Friday, March 21, 2008

I blink and a week goes by.....

This is just getting plain ridiculous. I cannot believe how fast time is going. I know I've said it before but it almost feels like I'm in some kind of time warp or something. True, I've had to work every day and usually I only work two days a week and I know that sort of throws things off....but wow, before you know it, it will be WINTER again....oh the thought of THAT just makes me shiver in me knickers! LOL

I sure wish I could say that in this time period the Publisher's Clearing House visited me and presented me with a large sum of money such thing happened. Nor was I blessed with the visits of any royalty or not even Brad and Angelina. I just live my day to day existence being ME. When I think of it now, I wonder how in the world I ever found time to WORK when I was employed full time. Ever since retirement it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get stuff done I would like to do. Oh boy....I need some cheese to go with this serious WHINE, don't I?

We are still at the mercy of the family court. A hearing will take place on the 27th and we will know more of what's going to happen at that time. To say that I literally HATE this unnecessary invasion of our privacy is an understatement. Seems like they inconvenience all the wrong people. If they had been more diligent and investigated my granddaughter's mother, she may not have put the lives of her two other children at risk, not to mention the life of her unborn child. I'm so glad my son chose to leave her when HIS child was just a baby, but its still biting us in the butt, even though he has full physical custody of his child and NO input in any of his ex's actions in the last 2 1/2 years. In the meantime, I'm having to slap my hand over my mouth to keep it shut. I've already shown my displeasure and also shown that I'm not intimidated even though I'm being forced to comply. Now that I've growled and shown my teeth, I'll pull my claws back in and only hiss and arch my back every now and then just to keep them in their place, if there is such a thing. Whew....Being a matriarch is tough stuff.

Well, I'm off to buy baskets, jelly beans and tiny toys for the 'bunny' to leave Sunday morning. I'm making a ham. I think I'm going to use Coke on it this time. If any of you have the recipe for that, please let me know. Thanks!


Brad said...

Keep those claws sharp love, sounds like they may be needed. sorry sonnyboy's going through the $%@$#.

SOUL: said...

sorry so tuff in c-web-land

smocha has a good coke ham recipe--with raisins---i make it by memory sometimes--- but see if she remembers it first-- if not i'll give you my pnch and dash recipe k?
surely hers is better if she remembers it.
good luck!
happy easter!

simonsays said...

My heart goes out to you Charlotte, I know how emotions run deep and strong, and it seems at our age (or mine anyway), that takes a toll on me, all over. You are the best Mom and Grandma, just so you know...and you are like a lion protecting her cubs, you would fight to the death. In the middle (or muddle as the case may be), don't forget to take care of YOU, as without YOU, no one would have a fighting chance. Sometimes I feel I can read through your words, and understand exactly what you are feeling...and while I have never been challenged in the same way your family is right now, I know the pain and frustration you have to be feeling. Stay the course, you know you're right, and right makes might.

Just sayin'.

You can send me an email anytime you want to vent. I can listen all day long.


JYankee said...

It sounds tough...and having to hold things in seems even tougher... those types of family court stuff really sound like hell...though I am fortunate to have never been through that yet... Keep your chin are in the right.....every matriarch would do anything to protect her brood....

SOUL: said...

did my lazy sister ever send the recipe???
was it yummy?
whichever one you used?

i hope it turned out wonderful how ever you made it!
happy easter!!