Sunday, May 8, 2011

An award.....thank you

to Orea of The Higher Voice for giving this to me. I am supposed to list 7 things about myself and then pass this award on to 15 NEWLY FOUND blogs. Sorry to say, every newly found blog I wanted to pass this award on to already has been given it! I was involved with the A-Z Challenge and even though I did find some new blogs I loved, I really didn't have time to do much searching once I was through posting each alphabet post. So 15 NEW blogs is kind of a tall order for me.

Now.....since its my blog....(heh heh heh) I'm going to change things a bit. I am awarding this award to you if you are on my sidebar as a blog I frequent and love. Yep.....yours for the taking.....and well-deserved too, cause if your blog wasn't fantastic, it wouldn't be on my sidebar. So please accept it....from my heart.
Now, the 7 things.
1. I enjoy watching some cartoons.
2. I talk to my plants.
3. Animals love me, even guard dogs will let me pet them. (blowing their owner's minds)
4. If someone hurts me, I never really recover from it or forget it.
5. I'm terrified of doctors and dentists and will make myself sick thinking about an upcoming appointment.
6. I've always wished I was musically inclined (cannot carry a tune with a basket or play any instrument)
7. I had 3 imaginary friends when I was little (plight of an only child).

So there you have it. Please take your award and pass it on. And, thank you again, Orea.


Jamie said...

You ARE a very versatile blogger, so way to go Val! You are a wonderful writer and I love to read each and every post you write.

Hope this mothers day has been wonderful for you.

Hugs darlin. You're the best. :)

JY said...

Happy Mother's Day Val!

Joy Des Jardins said...

You are a versatile blogger cover a lot of territory on the things you write about...all of which I enjoy. Congrats!

Hope you had a really nice Mom's Day sweetie...and thanks for the wonderful e-mail you sent on Mom's Day. ~Joy

Leann said...

I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day and congrats on the award!!

Maria said...

I hate going to the doctor or the dentist too. Avoid it when I can. And I also worry, especially the day before...ugh.

dana said...

I can hold a grudge like a drunk can hold his liquor, and a doctor's appointment (especially a dentist) can ruin...and I mean TOTALLY ruin my every thought for days before the actual appointment arrives.