna have good weather-- we will have storms. i hope soulman doesn't mind smokin meat on the egg--in the rain


Anonymous said...

I have heard the word PDF (is it a word?) but have no idea what it is. Yes I'm a geek.

I am so happy that things are starting to look up for your daughter even if it is only a little. I'm glad she has felt the support of all your friends, I know there were many times I made it through hard times for the same reason.

Happy Easter my little friend, to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Val! From a long lost lurker... Yes PDF files are as one of your readers said, just a way to send docs to people so that they can't edit or change anything on it. It really is just a "mirror reflection" of your original word or excel doc. We use it when we send account statements to our customers....that way they are not tempted to change any digits on them...

Debbie said...

Hey Val! I don't know squat about PDF. I remember the old Word Perfect days LOL. I don't think anyone ever gave any of us any training on this stuff. Pretty much click, oops, learn.

I haven't read all the background on your daughter yet, but it sounds like things are turning around. I agree, all of us in this day and age could benefit from some anger management. I know I could. It's frustrating out there.

My prayers will go out for you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful Easter :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Even in this messed up system of red tape and injustices...I've always believed that right wins out over wrong in the end Val. It may not always happen...and it may not always happen as quickly as we would like; but I'd like to believe that it does happen. Maybe your daughter will start to see something turn around here...I certainly hope so.

Happy Easter to you and your family sweetie.... Bless you too. Love, Joy

Dear Liza said...

I think trying to learn something new, computer wise - is just about the most frustrating experience, and to be honest, I am quiet envious that you are able to manage it so easily. But honestly, no surprise to me, as you handle EVERYTHING in the same way. You are just pretty awesome that way.

I am happy to hear that some of the injustice done to your daughter has lessened, and I have to agree with the commentor above, in the end, things do tend to level out. There will be at least something good that she will be able to take from all of this, and it's easy to see that she got her great attitude from you.

Happy Easter Charlotte. Hugs and love...:)

Cheryl said...

I'm glad there are steps to go through, then it will be over. Your daughter will find the way to endure.

Good luck with the PDF stuff. Not my forte. I just read stuff that comes that way. I love my non-tech job, though in another life I'd be a computer geek. If that makes sense.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I wish I understood the PDF file, but I don't. Never have. Can't download them. Never have.

I'll keep your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. Things work out the way they're supposed to, and ultimately this will make her--and you-- stronger.

Brad said...

That's quite the daughter you raised. What a great attitude she has, given all that's happened to her. Give her a hug for me pls.