Sunday, August 23, 2009

One step forward 2 steps back.....

I'm done. I concede. Its gotten the best of me. UNCLE. I just get one thing to work and then two more don't work So I'm getting my computer guy back out here.....he can't come until Thursday....and we will reformat the hard drive and I'll start clean. I will have to reinstall everything, but the end result will be that I'll have a system in which everything will WORK.

Lesson learned. If something sounds too good to be vewy vewy quote a certain little guy that had problems with a wascally wabbit. PC Mover, I think, is great for moving data files, photos and music....but NOT least not from one operating system to another. And with a flashdrive, you can move those files yourself without much trouble at all. So I'm saving all my bookmarks and passwords and hopefully my new system will be able to import them into the new installation of my browser. If not....I have them all written down and will just have to put them in manually. Arghhhhh. its never easy.

Hope your weekend was a good one. I'm gonna love this computer when I get it customized to my liking. Hope it gives me as good of service as my last one has....and is still doing....bless its little hard drive heart.

I can't believe that in the third week of August....our high yesterday was the middle 60's with periods of rain. Today is a repeat. Its 64 right now. All this coming week is going to be chilly. I still say that summer forgot about us in Michigan this year. She got stuck up in the Pacific Northwest. My SIL just hated all that heat, which they aren't used to.


Christine said...

I am jealous of your weather. Computer problems are the worst. What a hassle. Hope it all works out.

SOUL: said...

i don't envy your computer problems-- in fact i feel bad for you. it's the pits.

as for your weather, i am jealous. summer sure didn't forget about us. and i bet it won't leave fast enough. i'm sure i'll be the first one to cry when winter comes though. i wish it could just stay bout 70 degrees year round.

hope your day is a good one-

Margaret said...

Hi, happy Monday, Val~! I cannot believe that the PC is giving you so darned much heartache/headache! I am sorry, but as you state, you will be happy with the computer once it is up and goin'.....
The Portland weather is now at the 70's and 80's, but that hot stuff we want to stay in Phoenix...!!
Here's to a great recovery of your PC...

Moohaa said...

I agree, here in the PNW.. the heat was yuck. I hope the worst is over. I am SO ready for fall and even winter. Thought I'd never say that. But experience 100+ degrees has me wishing I could move north.

Hope that dang ol computer of yours gets fixed soon. What a pain!

Jamie said...

Good Heavens Charlotte - I admire your patience with your new puter, I would surely have thrown the whole damned thing out the window by now. You are amazing.

Yes, our summer has been strange this year, too....

Hugs, honey. :)

Maria said...

Our summer has been odd. I think we ran the a/c for about two weeks. In general, it goes on in late June and stays on until late August.

Nebraska heat can be blistering.

Boxer said...

another person from the PNW saying "I'm DONE". There's a reason we live here. I know we like to complain... but you know what? shhhhhhhhh. I.Love.The.Rain.

come see me, I need your wise input.....

SOUL: said...

hmmm... you're behind in posting too i see.
i'm due as well.
just not much to say on my end-- how bout you?
update eh? maybe you'll give me something to work off of :))

anyhow-- i called my detective friend this morning. yeh, we spend a lot of time together lately. :))
just kidding. anyhow-- i called to ask about the fingerprint thing. cuz i did remember last time i pawned something i had to do that too. so i asked-- his response? "they don't do that anymore out here".
what more can go wrong here?
he also told me the other day that he got a copy of his drivers license picture-- NOT including the signature. wth good is that?
i'm thinkin, ummm... how bout you get that -- and compare it to the pawn ticket you DO have?? hmmmm?
well.. he got a felony case this morning-- so i'm kinda even more on the back burner now-- for like EVER.
i think i'm gonna try to get him to give me a copy of the pawn ticket-- then get his boss to compare it to his signature on his application.
if there's a match-- he's busted.
and surely by now-- the rest of my jewelry is long gone-- so yes i will send his butt to jail.
some say it's just stuff.
it's not just stuff.
if i bought it myself-- it would be just stuff.
you get it don't you?

anyhow ---
hope you have a happy day

Anonymous said...

Your experience with your computer rings a bell with me, Val. About three years ago, I had to wipe my hard drive to start over. As I don't have a "computer guy", I had to do it myself. It was worth it! So nice to start out with a clean slate.

Sounds like everything is sailing right along for you, now. Keep it up!
Cop Car