Monday, March 31, 2008


You know, you would think after me living all these years I would be smart enough not to have done something so stupid! First of all, I wanted to get a nice ham for Easter. I had the brand name in mind and asked my friend to get it for me as she lives by the store that carries this particular one. She asked me if I wanted a whole ham and I said yes after only a couple seconds of thinking. I SHOULD have thought about this a tiny bit longer. She even asked me again...."are you SURE you want a whole ham" and I again said yes. So on Thursday before Easter she brings it to work and said she would put it in my car for me. Which she did. I didn't see it until it was quitting time and I got into my car to go home. There it the child's car seat...HA...what a sense of humor my friend has. It looked like a small pony sitting there. I thought to myself ... boy that's a lot of ham ... but came on home without thinking of further consequences again.
I kept it in the car until early Easter morning. It was cold outside, below freezing but my car is garage kept so it didn't freeze it solid. I nearly wrenched my back carrying this hummer inside. The weight on it said 27.8 lbs. Talk about a LOT of ham!
I took it out of the wrapper and wiped it down. I struggled getting it into the roasting pan. I actually had to trim off some of the fat so it would fit. I just know I threw both of my shoulders out of joint putting that sucker into the oven...but I managed. After a few hours the house smelt wonderful. Bottom line here is that our dinner was delicious...the ham was delicious...the ham STILL is delicious. I think I may be having this same ham as a daily diet til July 4th. I have given away half of it. I have tried to fix it just about every way one can imagine and I STILL have enough left to feed the entire population of Utah. I have learned a lesson....even at my age.
So I have been nursing my sore back and shoulders and all the while getting mighty sick of ham. March madness is coming to a close and I'm hoping all the mayhem and chaos will go with it. Its a crazy time for me and it always leaves me in a mess with so many things to do that have been put aside due to my own procrastination. Such a dirty word, isn't it? You would think that I would learn, wouldn't you....but I never seem to. So I'll be back, hopefully tomorrow and maybe I'll feel a little lighter since March is leaving....and leaving noisily too. We have wind advisories up for the night; gusting to over 50 mph. Hopefully we won't lose our power.


mapiprincesa! said...

Way to HAM it up, Val...

Out like a Lion, then, is March? Definitely does not sound lamb-esque.

Hey, at least you didn't used condensed instead of evaporated milk...don't even get me started on all my STOOOPID kitchen botches. That could cover a month's worth of blogs for me alone... :)

Be well, Val!

simonsays said...


What a great story, and it's a good thing you like ham...

Have an awsome day today Charlotte!

Kelly Jene said...

Wow, at least you like ham. I can't stand it, I'd go crazy if that was all there was to eat. Maybe freeze it and use it as an ice pack? lol

Hugs and love to ya!

fiwa said...

I did that this past thanksgiving with a turkey. Cantcha freeze some of the meat and use it for making beans and stews? mmmmm....

I know what you mean about how hard it is on your back though - it's hard to handle, I almost dropped the turkey.

I hope April is better for you. I've missed you.


SOUL: said...

ok-- now THAT sounds like you pulled a "soul" on this one charlotte!
i was crackin up.
not at you-- but, well, at your expense i spose.

anyhow-- i don't love ham.. but i'd help eat it if you were here-- yep-- as usual .. stahvin ovah heah!!

take care- and have a good tuesday

Anonymous said...

Yummm at least it was HAM and not something else that wasn't so there a ham diet???

boneman said...

¡¡¡ʎɐp s,ןooɟ ןıɹdɐ ʎddɐɥ !!!

Smocha said...

lol, would you like some ham with that ham???

Isn't it fun to be senile? :))