Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Tis the Season.......for potholes

Around these parts this time of year is "pothole season". Some roads get so bad its an actual obstacle course to drive it. Nothing worse than driving along and hitting a pothole that you didn't know was there. Many times I've feared a bent rim or a tire disintegrating before my very eyes.

The people on the road commission work very hard in all sorts of inclement weather to make sure our roads are halfway decent.....but they can't be everywhere at once and potholes sometimes go without repair for quite some time. That's in the best of times. With the economy the way it is, the cutbacks taking place - less money - fewer workers due to lay-offs.....and the road commission getting their funding through tax dollars....well, you do the math. I think our roads may suffer for quite some time.

The only good thing you can say about potholes is that if you live on the street that has them, it certainly does slow the crazy speeders down. The speed limit on my road is 25 mph because I'm within sight of a school. A block away its 35 mph but everyone does 50 at least......except during pothole season. There is an area right in front of my mailbox that gives way to a big pothole every spring. After a while, I get used to hearing the 'thunk thunk' every time a car passes over it and when bigger vehicles (like school buses or beer and wine trucks) hit it, it actually makes the dishes in my hutch rattle.

A few years ago I watched the road commission workers in front of my house repairing this pothole of which I speak. I made it a point to go outside and yell a THANK YOU to them. Actually, I yelled, "Thank you, you guys are AWESOME". They waved back at me, smiling, and took twice as long repairing it and the repair job lasted much longer than normal. I absolutely know that they appreciated my acknowledgment of their hard work. Have you ever thanked a worker for doing an awesome job? I've been known to pass out cans of cold pop to them on a hot summer's day. Why not? A little bit of kindness gets you remembered and being remembered in the right circles for the right things will sometimes get you extra little niceties ...... like having that worrisome hole in front of your house repaired and repaired well. But, if sure does make you feel good to compliment someone knowing how much its appreciated.

Most of the little things cost absolutely nothing to give compliments or a smile. I smile at everyone I see, even if I don't feel that well or that jovial. 95% of the people I smile at will smile back at me. Now how awesome is that? I've often ended my posts with "keep smilin' " and I really do mean that. So go do it and see how many you get back. In the meantime, be careful of those potholes......bent rims are nothing to smile about.


Leann said...

The worst 'pot holes' I ever saw was while I was in Alaska. A base of ice builds up on the roads to protect the pavement itself. When the Spring thaw sets in the ice itself gets huge flippin' potholes in it. It's a challenge to drive over as the ice layer is very thick.

I agree that a kind word or deed costs us nothing yet is priceless.

Linda Medrano said...

I know those guys appreciated having a lady come out and say "thank you". It costs so little and means so much! Nice post, Val!

SOUL said...

the roads here are no better than there it sounds like-- all washed out and a maze -- i hate it! they slop job patch em once in a while -- it only takes one good rain to wash it all way. then hurry up and wait for the next cruddy repair.


but-- how can i be one to complain? no state tax here in texas. hmmmm. just get it when ya get it and hope for the best.

anyhow-- keep smilin at the road guys- and hope for a cute one every now and then -- that might give you a real good reason to smile :))

take care

Coffeypot said...

I didn't see too many potholes but coming out of NY into NJ is like driving on a washboard. I understand it's the extreme weather that is the culprit.

Jamie said...

Yep, our potholes here are more link huge sinkholes now that this winter has been so extreme. And our set aside funds to fix them are now hugely depleted because the snow removal fund ran out before winter even officially it should be an interesting spring.

You are such a wonderfully sweet woman. Big hugs. :)

Mama Llama said...

The potholes around here are horrible this year--the snow to which we are NOT accustomed did a doozy on the roads. I must be from the same area Jamie (above) is, because our funds for snow removal were gone by January. What a year...good riddance, Winter!!

Be well, Val. And yes, keep smiling!

Happyone :-) said...

We have the pot holes here too!
I think its important to thank workers. Everyone likes to be appreciated for what they do. I smile at everyone too and like you I find most people smile back.
Here's a smile for you. :-)

Linda Medrano said...

I tagged you on my blog. Come take a look!

ain't for city gals said...

So true..a smile costs nothing and it takes so little to brighten someone's day....on the pot holes...heard on the radio the other day that some little town (can't remember where) will fill a pot hole "in your honor" with a $50 donation!! Had to even get a little plaque and everything...not sure that is what I would want my legacy to be...but I guess we take what we can get...

Gypsy said...

....You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Life is hard enough at times and a smile goes a long way to brightening up someones day. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did that? It's so easy, doesn't cost a thing and makes everyone feel good.

Anonymous said...

Here there are potholes all over! It's scary when someone in the oncoming traffic swerves over into my lane to avoid a little pothole. I wish that the cities and states would quit accepting the lowest bids for resurfacing and go with what will be the most durable surface.