Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D.....is for Drive-Ins

Oh my lord.....my generation sure did love drive-in movies! I can't believe that almost every one of them are closed now. It was a wonderful date for teenagers. Lots of time to "neck" and if you didn't like your date that much, you could always watch the movie!! It was really convenient for families too. Mom and Dad could get an evening out without having to pay the babysitter.....the kids came right along. We'd fill the car with snacks, popcorn, pop and candy brought from home so we didn't have to pay the high prices there. The kids, dressed in pj's, hugging their blankets and stuffed animals, would snuggle back in the car and usually would fall asleep within the first hour or so.

The trips to the concession stand weren't so great....especially if you had to use the bathroom. Seems like there was NEVER any toilet paper left by the time it was your turn to use the facilities.....and WHY was that entire floor always wet? But it was a small price to pay for all the benefits you got. We always saw dozens of people we knew. The girls would all gather around the big mirror and discuss their "dates", while refreshing their makeup and ratting their hair up a bit more. A few sprays of Aqua Net and you were good to go.

Back in the late 50's.....my heyday for dating.....it was a simpler time. Gas was about 15 cents a gallon, max, and you didn't have to pump it yourself. We would 'cruise' different drive-in restaurants looking for all our friends and then, if something good was playing, we'd all end up at the drive-in movie....after burgers, cokes and fries of course.

I have a lot of fond memories of those times. I know those of you who are my age have those same fond memories. I will never understand why they did it ..... and WHO decided to close them up anyway? It seemed like they were always crowded and doing a good business. I just don't know. What I do know, however, is that its MISSED.

I have noticed that some drive-ins are making a come-back. In our town we now have a drive-in restaurant similar to those of my youth....complete with carhops. This is totally different than fast food drive UP windows. Also, drive up banking has been popular for quite a while now, as well as drive up prescription pick up. But I really do wish they would bring back drive-in movies.

I have heard that there are a few still in existence. If you're lucky enough to have one in your town....enjoy it to the max. Remember the heaters we had to hang in the windows when it was winter? They did keep us warm. Either that or it was our teenage raging hormones that was keeping us warm. I remember really getting into trouble with my parents while on a date with the man I ended up marrying. We both fell asleep at the drive-in and woke up with a start. We were the only car left in the lot and the people who ran the place were on their way to our vehicle to find out the problem. We quickly put the speaker back on the pole and left. No cell phones back then.....and I was 2 hours over curfew. My mother was beside herself with worry.

Yes, it was a simpler time and I loved it. I'm grateful that I lived during that era. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Maybe a wealthy entrepreneur will take a chance and bring back the past.


forsythia said...

Another trip down Memory Lane! I loved this. On to "E"!

JY said...

I liked the A & W drive-ins and the frosty mug glass that you got to keep with root beer!!! (Loved the drive-in movies too tho. Mom & I used to like the horror movies that were showing...)

Rae said...

What wonderful memories. I loved the drive-in. It was always fun to load up for movie night under the stars.
Great post!

glnroz said...

I agree about the drive in movies. So much more was associated with those "times". I read an article a few months back, I think in Texas Monthly" magazine that a reitred couple reconstructed on in their back pasture and the community would bring their lawn chairs and watch old movies. I would drive several mile to do that if i could just find that article again, lol

lucylocket said...

Your post brought back wonderful memories. I loved going to the drive-in as a child and loved it even more when a teenager.

When my children were small, there were still a few left and I took them a few times. I found it wasn't as much fun anymore. It would either be too hot or too cold, and the bugs that were un-noticed before, drove me nuts. But my memories of that innocent time are cherished.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Indeed,that era was the best! Thanks for the memories.

giftof said...

I love this post. Sadly, here in Australia too, the drive-ins are no more. My parents had a big station wagon and as a kid I would get very excited to climb into the back in my pjs and hide under the blanket to see if we could get in for free. I don't know if my parents really did trick the cashier, but I always thought they did and thought it was the best trick ever.

Margaret Hall said...

Well...started with my dating and drive-in movies and as you said, it was a time to "make out"~! Always was fun to see who else was attending by their car. Then when married, we took our kids, pillow, blankets, food, drinks, toys, first aid kit, and toilet paper~!
Lotsa' memories there, Val..thanks for bringing us back~!!

Joanne said...

Great D post! I have never been to a drive-in movie. When I was dating my husband they had just closed the one near him. darn. I think I would have perfered enjoying a movie sitting in my own car than in a yucky movie theater. Blessings, Joanne

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love the simpler times too...and drive in movies were 'the bomb.' Loved this blast from the past Val.

dana said...

Oh how I can actually hear the sounds now, and smell the smells, and feel the gravel beneath the tires as we swung in beside the speakers. My drivein handed out heaters in the winter. Did yours?

Back then, every heater was returned, and if a speaker was accidentally ripped off the pole while leaving, it was taken to the concession stand.

Now? Even the poles would be stolen!

Happyone : ) said...

That brought back memories. I used to go with my parents and grandma on Saturday nights when I was little. : )
The first date Ken and I went on was to a drive in movie.

ILoveMyDogandMy Music said...

I lived in south Florida when I was in high school. We had mosquitoes all over the place. In our car we had this thing that burned (and smelled) that would put some sort of light smoke in the car and the mosquitoes would stay away. Sometimes we just got out of the car and sat on the hood. A light breeze usually kept the mosquitoes blowing around so they couldn't light..We did have fun there, however. And I did go "steady" when I was a Senior in high school. Lots of kisses went on that year at the drive-in..

Arlee Bird said...

You bring back memories. My friends and I did the drive-in circling and the drive-in movie thing in the late 60s and early 70s. Even then I can recall gas being between 17 and 35 cents a gallon. We'd put a couple dollars worth in the tank and drive around all day. They were fine times.

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Coffeypot said...

I use to go to the drive-in every weekend. Carried dates and even took my first wife before we were married. After we married we went back and…did you know they show movies there? I never knew because the windows were always so fogged up.

But there are a couple of drive-in within driving distance of here and I plan on taking the grandkids as soon as the weather gets warmer.