Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our forefathers never planned all this.....

I hope everyone had a safe Fourth...but its not over yet. It won't be over around here until September.

I have great memories of when I was a kid and ONCE a year my family and I went to see the fireworks, which were put on ONCE in a park with free admission. It was thrilling and an event we all looked forward to. I don't know when the transformation happened. Somewhere along the line fireworks and the displays got totally out of hand.

Needless to say they are more powerful now. The sonic booms actually rock my knick-knacks on their shelves. I can imagine 90% of the canine population are under the beds if they fit or else behind the couch, resembling quivering pools of jello, absolutely out of their minds with fear. What a time for a break-in.....most dogs are either petrified or else tranquilized so they can live through the weekend. Been there, done that. My dog I now have, however, could care less. For that I am extremely grateful because it will be a nightly ordeal until September or so.

Ever heard the term, "less is more"? Of course you have. Well, its true. When we just get a little of something, we can't wait for it to happen again. Fireworks and the displays of them are on overkill. I don't care much about them anymore and have learned to put the earbuds of my mp3 player in my ears so to drown out the booms. I had to go to sleep like that last night because some simpleton or maybe more than one simpleton thought it would be clever to continue shooting them off until 4:30 a.m. Yes, you read right. I can't understand why the neighbors of these idiots don't turn them in or shoot them. I can't tell where they are coming from but its relatively close-by. Where's the police you say? Well, since I used to work for them, I know exactly what they are doing....breaking up drunken brawls, domestic fights and rushing people to E.R. with blown off fingers. An afternoon shift dispatch log in our small town will have at least a hundred fireworks complaint type calls. Tis not a happy time for police and fire/EMS workers.

So, I've put my two cents in about the fireworks. I certainly wish someone would wise up before the whole celebration is ruined and people are immune to the beauty of a well-planned fireworks display and the meaning that goes along with it. Bet hardly anyone thinks about THAT as they are watching.

Sigh.....I guess maybe I'm showing my age....dagnabbit. Oh yeah....and one of these days I'll tell you about the neighbor kid that has gotten NEW speakers for his vehicle....I think the speakers are bigger than the car. I can hear this little jerk coming from a mile away and when he drives by you just have to pause your conversation or your fillings may vibrate out. Gee, I bet his folks are proud.


Kelly Jene said...

I hear you Val. My poor cats were petrified and traumatized last night. I do enjoy the firework displays, but I think for the most part it's a waste of money.

Bear Naked said...

I can't believe it.
There is actually another (you) person who feels the way I do.
My husband and I were just discussing this subject last night.
Yes to professional fireworks displays but no, no, no to the foolish amateur accidents-waiting-to happen displays.
Our deck was set on fire three years ago by an irresponsible next door neighbour trying to impress his family and friends.
They have moved away fortunately.
When will the authorities realize that ALL fireworks should not be sold to the general public.
Whew--rant over--so hope you are enjoying the rest of your holiday weekend.


Velvet Sacks said...

The abundance of fireworks in this area has taken all the pleasure out of Independence Day for me. For the past ten years I've spent July 4th at home, trying to comfort terrified animals. There'll probably be a few more this weekend, but then it should be quiet until Christmas. Yes, the fireworks stands do big business here for Christmas and New Year's celebrations. The concept of one extremely bright star in the sky on Christmas Eve is magical, but I think Roman candles and bottle rockets would have freaked out the Baby Jesus.

simonsays said...

I'm right there with you Charlotte. This time of year IS hard on the poor dogs, and more and more we hear of fireworks that have gone astry...happened here in Iowa last night, thirty-some people hurt, and that was a controlled, SMALL TOWN display. My own son, my youngest, is a fireworks freak and now that he's (supposedly) grown, he does as he pleases. I keep waiting for the call that tells me he's burned badly...

I hope the rest of your weekend is happy and peaceful...

Love and hugs dear friend. :)

fiwa said...

Wow - 4:30 - you got me beat. Ours stopped around 2am. Thank god, because I thought Bitsy was going to try to climb inside my nightgown with me.

As I lay there listening, I had plenty of time to day dream about how to handle these folks. Like screaming out the window that I had called the cops. Or driving up and down their street at 6am honking my horn. Which of course I would never do because it would wake up the other innocent folks, but let me day dream, okay? ;)

Hope it's better for both of us tonight.

lovins & hugs -

Gypsy said...

The selling of fireworks except by special permission or to professionals only has been banned for probably about 30 years now and all I can say is Thank goodness for small mercies. I hate them. Sure they're pretty but they scare the crap out of me and yes, the terror the animals have to go through would always spoil it for me even if I DID like them.

I remember before the ban I would be walking to school and see kids terrorising dogs and cats with firecrackers. It used to make me sick.

Sorry you have such drop kicks living around you Val. Sadly there will always be idiots in this world and there's no cure for stupid.

mama llama said...

Hi Val:

We grew up with sparklers. That was it. Maybe the occasional box of pop-its if Dad felt exceptionally generous. Once he bought a couple boxes of zinger-thingies that he lit in the street and then got bored and lit the entire box---never saw him jump so fast except for over the hedge when fixing the upstairs bathroom...but you already know that story...

Ok--in my darling little haven the Town is being SUED because the fireworks display (professional) went awry last year and people, including young children, were sent to the hospital injured. Made national news. Well...the Town is being sued because "Fireworks activities are too dangerous."

Damn, people. If you thought fireworks were too dangerous, why the hell were you in the audience that close to the display in the first place? I can understand a suit on the outfit that set off the fireworks, but against the Town just because they HAD a fireworks display? Come ON.

Now this year there supposedly was some sort of "laser show" instead. All other local communities hosted their fireworks displays. I was out of the area, but had no interest in going to see a "laser show." From what I heard, sounds like it wasn't the--ahem--bang that it was --ahem-- cracked up to be.

Don't you just love life, liberty and the pursuit of the quickie lawsuit?

Be well, Val. Thanks for letting me b*tch on your forum.

The Real Mother Hen said...

With all the forest fires going on here, people still set off illegal fireworks to burn more.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I know only too well what you are talking about Val. My son is an emergency dispatcher for a local police department....and OH the stories I hear. What is wrong with people? I was still hearing some firecrackers very late last night too...some even today....but 4:30 this morning is just insane. I know the police have their hands full....I hear what goes on from the police radio that my son got for me. I hear all the calls that come in on it...whether my son is working or not. I just LOVE fireworks displays....well-planned, well-run displays....THE BEST. I hate when 'crazy' people decide to run amok and decide to just randomly throw that stuff around at all hours of the night....they are not only a nuisance...but a danger.

SOUL: said...

pass the xanax...

Brad said...

I'm late to this party but just had to share this story of our 4th. We had Lorrie (not to be confused with Lori/Lolli) and her 11 year old son Blake with us. Poor Blake was the only kid. When I asked him if he'd like to go get some fireworks to set off (We adults planned on watching the city's from up the hill.) Well, that little guy looked right at me and said "Nah, It's a waste of money" - Priceless -

I'm feeling better - not 100% due to a reaction to Vicodine, rotten stuff, but better.