Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scooby Snacks for All.....

Girl, I'm serious, my owner is cheating on her man with a total LOSER.
Something that I saw on TV got my mind going in this direction and once it started, I couldn’t seem to put a stop to it. It just sort of evolved into more and more and then I thought to myself…this might make an interesting blog post.

Have you ever wondered if possibly our pets are able to do a LOT more than they appear that they can do? Have you ever thought of the events that may be taking place in our absence…or during the night while we blissfully sleep? I have long suspected my pets of being able to understand a lot more of our language than most people give them credit for. Case in point…if you mention “vet” or “nails clipped” or “bath”…… have you ever noticed how fast a dog can disappear from sight? Well, if they can understand those terms, along with ‘outside’ and ‘bed’, what makes you think it stops there. Experts have said that dogs can understand as many words as an average three year old. I suspect they are capable of a whole lot more, being able to comprehend whole sentences and furthermore I think they gossip about it in our absence. We say everything and do most anything in front of our pets because we figure they can’t squeal on us. Oh, they must have a real ball talking to each other about all the stupid things we say and do. They know more of our business than WE do. Next time you see your dog at the fence with the neighbor’s dog, you should wonder if you’re being talked about and also what the neighbor’s dog is saying about THEM. I also think that they may have some mind-reading abilities too. Don’t believe me? Just stare at your dog sometime when the dog is not looking at you and before you know it he or she has turned around, caught you looking and has come to sit by you. This works even if they are sound asleep. Cats are a little tougher because they are better adapted to hiding the truth from us. They feel we are inferior to them anyway and usually can’t be bothered with us unless they hear the can opener or the crinkling of the food bag.

Yep, I think they all get together and endlessly gossip about us. If they are left alone all day while we work, they may even have friends in for a poker game or possibly a video game or two. You know the guy who painted the dogs playing poker might have seen them in action. Can you picture them all kicked back telling their tales about their human owners. Can you even IMAGINE knowing everything about everyone in a household…knowing who doesn’t want who to know this or that and the repercussions if this or that were found out. So the next time your pet gives you one of those “knowing” looks….you might just stop and wonder what it is that he or she really knows and toss them an extra Scooby snack. I swear my pet winked at me the other night right after I sneaked a chocolate egg to munch on.


Kelly Jene said...

I think you're right. Our cats go do things in cycles. Like someone is always sleeping at the end of our bed. On those days the other cats don't enter our room. Then suddenly it's like the changing of the guards and a different cat sleeps on our bed. Strange stuff.

Happy Easter friend!

Smocha said...


I think my cats understand much more than they let on.

The word "No" they act totally oblivious.

Yet they know "come on ,lets go take a bath." (me bathing, them watching) lol
and they know" get on your lights" sharpen your feet" "who wants some whip cream?""look at the birdies"

They're not fooling me with that dumb act! :)

SOUL: said...

i'm with you on this-- even my dumb sushi knows more than she lets on. :))

happy easter!!

mapiprincesa! said...

You are right on, Val. Our pets know so much...and feel so deeply.

After my father died, I remember that we couldn't find the cat. We found him curled up in the closet in my father's slippers. It made us cry, such an intimate display of how much he missed who had been his father, too.

Your title got me...we had a Scooby Doo mini-marathon last night!

Happy Easter, Val!

Anonymous said...

You are not alone on this one Val. I have thought about this alot too..and it's a good thing that they can't really talk (to humans anyway), because they'd certainly be noisy demanding critters!
Happy Easter!

fiwa said...

Oh, sniff, mapiprincesa's comment made me cry a bit.

I KNOW my dog understands a lot of what I'm saying. For awhile I thought it was the tone of voice, but I really believe she understand me, understands the words. She's pretty darn smart too. I think she and the dog in the house behind us are plotting how to open the refrigerator. ;)

Gypsy said...

Mapiprincesa's comment made me get a lump in my throat too.

I think you're onto something there Val. We used to have a dog that knew when we were talking about her and would flounce out of the room. Even when we spelt her name out she still KNEW.

One of my customers has a dog that talks but he only does it with me and his owners. I go to their house and he goes on and on. The more I talk to him the more he does it back. If only I knew what he was saying or maybe its better I don't. At any rate, that was a very amusing post. Thanks for giving me a giggle as I got a mental image of all the neighbourhood dogs gossiping over the fence. Hilarious.

simonsays said...

I have long believed this to be true, and I thank you for having the courage to admit it!



The Real Mother Hen said...

Right on sistah.
I was once told that if we could "tap" into other frequencies, we would know the thoughts of other "living things" - including animals and plants. Cool :)

simonsays said...

I'm just thinking about you today.

Hope all is well.


SOUL: said...

just checkin in..
hello ;00

fiwa said...

Hello my dear friend, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.

A friend sent me this like about a Random Act of Kindness story, I thought you might enjoy reading it.

You'll probably have to cut and paste it into your browser, I doubt the link will work from here.

I hope you and your family are hanging in there.


boneman said...

Yes mam, I do believe it m'self.
Why, I'm fairly certain Gninski could get a job as a rocket scientist, but, what the hey, I get her treats and walks and dances and let her hog more of the bed than I would have liked.....
why work, she thinks.

You'de think they would at least get their own treats out of the fridge, eh?

Hope you're having the same weather we're having.
Lil windy, but, only a few more days of choppin' wood left.....

I hope.....

mapiprincesa! said...

Just checking in as well, Val.

Hope you are being well...

boneman said...

OK, so you like "group" chihuahua pix?
should get a giggle from ya.

simonsays said...

It's been a week, where are you?

Just being nosy...LOL

Have a great Sunday.