Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is it just me..... it because I'm older now and more....uh....cranky? Or do some of these things get to you too.

I was grocery shopping the other day. I hate to grocery shop. So I realize my attitude is not the best when I have to do this chore. But anyway.....I'm behind this woman who chooses to stop, in the middle of the walkway, between produce and bakery, where there isn't enough room to pass her on either side and make adjustments to herself. By this I mean, adjust the bra, adjust the may have been a wig....take off her eyeglasses and clean them on her this time my patience level had reached O. After I uttered "excuse me" a couple times, she jumped, clutched her chest and apologized profusely. Yeah, yeah, lady....just move so I can get this dang shopping out of the way. Although I didn't say that, I just smiled forcibly and said, "that's ok" and went about my business. Why do we do that?? I know and SHE knows that its really NOT ok. Furthermore, she knows that I know she knows. Just once I'd like to really say....yeah, this time I'll overlook it, next time, I'm gonna draw down on ya just for being stupid.

When I get groceries, it seems I can never do this chore without the help of someone, usually the kindness of strangers. I am short. I have always been short. I've gotten shorter as I've aged, which pisses me off. I was always 5' tall. Now I'm 4'11. Anyway, I simply cannot reach items that are put on the top shelf if they are set more than halfway back on the shelf. No matter what, it seems like I have to have at least TWO items each trip that are positioned just so. My suggestion to grocery store managers.....why not put things on the top shelf that tall people basketballs. Seriously though.....I know the top shelf has to hold SOMETHING I just wish it were things that I never needed. Have I mentioned that I hate grocery shopping?

This also brings to mind that it always seems like the item or items you need are being blocked by A) a store employee who is restocking B) a man who is searching for something with a puzzled look on his face or C) a frazzled mother with one of those carts the size of a Buick loaded with children.....or all of the aforementioned. Unless I'm in a particularly bad mood, I try and wait it out without saying anything, in hopes that they will take the hint and move but that doesn't always work. Once in a while you have to excuse yourself and attempt to reach the item.
And then they act all surprised. why in the world did they think you were standing there for so long....admiring the view? their shoes? or just cause you're weird?

I'll end this with the parking lot. To the woman who repeatedly parks in the handicapped spot and who does not have a handicapped license or placard......I really don't think it negates the legal requirements for that spot if you sit in your vehicle reading while your passenger goes shopping in the store. You are still taking up the space that is designed for people who have difficulty walking because of a health reason and not because of laziness. You know who you are.....and shame on you. By the way, did you know the fine for illegally using a handicapped spot is $500.? Oh....and since our State needs money, a lot of those offenses are now being ticketed. Just sayin'......

I've got some movies to review so watch for that coming up in a few days. In the meantime, it looks like the s-word is finally out of here for a few months. My hope for a hot summer is slowly being diminished though. So far it has been unseasonably chilly. Every once in a while we experience a chilly summer and I fear this may be one of them. I feel bad for my own selfish reasons (hot weather = less pain)....but on a larger scale its so bad for tourism and our state could really use those extra funds right now. We'll just have to wait and see......Mom Nature, as you know, has a mind of her own.


Coffeypot said...

I make a list when I go to the store. Then I go straight to those items. I do not look right or left. Tunnel vision to the next item. Then tunnel vision to the register. BUT MY DAMN KROGER DID A TOTAL REMODELING. I can't find a damn thing. I track down store workers and MAKE them shop with me.

Mikey said...

That drives me crazy too. People just stop and do whatever, never look behind them. I also think they could make aisles a lil wider, so we could get past each other.
I'm super tall, so I'm always helping someone get something from up high. I agree, those shelves are way too high for regular folks. They need to put a grabber stick on each aisle.
As for the handicapped parking, Grandma has a placard, and with her recent blood clots she's had to use it. I always feel so awkward when I get out, wondering if people think I'm using it fraudulently. But I'm not!! However, if I'm waiting on her, I don't park there. I sit in the truck somewhere else, she calls me when she's done and I pick her up right out front. Her dr. appts are in an area known as a retirement village, so there's a lot of people worse off than her who really need that spot.
Good post!! I agree with it all!

glnroz said...

Yep,,cranky all right... hehehehe I am one of those that stops and looks confused,,, lol

lucylocket said...

I agree with Mikey. Stores should have at least two of those grabber thingeys on each aisle. I'm 5'5" and I have trouble reaching the top shelves.

Orea said...


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Peruby said...

This reminded me of a post I did a year or so ago when I had to shop for a coffee pot in one of those huge home stores when I had a migraine. It consisted of a small family blocking the aisle. The post revealed my daydream of hitting their cart with mine and sending their toddler flying through the air. Not that I would ever do that mind you - but migraines have a way of bringing out the evil side in me. ;)

Peruby said...

OH, and Coffeypot - I swear stores remodel so that we have to see other items that we normally pass over when we know where everything is. It is a marketing strategy.

Happyone : ) said...

I actually like going grocery shopping and I'm always helping shorter people reach items. : )
It is annoying though when people stop in the middle of the aisle. I always try to move to the side out of the way of others.

Linda Medrano said...

Val, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I just get lost in thought at the market and block an area too. I really hate it when that happens, but I'm thinking! Should I get this or should I get that? Should I make chicken or lamb? Do I want red or white sauce? LOL! I'm SORRY! Actually, I do try to not block anything and I'm patient with people who do it because I sort of understand. Yes, I'm bad, but I will invite you to my house and pour you gin over ice if you don't yell at me!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm like Coffeypot-I make a list according to where the items are, if I can remember where they are. Then my grocery store decided to rearrange where some items are, that really threw me off.

I think those people are in every grocery store-I often have to find an alternate route when two women are meeting up chatting and blocking an aisle, usually with a takeout coffee cup in hand, you know they're going to be a while-and they'll look at me like I'm rude if I interrupt them.

I'm 5'6" and sometimes I can't reach items. I've tried stepping on the lower shelf, which I know is a no-no, but there are NEVER any clerks around when you want help. Isn't it frustrating when you strain and strain and what you want is just a tiny bit further than you can reach?

And, I don't know why they don't restock or take inventory during off hours, those people look at me like I'm a pain in their ass if they have to move their overflowing carts that are in the middle of the aisle.

Boy, it would be nice if we could all do our grocery shopping on the Internet and have it delivered to our doors, huh?

Joy Des Jardins said...

This drives me crazy too Val; and I hate going grocery shopping too...more than I ever have. I make a list of things I need and try to go directly to what I need. Of course I often get distracted by other things NOT on my list. I make a point of NOT blocking any aisles or spaces....because it is just RUDE and I hate when it happens to me. I don't say anything to people who do this, but it is VERY annoying.

Oh, and sometimes I need help reaching things from tall shelves...I'm a little vertically challenged too.

ILoveMyDogandMy Music said...

This blog sounds like I could have written it. I hate to shop for groceries too. It's only me now, so I don't buy too many things anymore and sometimes I'll just do with whatever is in the cabinet. What drives me really nuts is the restocking of shelves while trying to shop. I guess it has to be done whenever, but I think there could be a better plan in mind.