Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'll Be Back Shortly.....

I'm so sorry for the prolonged absence but I've been working every day and its kicking my butt!
I do have a little something to say that will get you goose pimpley all over.

I lost my credit card. It had been missing for a while before I realized it wasn't in my wallet. I went online and nervously looked at my statement and was glad to see that it hadn't been used. I then called the bank and put a hold on the card for a few days and starting looking in earnest.

I looked every place that I thought it should be or could be and then I started looking at places where it could never be. My daughter came over and she helped look for it. It was very frustrating.

My friend told me that when she went to Catholic elementary school they used to sing a song to Saint Anthony when they lost things because he can help you find them. She said you don't have to be Catholic to request Saint Anthony's services. So I started talking to Saint Anthony.

I was, at that time, going through a pile of recipes on my computer desk. I was slowly retyping them into a data base and there is no way the card could be in that pile but I was looking anyway, having exhausted just about every other place. About half way through the pile, I looked skyward and whined "awww come on Saint Anthony, please help me". My dog, hearing the whiny voice, came in to see what was up. I turned sideways, away from my desk to pet her and when I turned back......the card was laying in front of me!

This is a true story. I still get goosebumps over it. So, I'm telling you right does not hurt to believe in things you may not quite understand or logic may tell you otherwise. And as far as Saint Anthony....he's a welcomed guest at my house anytime because I'm always losing something.

Well, its time for me to scoot out the door and head off to work. Y'all have a wonderful day and I'll be back in a couple days. I can visit and read your blogs from work, but I can't comment.


Gypsy said...

That's incredible Val. I wonder if Saint Anthony will help me find the half dozen sets of keys I've lost over the years. It can't hurt to ask anyway.

I was feeling so bad about my flippant comment I left the other day especially when you didn't post for so long. I was thinking that I am definitely going to hell for laughing at your expense. I'm so glad you're ok and was going to visit anyway tonight even if you didn't post.

I hope things calm down at work soon and that you can have a well deserved rest. Big hugs and kisses dear lady. xx

Cheryl said...

I've asked St. Anthony for help before, but it never worked for me. This is amazing, I agree.

happyone said...

Wow that is some story. It certainly gave me goose pimples!!

Anonymous said...

I feel happy to know that you are still here thriving blogland, and I am delighted that the saintly gentleman came through. Hugs to you Val. Thanks for your good wishes.

Joy Des Jardins said...

That's definitely 'goose bumples' material Val. I personally think you've got a special connection going on with St. Anthony....that may not work for everyone....

fiwa said...

I remember asking St. Anthony for help finding things when I was little (and Catholic). I found a ring I had lost in much the same way you describe finding your credit card - in some place I would never have put it and almost as if by magic. Gives you shivers doesn't it?

Anyway, I'm so glad you found the card, I know what a sickening feeling that is!

Take care of you -

mama llama said...

I pray to St. Anthony all the time...

"Tony, Tony, please come down. Something's lost and can't be found."

And there you have it!! But then again, I had no other alternative; if my head weren't attached, I would have long lost it already.

Be well, Val. Missing you.

Bear Naked said...

I will definitely be calling on St,
Anthony's help in the future.

I wonder if he knows that he has unofficially become the patron saint of menopausal women?

Bear((( )))

Brad said...

I'm going to have to remem ber this and try and beieve more ! don't work too hard.


WOW! Is there a specific prayer that is said to Saint. Anthony?

very much goosiebumpie.


Anonymous said...

I believe it!!
I'm back Val...Pam

The Real Mother Hen said...


This is a great story and I like stories like that.

I have never heard of Saint Anthony, I gotta google it right now.

Kelly Jene said...

Praise God! I've asked God to help me find things and He does, its amazing!

Love ya!

desert dirt diva said...

yes your right that was a goose bump momment...

simonsays said...

What a story, Charlotte! I too, know things that are unexplainable happen every day...I loved this.

Funny, but I lost a credit card last week, too---and I have never in my life done that. I never lose things, I have no idea what happened to it, but I finally cancelled it and have a new one on the way...

Take it easy when you don't have to work. Do you have a long weekend coming up?

Happy Friday. Hugs and stuff. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Gypsy ~ You should give Saint Anthony a try sometime. It sure did make a believer out of me., I didn't get hurt during my tub incident but sure did learn a lesson. I really should have known better in the first place. LOL, it was hilarious though. (after I was out and safe)

Cheryl ~ its probably like anything else...may not work ALL of the time. I was elated that it worked for me though.

Happyone ~ It still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. I am going to miss reading your blog. You have such an uplifting outlook on life. Bless you.

Sue ~ thank you for your kind comments and I'll see you soon!

Joy ~ He sure did come through for me...and just when I really needed him too.

fiwa ~ It sure is amazing and downright unforgettable, isn't it. Glad you found your ring too.

mama llama ~ YES! That was the exact song she told me. I hesitated to put it in my blog because I wasn't sure she had it right and I didn't want to offend anyone....and I didn't want to question her either. So I kept it to myself but am glad to know its right and not offensive. (calling a Saint "Tony")

Bear ~ OH! That is priceless! The Saint of menopausal women. That's wonderful. Also glad to know that I'm not the only one who forgets or misplaces things on a regular basis.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Brad ~ yep, sometimes it pays to have an open mind and a little faith. Talk to you soon.

Elizabeth ~ well, as mama llama said...I sang the little song...Tony, Tony, please come down. Something is lost and can't be my friend told me. Then I just sort of talked to Saint Anthony like you do when you're praying.

Pam ~ Wow...welcome back! I'll be visiting soon.

Mother Hen ~ you learn something new every day, that's for sure.

Kelly Jene ~ its amazing what faith can do, isn't it? We've seen it do miracles again and again. Be Well, sweetie.

desert diva ~ hope all is all right with you and yours.

Jamie ~ I wonder where you will find your lost card. You know it will show up in the most unusual place, don't you? Yes! I have a nice long weekend to enjoy (4 days) and the weather is supposed to be heavenly! Take care dear friend.

Anonymous said...

My mom has always told us to chant "Tony, Tony, turn around/Something's lost and can't be found" when we lost something important. It really does work! (and don't worry about irreverence-we're Catholic!)