Sunday, April 26, 2009

My horns were out.....

Peaceful evening at home. Supper is finished, dishes are done. Settling back with a good book.........


Me: Hello

Phone: (recorded announcement) This is your final and very last chance to make sure your vehicle is covered under warranty. We have made several attempts to contact you....DON'T DELAY...your warranty is about to expire. Press 1 now to be connected to one of our trained warranty specialists.

Me: (pressing 1)

Phone: This is Jennifer...please give me the year and make of your vehicle.

Me: Jennifer, I think there's been some mistake. My vehicle is 16 years old.

Phone: 'click'

Earlier today: One of the strangest calls I've ever received.


Me: Hello

Phone: Recorded announcement. "If you were expecting a call from eBay, press the pound sign now"

Me: hanging up.


I would just like to know one thing. Whatever happened to the "Do not call" list. I don't think its working. It seems like the loophole for exemptions has gotten bigger and bigger. Just sayin'.......


boneman said...

I never did get on that list, and let me tell you, I think I made a mistake.
Get calls day and flippin night, buy this, make an appointment for that, oh, no, I'm not selling anything...I just wanted to know if you're interested in saving a bundle on your telephone bill, your credit cards, your mortgage, your this your that your money is very interesting to us....


How do I deal with them?
If they catch me on the wrong day and the wrong mood, I'm fairly sure I've made some of them cry.
The girls, too.
On other days, I'm as friendly as pancakes and syrup.
Would you like some hot butter with that? We live in a very old house, yes.
No gutters at all.
Sidings falling off.
Windosws are fifty years old and falling out of their frames.
I have fifteen credit cards and they're all delinquent (I have none, actually, but, oh! Their little voices light up like they just walked downstairs at a rich man's house on Christmas morning!
And yet, somehow...there will be no connection.
If they get pushy enough, uncompromising enough, and force an answer to "why not?" the answer is usually the truth.
I don't buy ANYTHING on the phone. No numbers go out. No appointmants are made. I don't know you and I don't believe who you say you are.

Course, that's on a good day.

Most times, with call waiting, I see that it's a sales person, and just pick up and hang up.
Oh well. Sucks to be a phone salesman.

(yes...I used to be one of those, too)

Dear Liza said...

You made me laugh - and so did boneman, above. I hope you are feeling better....Thinking about you. Hugs, honey. :)

You know, when it's early in the am, and it's dark in the room and you haven't had enough coffee yet, it's really easy to try and give my good friend a hug, but miss the "H" key. You don't know how many times I have wished someone "JUGS". Geez....thank goodness I proof read. :)

Heather BT said...

Howdy Val,
The do not call list is a limited time thing. You have to re-enroll every couple three years.
The comic strip Betty did a good one about this Saturday or Sunday. I liked her way of dealing with it :)
Take care
Heather BT

lucylocket said...

The vehicle warranty calls on my land line are bad enough, but now they have begun calling my cell phone. I'm on the "don't call" list, but it doesn't seem to deter these people.

josie2shoes said...

Ahh yes, we get that "final offer" call at least once a day at work. No amount of directives to remove us from their call list has helped. I do feel for people who have to make a living this way - by annoying other folks. Maybe they develop really thick skin.

fiwa said...

I think I have the sillies today, but this just cracked me up. :)

This is why I never answer my phone.

happyone said...

Yesterday I had the call about the warranty on the vehicle. It was a message left on my cell phone. I deleted it!!!

Betty said...

I get that call about the warranty on the vehicle all the time. I re-enrolled on the "Do Not Call" list, but I still get those calls. It makes me mad, too. Next time, I'm going to press 1 and get a human and ruin his/her day.

Brad said...

I wanted to reach thru the monitor and grab your hand. NO! don't hit button 1!!! - too late.

My standard reply to telemarketers at work is: "No thank you" Click.
One guy called back one day to tell me I was rude. I spent several minutes explaining to him that I pay for my business telephone service for my CUSTOMERS to call, NOT for people trying to sell me Sh... well, 'stuff'

Anonymous said...

girl, you should have let them sell you the warranty on your 16 year old car....that would have showed em.

Debbie said...

What amazes me is how quickly after I disconnected my land line, they started calling my cell phone!! I get the warranty one all the time and some darn public service announcement thingy. Geesh, people, if I want something, I'll CALL YOU!

Gosh, this hit a nerve LOL

forsythia said...

I got another call about a work-at-home "opportunity" just the other day. Before the caller could get rolling, I interrupted with, "Are you calling about a work-at-home scheme?" Him: "Yes." Me: "Good-bye." Then there's the offers for low-interest credit cards. The Do-Not-Call list needs some serious work.

Anonymous said...

How weird! Mom got countless calls from that vehicle warranty place, sometimes they'd call 2-3 times a week. And she even got postcards in the mail-and she doesn't own a car; I do! She finally signed up for the do-not-call list and we think it's safe to answer the phone again, though now she's getting calls from some telemarketer she thinks is in India.

She says you have to ask what company they work for so you can report it to the do-not-call people, but she couldn't even understand that guy.


if there's a way you can document it or get phones that money fairy can go further when you file a complaint with the fcc (not sure if that's the right abbrev''s but it sounded good) and get a small amount of money..when the claim is settled...couple years from now. :0)

very annoying those calls.

Summer said...

I want to know how they got my cell number...

Anonymous said...

By the way, they removed the 5-year limitation on signing up for the "do not call" list. Now, one need not renew.
Cop Car
P.S. Just got a new cell phone number a couple of months ago and began getting calls on it; so, signed up for "do not call" on it.