Thursday, October 18, 2007

Helping Where Its Needed.....

Well, its getting close to the holidays now and with it comes tons of mail from different organizations requesting donations. They are relying on your ‘good heart’ along with Christmas being the season of giving. My name must hit just about every list out there because I get so many requests. I do donate to a favorite few because they are dear to my heart for one reason or another. But I do have a pet peeve about a lot of these charities. I really wish they could be objective and really “see” what WE see on the receiving end.

What is with this enclosing a penny, nickel or dime in the letter while making the plea for your kindness in a donation? I can’t help but sit and think to myself that if they quit doing that, they could put a small fortune into their charity. What brainchild decided that this was an attention getter? If anything, its getting my negative attention.

So, please….you charities out there that are doing this….please stop it and put that money to good use. I don’t want to even BEGIN to think about how much money you’re giving away. For that reason, I have NEVER donated to a charity that does this. My first thought is that you must not need it that bad if you can afford to give it away, albeit nickels and dimes and pennies. They add up!

That being said, I sat down and wrote out checks to a few favorite charities. Sending early to Toys for Tots so they will have time to buy all those toys. Another one to buy a Thanksgiving meal for 15 who are less fortunate than I. Can’t forget about the animals so a check went to the Humane Society. Another one will go to a rescue facility. Another goes to disabled Vets. Every time you give, you get so much back. Even if its no more than a warm feeling, it makes you feel so blessed that you are ABLE to do something for someone else.

My daughter had surgery yesterday. It was some sort of nerve block on her spine. It was risky and we were nervous but put our faith in God as well as the technology that makes this type of surgery possible. She walked out of there only 3 hours later and is fine but it will be a while before we know if the surgery will do for her what its supposed to do. In the meantime I’m grateful for our blessings. Go hug someone today. I mean it. Makes you feel soooo good.

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Ordinary Janet said...

Glad your daughter's surgery went well! Hope she feels good as new soon.

I've only had one or two of those penny-or-nickel-enclosed pleas that I can remember but I remember thinking like you did, "what a waste". As if sending me a penny would prompt me to donate, even if I hadn't been thinking about it.

Yep, the "donate" letters start pouring in this time of year. Probably playing on any guilt you have for overspending on Christmas presents.