Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Award......Happiness

Smocha, of Cats on the British Counter, gave me this award. Thank you very much for thinking of me. Your blog makes me happy too.

The rules that come with this award are as follows:

1. When you receive this award you must thank the person that awarded you in a new post.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

3. Pass this award to other bloggers who make you happy.

So here are my 10 things, in no particular order:

1. The sweet smell of puppy breath.
2. The sounds of crickets and frogs on a warm summer evening.
3. A comfy couch, excellent coffee and a good book.
4. Watching horses run across a field with tails and manes flowing in the breeze.
5. Snuggling against you, the little grunting noises a contented newborn baby makes.
6. The delightful smell of freshly cut grass.
7. The sound of an old wooden screen door opening and closing...(squeee, creak, squeee, bang, thump, thump)
8. Having enough guaranteed income every month to cover my expenses.
9. The wonderful fragrance of freshly washed air right after a thundershower.
10. A close friend, good conversation and hot coffee.

I pass this award along to the following bloggers that I look forward to visiting because they truly make me happy in various ways. Some for their love of animals, some for their love of other people and some for their love of life....just plain and simple LIFE. Each of them have broadened my horizons and awakened a spirit within me. I'm glad I found each of you and in some cases, you found me....but I'm the better person for it. Thank you to each of you for that.

So, in no particular order: I pass this along to 8 Bloggers that make me happy.

1. Jamie of Everyone Thinks I Can Fix it.....(such a strong lady who has her priorities straight)
2. Linda of The Good, The Bad, The Worse....(Oh, Linda just makes me grin and giggle and is a terrific FRIEND)
3. Gypsy of Teardrops and Rainbows....(my Pisces soul-mate from down-under)
4. Joy from Joy of Six.....(another true soul-mate....someday we'll have coffee and chat)
5. Sheryl of Ain't For City Gals...(A city gal would surely curl up in a pool of tears...awesome blog)
6. Mikey from The Horseshoeing Housewife....(one awesome lady who can do Anything!)
7. Grace from Hope 4 Grace....(she's found the secret to Happiness and is such a terrific role model for her children)
8. Karen from Life is Good (she truly finds good in everything)

I love you all. Enjoy your award and please pass it on.


Rae said...

Lovely list of things that make you happy. They are excellent choices. I couldn't agree more. Congrats on the award

Happyone :-) said...

Thank you Val for the award and the kind things you said in your comment. How nice of you to think of me. I don't usually accept awards but since it is a happiness one I will. Awards make me feel a bit uncomfortable.
If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I will certainly stop by. I'll have you knitting in no time! :-)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award thoughtful of you. I would love nothing better than to have that long chat with you over coffee my sweet soul mate....Lord, we'd have a lot to say.

I'll try to post about this award as soon as I can.

Thanks again my dear friend....bless your 'golden' heart. Love, Joy

SOUL said...

great happy list -- it was actually more than ten -- but have you ever had a time in your life when you were asked to list THREE things you were grateful for, or three things that made you happy--- yet you couldn't even think of that many?
well. i have.
i was grateful to make my list with ease tonight , as i was given this gift as well from another blogger.
funny how life twists and turns. and people change. paths change. we change.
life. ya never know what you'll get i reckon.
hugs lady-

Gypsy said...

Aw thanks so much Val. You made my day in giving me this award. I just need to get over my injection aftermath and then I will do this post. You truly are an angel and make a lot of people happy yourself.

Jamie said...

You honestly made my day, too. I will write the post later this morning....Thank you so very much. You too, are a very good friend. Big hugs. :)

Mikey said...

Thank you so much!!! That's so very kind of you. Love your first one, that's probably my first one too :)
I'll put this award up shortly!

gayle said...

You have such a sweet list!! Congrats!!

Linda Medrano said...

Val, I have an award for you on my site. Come on over!

Mama Llama said...

Your #10, #9 and #2 are wonderful. I agree with you!

How nice to reflect on what makes us happy. Very nice.

Be well, Val.

Gypsy said...

OK Val....I'm done with my list. xxx

ain't for city gals said...

Hi Val...Just read your comment on my last post...Thank you so much...I would like to take a rain check if possible..I am so computer basic I don't know how to get the award button to my blog but plan to get a new laptop and LEARN how to use it within the month...thanks again...Sheryl