Wednesday, April 27, 2011 for Writing

and I love to write. I not only love writing, I love the materials used to do so. Pens, pencils, paper, diaries, notebooks....I love them all. When I was much younger I would put my thoughts on paper and it was not meant for anyone else to read. Later on I used that method to "vent". It helped me so much, I can't even begin to tell you and I highly recommend it. Sometimes you can figure out the answers to your own dilemmas just by re-reading what you're written.

Soon, I discovered that typing helped me keep up with the words that flew out of my mind and I began to keep journals, typing them and putting the finished product in binders. Computers were heaven sent, as far as I was concerned. I could type, do corrections on the fly and even insert pictures in my journals, which I wrote out on a pretty regular basis. I didn't mince words either.....if I was angry, it went in there. I haven't written any of those daily journals in a few years now. Every once in a while, I'll take a binder down and read it just to remind myself of what my life was like back then. Some of it is pretty eye-opening. The blog has more or less substituted for the journals but of course I can't put everything in a blog.....I can only skim the surface.

A good friend of mine talked me into going to a specific website where a picture is shown and then you have to write either a poem or vignette using that picture as inspiration. She is a very talented writer and she enjoyed contributing. So, I did it and received so many compliments it amazed me. Even though I classify myself as a "moody" writer, (I have to be in the right mood in order to write well) I probably would have kept up with writing there except for an unfortunate incident in which a blogger friend (not the one who encouraged me to write).....someone I thought was a friend anyway...... hurt me deeply by making accusations in reference to my writing and it hurt......I didn't deserve it and it really did hurt. My faith forbids me to hold any animosity toward her so I don't but I also don't need toxic in my life.

So....."W" can also stand for "whew" and that must be said, while wiping my brow. I've nearly finished the alphabet and I've tried to pick things that were off the beaten path, so to an attempt to make each one interesting. I must admit that W was the hardest one to write. Perhaps it was because I had this bad memory associated with it. Maybe by writing about it here, the wound will now completely heal.


forsythia said...

Sorry about your hurtful experience. Writing can cause problems for the writer in other ways, too. People can see themselves in what you write and get indignant about it. I could write a book about my family, but probably won't . :-)

lucylocket said...

I've enjoyed your daily alphabet posts very much, and I'm sorry to see them coming to an end.

dana said...

I used to write my days events. These diaries added up exponentially. On the few times (in my later life) that I re-read them, I would get SO depressed, as if I was re-living what I had thankfully forgotten.

I tossed out about 15 years of journals. Did I regret losing 15 years of my history? HA! What I don't remember, I don't want to be reminded of.

And, yes. Our time at the site with the photos was pleasant then reality bit.

Josie said...

Hi Val! I am just now finding a little time to go back and start reading some of the A-Z posts.I wish I would have had a lot more time to do that during the Challenge, it seemed like I could barely fit in writing a post! Wouldn't it be nice to stay at home and play all day? That's my fantasy life! :-)

I so loved your comment about sharing a cup of coffee and rolls. I just know we'd hit it off famously, we seem to see things so much alike. I wish you lived next door!

This was a great post, and I can well relate. Writing has been both my therapy, and at a few times in my life the cause of greatest sorrow. There I times I wish I'd never picked up a pen or touched a keyboard, and there are times I don't think I would have lived thru without them. I think some of us are born to write out what's in us. It isn't a matter of being good at it or not good, I ramble on to the point of boring everyone! What matters is that we have a vehicle to get out all that stuff bouncing around inside us. So it is with the person who hurt you with her comments. I once had a lady - a complete stranger who had never visited my blog before - challenge the truthfulness of an absolutely true story I told. It made me feel so bad, and angry. I felt like I had failed to convey authenticity, even though not one detail was embellished.

As we grow older we both have come to realize that it isn't really all THAT important what anyone else thinks about us or what we right, they can take it or leave it, same as they can with us! We are what we are, and I'd say that's not so darn bad all things considered!

The A-Z did keep me focused on writing, but I sure got tired of it by the very end as I hurried to catch up. Too much of that wouldn't be fun. I think I'd like a couple week challenge better!

Love you much, keep writing!!
~Josie Two Shoes~
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