Saturday, January 26, 2008

Boo Boo's.....I've done a few

I was thinking of some of the stupid things I’ve done and although I know this is not everything because I’ve conveniently forgotten about a lot of them, here is a sampling of some of my finer moments.

The first Thanksgiving turkey I cooked for the whole family caused quite a bit of laugher when my mom discovered I hadn’t removed the neck or the bag of giblets first.

The time I put bleach on my hair and my neighbor popped in. I threw a towel around my head, turban style, and made coffee so we could visit. Time got away from us and before I knew it, over three hours had passed. When I took the towel off, some of the hair on the top of my head was only ½ inch long….it had actually burned off. I guess I’m lucky I had any hair left at all.

The time our toilet got plugged and I poured in a bottle of ammonia, half a bottle of chlorine bleach and topped it off with toilet bowel cleaner. (WHAT was I thinking???) It honestly burned the hairs out of our noses and destroyed our sense of smell for days. It’s a wonder it didn’t kill us.

The time I was frustrated trying unsuccessfully to get my kitchen floor to look nice and shiny by waxing it, so I painted marine varnish on it….did the counter-tops too for good measure. It looked absolutely beautiful after the three days it took to dry. Of course it ended up wearing off in heavily traveled areas and then it didn’t look so hot. We sold the house before I had to worry about getting a new kitchen floor though.

The time I wanted wall to wall carpeting in the hallway but couldn’t afford it. My neighbor’s brother worked as a carpet installer and brought me all the little pieces leftover after installing a shag carpet. Some of those pieces were no bigger than one inch wide. I cut and fitted them together, jigsaw puzzle style, and NAILED them to the floor with carpet tacks. It looked wonderful but the new house owners thought I was nuts when they discovered it a year or so later.

The time on vacation, I got “east”: confused with “west” and drove over 100 miles in the wrong direction before realizing my mistake.

Aw come on….make me feel better….name some of the stupid things you’ve done.


mapiprincesa! said...

This is good. I need to think on this one, Val. I do remember pulling down the curtains in a restaurant because I wanted to see out the window. Ooops.

I look forward to seeing what others have to say!

Be well, Val.

Gypsy said...

Oh gave me such a giggle this morning. The hair bleach story! OMG....and I must admit the shag pile carpet one made me smile as well. I thought that was actually quite clever and resourceful of you though I can see how the new owners may have looked at it

JYankee said...

my mom also did the turkey one! i think that is every first housewive's story! i'll have to think about that one.... but i probably do something stupid every

ordinaryjanet said...

I can't think offhand of things I messed up, though I know there are more than a few. You're not alone!