Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still Learning After all These Years.....

You know you’re never too old to learn stuff and I was thinking about some things that I’ve learned:

Just because you’ve read a good book by a particular author doesn’t mean everything that person writes will be good.

Directions, receipts and warranty info you save FOREVER can never be found when you want to use them.

A part or piece to something (extra screws, labels, etc.) can never be located later on even though you KNOW you have them.

If you are going through boxes looking for something, it’s a guarantee that it will be in the very last box in the assortment.

Sit on the toilet and the phone will ring or someone will come to the door.

Never eat spaghetti while wearing a white top.

Throw something away that you’ve had for a long time and you will need it within 24 hours.

Brag on how good something works and it will break down the next day.

Never let a puppy near an electric blanket.

After the grandkids have visited, its not a good idea to walk barefoot through your house in the dark.

What prompted the above list was my inability to locate part of my coffee pot that I put away for safe-keeping and now I want to use it since my other one is taking 20 minutes to brew a pot. Well….OF COURSE….I can’t find part of it and to add insult to injury, I can’t even locate the book so I can ORDER the part I need. Maybe I can find it online. The Internet has saved me a number of times now.

I used to wonder if my toilet seat sent a wireless message to my phone or doorbell. I’d sit on it…and one or the other would go into action. I solved part of the problem by putting an extension phone in my bathroom. Smartest thing I’ve ever done.


mapiprincesa! said...

Um, cordless phone pretty much follows me everywhere.

So true...what a great post, Val.

...within 24 hours, indeed. JA!

Kelly Jene said...

Thank God for my cell, though if I'm in the bathroom, someone is leaving a message.

And if I'm waiting for someone to show up and I'm tired of waiting... I go to the bathroom. They inevitably show up! :)

fiwa said...

lol... that is a great list! I actually do this one "Sit on the toilet and the phone will ring or someone will come to the door." on purpose when I'm impatiently waiting for someone. It has yet to fail. ;)

SOUL: said...

if the part your thinkin of is the part i'm thinkin of-- a trimmed zip tie MAY work? ya think?
happy day to ya
ps-- lemmee know if it works-- cuz i lost mine too... i just now thought of that when i read your list.

Oldy said...

lol that was hilarious. and tooo true!

my phone can go alll day without ringing and the second my ass hits the toilet seat...ring..ring...

thanks for the laugh this morning:)

ordinaryjanet said...

I was nodding my head agreeing to all the things on your list. I'd like to add that if I'm ever deeply interested in a book, movie, or a TV program, my dog who's been sleeping soundly will now have to go outside at least three times.

Gypsy said...

I've got two words for you Val - "Murphy's Law". It's as inevitable as night following day. How are you feeling now? Hope you have shaken off that dreaded bug for good now.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Mapi ~ I've often been thankful I don't have "video" phone. LOL

Kelly Jene ~ LOL, good strategy...and I know it probably works most of the time.

Fiwa ~ I never thought to do that...I'll have to give it a try.

Soul ~ nope, it was the basket the coffee grounds go into...what a part to misplace! My son managed to find I'm all set now.

Oldy ~ yep true as can be...another one I forgot is as soon as you put hair coloring on your head ... someone will come over...sure as can be!

Janet ~ yep, you're right...that happens to me too.

Gypsy-girl ~ Thank you...yes, I'm almost normal now. Seems like everyone is sick around here .... these cold temps don't help any either. Its 10 right now. brrrrrr

JYankee said...

so i bring my cell phone with me.. i once dropped it...luckily i hadnt done anything in it yet...LOL but still..the phone was ruined for life.....

SOUL: said...

glad you have coffee now-- but where the hell are you??

and yep the hair color thing never ever fails.. i get my hair done just a couple times a year-- and boom.. AVON calling..
just kiddin GYPSY-- :))

but yep someone comes--usually a kid tho

wussup-- you arent sick again are you? i told ya you shouldn't live in that dang snow country!