Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gimme my soapbox.....

I’m really not in a very good mood right now. You know that its just not fair that the lives of decent people have to be changed and inconvenienced just because of THIEVES and ADDICTS. Having a new credit card number is causing me inconvenience in the fact that I now have to set up new payment schedules and also online statements and paying abilities for the “new” account. I have to change my bank’s online payment section…delete the old info and add the new. Since my “old” account has been closed, I am unable to obtain a statement online and I don’t get them mailed to me…so I can’t even look at my statement to see what all happened. Not to mention that I can’t even use the card at all until I get a new one with the new number. All this irritates me.

Today I called my doctor about my ears and he said that the antibiotics are still working in my system but if I wanted to help things along, buy this OTC med for allergies and congestion. ($11. for 12 tablets) Since I’m afraid to drive without being able to hear, I sent my son to the drugstore for me. He came back in a few minutes stating that he had forgotten to take his I.D. with him and that they wouldn’t sell him the OTC meds unless he showed I.D. and was put into some sort of database. This med had been removed from the aisles and put behind the counter because of ADDICTS and THIEVES. He returned with his I.D. and after they took down his information, he was allowed to purchase the meds.

I am reminded of a short story I read many years ago about how eventually all the decent people would end up living in their homes, trapped behind bars and security gates, to keep themselves safe from the criminal element. In other words, the good are imprisoned while the bad have free roam. How far are we from this right now? Sadly, a whole family died in a house fire because the fire department could not gain entry due to the iron bars on their doors and windows. We have to jump through hoops in order to purchase certain things, we have to go through extra security measures, we have to be searched if we are flying (horrible invasion of privacy), we are eyed with suspicion by store clerks and/or owners, can’t buy gasoline at the pump anymore in many places and I could go on and on. Even doctors are suspicious if you ask for pain meds because you are HONESTLY hurting….they automatically suspect you have a drug problem. And to the older generation who go to their doctors and LIE just so they can get pain meds and then sell those meds to make ends meet…..you need to sit your butt in jail for a long time. Not only for helping addicts but for making it hard on those of us who really do need those medications. You are a HUGE part of the problem.

I guess I'll just shut my mouth now and get off my soapbox. Sorry.....


Gypsy said...

Hey Val, don't be sorry for having a rant. It does a body good to let fly once in a while.

Is there anything worse than filling out endless forms? I had to claim some money which was owing to me from our Social Security a few months back. They made me jump through so many hoops to get what was rightfully mine, I'm sure in the hope that I would get fed up and not bother. I had to fill out a 30 page form for one claim and an 11 page form for the other. It somehow slipped through the cracks so I had to repeat the same information all over again on the phone, a performance that was ultimately repeated 3 times before I finally found someone competent to deal with it and sort it out once and for all. I was pissed off for days. As for thieves, they are beyond contempt to take things from people who have worked hard for them. Get a job you losers! That's the end of my little rant. I thought it might make you feel better if I had one too :)

mapiprincesa! said...

Thank you Val.

You see, I go to read other blogger's rants and raves so that I can forget about, albeit temporarily, all my Life's issues. So you are, in reality, doing me a heluva lot of good this week!

See, some good came out of it all...

My new saying, "Lemonade from lemons..."

Although please do not get me wrong, my heart aches for you in that you have to go through all of this. Unfair. Not right. And your words help your readers to become all the more careful and aware.

Be well, Val...

JYankee said...

No prob Val. Everyone deserves one good rant at some time or another. I agree...Are humans really bad by nature? Food for thought! LOL..Hope your day goes well...

fiwa said...

Oh lady - hugs to you. I know how difficult that situation is. All my personal information, including my ss# and my bank account information, was stolen about a year ago. It's a nightmare, and it's one that could go on the rest of my life, because a list was "sold", and it just keeps changing hands.

It makes you so freaking angry because you have no control over what the ratbuzzards are doing to your life.

I hope you feel better soon and get all the credit card problems cleared up. I'm thinking about you.


Kelly Jene said...

You go, Val. I agree. With everything. The world will never be as safe as it once was. And there is nothing the good people can do except watch their own butts.

Take care.

simonsays said...

I'm right there with you val. On every point, every step of the way.


SOUL: said...

this is me getting up on your soap box with you!!!

anyhow-- yep-- you hit every nerve that twinges in me almost daily.
i hate people.

well... out there ya know.. "those people"

happy humpday

i really hope those ears clear up soon!


You are 100% right to vent, to be disgusted and annoyed..
I agree with all of you..it's dreadful that the ones that follow the rules are the ones punished..but, you are a strong woman and I can feel your energy in your words.

A pisces, eh? So is my husband, and two of my nephews...Happy almost Feb bday!!! :)
So, what is your advice to a gal in her 30's..

Golden To Silver Val said...

Gypsy-girl ~ I hate filling out forms for SS or medicare or any of that stuff. They always make it so hard...I think, like you...hoping you'll just say heck with it and not ask for something. My daughter once had to fill out the same form 3 times because they kept on saying they didn't receive it.

Mapi ~ I know what you mean...it helps to know that you're not the only one who has troubles. Been there, done that.

Jyankee ~ I don't think we're bad by nature...but some prefer to take that route because of greed.

Fiwa ~ OMG...my nightmare! I've had my info stolen too. It was used in Louisiana to obtain a cell phone. Took me 4 months to get that all straightened out. I'm sure I was on a list that was sold. The area where it was used was destroyed by Katrina...I'm hoping the list was destroyed too.

Kelly Jene ~ I wish everything was as simple and innocent as it was when I was a child. How did things get so out of control?

Jamie ~ Yep, I figured you'd feel the same as me.

Soul-friend ~ LOL, I KNEW you'd feel the same way.

Crusty ~ I am a strong woman in a lot of ways but get so frustrated because I can't change so many things that need changing.
Advice? Here's a couple things.
1. Follow your hunches; they are most likely right.
2. If you have a choice between housework and playing with your child...play with your child.
3. Any man who is well-liked and friendly and who dotes on small children should be watched carefully.
4. If you still have your grandparents, get them to talk about their childhood and growing up. When you're 50, you'll be glad you did.
5. Enjoy each day, even the bad ones...each day is a gift.

Winter said...

I lost the Snowbitch. Please attend the wake at my blog. Grab some Irish Whiskey...or perhaps some crystal clear Grey Goose, stop in at my blog comment section, and tell a poignant tale of you and the deceased.

King Shocka Khan

The Real Mother Hen said...

OUCH! I'm so sorry to hear about the fraud in the previous mail. That's bad. I heard that it's just a matter of time before most of us fall victims to identity theft! That's serious.
I hope you're feeling better now. Btw, I was ID checked even for Alka-Seltzer!

Oldy said...

I agree sistah!!

It fries my ass too. I hate bad people!!!

I sleep with pepper spray and am obsessive about locking my doors and windows.

Hope your ears get better !

Happy Thursday:)

Kelly Jene said...

How are you today, Val? Any better?

Thinkin of you!

SOUL: said...

did you fall off yer soapbox???

Dave said...

You sound very frustrated today and yet I do not blame you. I hope that you start to feel better soon and that things start looking up for you.

Take care :-)

ordinaryjanet said...

oh, yeah, civilization is going to hell in a handbasket real fast. There's got to be something good people can do.