Saturday, October 13, 2007

Change doesn't just mean menopause.....

A thing about people my age is that they do not like change! We just get nicely used to something being a certain way or being able to buy a certain product and then suddenly it has changed. Seniors do not adapt well to change. It takes a good while before we will admit that maybe its for the better, if it is.

Computers keep us in a constant state of upheaval because of so many changes taking place. The computer world changes so fast, you can barely keep up with it. We just get used to using a program and can whip around in it like crazy and they will bring out a different version with a whole new bunch of stuff to learn. You can never feel secure in your knowledge of software programs. My co-worker got a new computer for her work station a few weeks ago. She told them that she did not want to change her operating system or the programs she had become accustomed to using. The tech department was nice enough to install all the older programs back on for her, but she had to upgrade to XP operating system, which wasn’t too bad. She still grumbles about it every morning, but as time goes on, she’s getting used to it.

I guess one of my biggest problems is finding some products that I have come to love over the years. I was using a favorite bleach because my mother used it. This product has been around FOREVER. Well… more. I cannot find it. No good bye, no “see ya later”, no “we’ve been taken over by….” ----…….NOTHING! Just one day, they were no longer there, sitting on the grocer’s shelf. I don’t like chlorine bleach but I now have to use it. I grumble about it every time I do laundry.

I think that these companies who are going to just up and leave town or change their products or totally drop making a product should have the decency to let people KNOW. A nice little….”its been nice having your business” type of thing. Instead of you going to the store to search in vain for the product and finally being told by the store manager, “oh, they no longer make that”. What a let down!! You feel cheated on….betrayed….divorced.

And to add something more to these thoughts about change;….the bank I have a loan with has changed hands 3 times during the life of the loan. This does NOT make you feel very secure. I figured the bank was in trouble this last 12 months as they put a “$3 fee” on the privilege of paying your payment online. Then they UPPED that fee to $5……which is absolutely ridiculous. I think it was a last ditch effort to stay afloat. I have since refinanced and paid off that ARM loan, which was the source of many a sleepless night for me, since the interest almost doubled on it. I have the new loan through a larger bank that, hopefully, won’t be changing names in the near future. I think that any bank that charges their customers a fee to make a payment actually deserves to be bought out. What do YOU think?

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Ordinary Janet said...

Nice. They're making the customers pay for the expense of buying a bank. I wonder who thought that one up? "Hey, we don't have to spend a penny of our own! We'll just hike the fees and the customers will pay for us!" He's probably enjoying his millions in Tahiti.

It's so frustrating looking for something that isn't made anymore. Not too long ago Mom wanted something, I looked all over the stores for it then looked online. After about an hour searching, I realized it isn't made anymore. Humph. I felt like there was a party and nobody told me. Well, not exactly like that but you know what I mean.