Wednesday, July 2, 2008

People watching at Wacky-mart.....

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and my daughter, granddaughter and I decided to go out for some breakfast and then hit nickname for you-know-who.

A booster seat law passed yesterday and my daughter found out that the one she's been using is now obsolete and has to be replaced. The ticket for not having the right seat is $165. So that was the impetus for shopping yesterday.

Our breakfast was great. I'm an avid people-watcher and there wasn't much to offer at the restaurant. They were not crowded at all. So I figured my trip to Wacky-mart would prove to be much more did not disappoint.

She dropped me off at the door and went out to park. I find it very painful to walk very far, unless I can rest here and there and get off of that pesky knee of mine. So I went inside in hopes of getting a rider cart but they were all in use. That's the first time that's happened to me. I told my daughter to go ahead and start shopping and I'd catch up with her. I sat on the bench to wait for one and people-watched while I was at it.

So many interesting people, so many interesting outfits! I can't believe people go out in public like some of them do. I was rewarded by the mother-lode when a family who looked like extras from the Deliverence set came in. I was in people watcher heaven! You have to be cool when you're doing have to pretend you're reading a circular or better yet, a book. If you get caught looking at them, you immediately blank out your face and smile a sweeeet smile...nothing judgemental or threatening. I could not believe these people. They were fascinating and scary to boot. I sure would hate living next door to them.....but had to stop and think...that somebody probably does. Unless they live in the woods and they just may.

I finally got my rider cart and came across these people several times in the store. The only one who seemed to notice me.....or should I say notice my purse...was the male teenager of the group. I could almost read his mind.......If I grab that purse and take off running, that old bag would never catch me. After he eyed it enough it dawned on him that THIS old bag has been around the block. I always loop my purse handle around my wrist and then grab hold of the cart handles. No way anyone can grab and run. The last time he looked at my purse he looked up from it to me and we had eye contact.....I did not look away first.

Its a scary world out there, Peeps.

Anyway, I spent more than I intended ..... Cha Ching .... but most of what I bought I really did need. Replenishing supplies, so to speak. The only extravagance were some DVD's. They are on sale for $5. and I came across some good ones. Ack (hitting my head with hand) It dawned on me later, after we were home, that I should have additionally gotten the cheaper booster seat for MY car, since the car seat I have is now obsolete as well. The seat I got for my daughter's every day use was $50 and the cheaper one, which just consists of a seat (no back) is $19.00. I'll have to send her back to get that one for me today or tomorrow. I'm expecting them to be sold out, if things go as usual. From what I understand, the idea behind these new seats and the new law is that a child over 40 lbs needs to be constrained by the VEHICLE'S chest seat belts and not the car seat's. So these are designed to do that. I guess they have to sit in these until they weigh 100 lbs. money. $$$ But if it saves the life of just one child, its worth it.


Sue said...

Dang, what kind of child abusing parent was I when my boys were little? No booster seats back then, and no seat belts. They did eventually come out with flimsy infant seats that were probably really projectiles anyway.

Once my oldest son unlatched the front seat door and slid out onto the road. Good thing my hubby was moving slowly. How did our kids ever survive?

fiwa said...

Till they reach 100 pounds?! Good lordy - that will be 4th or 5th grade for some kids.

I was cackling at your people watching in wackyworld. Ours is REALLY bad - if you like people watching, you would be in HEAVEN. Most of the time though, I'm so focused on getting in and out as fast as I can, that it just irritates me more than anything.

The picture of the dogs kills me! Those teef!


boneman said...

yeah...I actually have a problem with the seat belt laws altogether. Not that I don't respect Elizabeth Dole for shakling us with it (yeah...way back in the days when she was DOT chief) because, well, I don't.
The seat belt laws never saved a single life.
Wearing the seatbelts helps, but, even then, it's no sure thing.

And who do they think they're fooling, eh? It's not for our safety that these laws were put in place. It was so local PDs could get some income over time.
IF it were for our safety....
there would also be a stipulation that there be a cross over, double belt across the chest along with a lap belt (next time you're in the car, put on your seatbelt and notice how you can still bang your head against the window, how easy it is to flail about with only the one shoulder belt)
not to mention (like the dickens I won't mention it) a roll bar overhead, solid steel, a passenger cage seperate from the frame set, and, last , but hardly least, a helmit for the driver and everybody in the vehicle.

Yeah...that'll fly.

But, meanwhile, how did you like American Gangster? Yes, it did have (as I remember) three violent spots, but, wow! What a twist at the end, eh?

Kelly Jene said...

Here in Washington, they also judge booster seat by height so that's good for my skinny boy. It's 4'9" or 90lbs. If we had to wait for 90 pounds, he'd be in the darn booster til high school! My stepson is only 80lbs at 11! And Alex has the same body type.

People watching is very fun. I bet you had a hard time not laughing at the Deliverance clan. Ugh. Scary!

jyankee said...

Trying to fight with blogger here and leave a comment! haha..just saying that the traffic / transportation rules in JP are lax...and that's where I enforce the child-seat / seatbelt for Coffee Bean and make her ride in the back seat in Papa's car cuz there's an airbag system on the passenger side of his car. Also make her use a helmet when she rides her bicycle for anywhere other than around our house. At least I want to think we'Re doing all we can from our side....

ordinaryjanet said...

I remember being a little girl, about 3, and standing up on the front seat between Mom and Dad when we went places. We grew up thinking seat belts were annoyances that had to be shoved back so you didn't sit on them.

I like to people-watch too, those Deliverance folks sound scary. Good job, not looking away first!

Anonymous Boxer said...

That picture is cracking me up ... I think it fits your post perfectly.

I love people watching too - but sometimes I prefer them to keep a safe distance.

Have a great 4th!

SOUL: said...

ola charlotte---

there's some real freaks out there--- but that's what makes em so fun to watch.

you know i'm gonna hear "squeeeel like a pig" all night.. thanks :))

Bear Naked said...

You have a very interesting blog and I have added yours to my blog list.
I will be back to read more again.

Joy Des Jardins said...

It sure is different than when my kids were little. You have to obey these laws or you are in BIG trouble. We make sure we have everything covered when my grandkids come in town.

You kill me is kind of fun to 'people watch,' but you definitely have to be careful it doesn't backfire on're a hoot sweetie.....

Heather said...

We're looking at buying 3 new car seats as soon as Little Miss comes home. One for MY, Bill's and Mum's cars. And we can't go cheap because she's a peanut and will be in it a LONG time. She's probably going to only get to 100# and 5' full grown. Still, It's far better to be boostered than not.
Heather BT

Cheryl said...

Oh, I'd love to be sitting in Wacky-mart people watching with you. I love your covert rules of engagement.

Elani said...

Good post.