Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why, why, why.....

Why, on a Friday at 5:30, would any grocery store close down all check-outs except the self-serve and the express?

Why..... do drivers of those really big SUV's pull up next to you and block your vision when you're trying to merge into traffic, knowing full well you cannot see through them or over them if you are in a regular sized vehicle? I've decided....the bigger the vehicle, the smaller the brain. some people, without a handicapped plate or placard, think they can legally park in a handicapped space as long as they stay in the vehicle and wait for their passenger to do the shopping and/or business. This is no different than stealing money out of the register and then leaving an unsigned IOU note. some people throw trash on the ground when there is a marked receptacle within sight only a few yards away? I intensely despise litterers....I'd like to cram every single item they casually toss out for someone else to clean up right down their throats. I'm so sick of picking up fast food cups, wrappers and bags that have been thrown out in front of my house. Some day they need to invent containers and wrappers that will disintegrate and totally disappear after being exposed to the elements for a few hours.....because lord knows we are never going to stop these lowlifes from littering. They just don't get it. some poor excuses for humanity still continue to donate expired food to the needy? I'd love to publicly humiliate every single one of them. They have to turns on a dime and someday it could be them in need. it that whenever a program is put in place to help low to moderate income people, its often those who have plenty of money who will be the first to try to take advantage of it and get all indignant when they're turned down? Isn't GREED one of the Seven Deadly Sins....guess they don't think it applies to them. there NEVER a cop around when that idiot passes you like you're sitting still and you're actually going five over the speed limit? some people practically kill themselves in order to beat you to the ATM, then take 15 minutes filling out their deposit slip and signing checks, holding up the line? I've seen this many times at the bank drive-up window too. some idiots honk their horn the very NANO second the light changes to green? I've often wished their car would stall and not re-start right after that and then people would be honking at THEM. The mere thought of this puts a big smile on my I bad? Nah, just honest. some people wait until they get up to the fast food drive-through window before getting their money out.....and often they are frantically searching for change? I think they may have a problem with the definition of the word FAST. Oh..and while I'm on the subject of fast food...

Why.....oh why do these drive-up window employees of fast food establishments INSIST on giving you your change back by giving you the bills and then putting the coins on top of them so it slides off and onto the ground? Whenever I come across a very rare employee who does it the RIGHT way.....coin first so it rests in your hand not ON the bills....I praise them highly. There have been times that I've been in just the right mood and instructed them to give me the coin first just as they attempt to hand me the bills. I know they probably don't appreciate it, but its MY money!

Day to day life takes a lot of will power to keep from smacking some sense into somebody. It doesn't get any better the older you get because our patience has worn pretty thin by then and we have to rely on common sense and the law of averages to keep us under control.....knowing that every single one of these idiots, who were apparently napping when G0D handed out common sense, will get paid back sooner or later.

Whew....I feel better now. (putting soap box away for a short time)


forsythia said...

Why, indeed. I once spotted a car parked illegally in a handicapped space. The license plate said, "Gymnast." If I had a camera, I would have taken a picture and sent it to our local weekly newspaper.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh my Gosh....this is really a good list Val. I have so many I agree with that just drive me nuts! The handicapped one frustrates me no end. Or even worse...someone who isn't handicapped at all...and obviously so...parking there for convenient's sake, who looks perfectly normal as far as I can tell.

I just hate the guy who honks the nano-second the light turns green..CRIPES...get a life mister....maybe a little less caffeine in your diet. And the guy who speeds by you just because you're not going fast enough for him and his 'oh-so-busy-schedule'...even though you are. Excuse me Mr. Andretti. This isn't the Indianapolis 500.

Well...there are more Val, but then I could write my own post. This was a good one sweetie... Hugs, Joy

Florida Sue said...

It's all annoying. If I could add one it would be "why do people abandon shopping carts right beside my vehicle?" Why are they too dang lazy to push it a few feet further to the cart corral? I don't know if it is a Florida thing, but the older crabby people seem the worst. If they were sick or disabled I would understand, but these are the active, well to do retirees that seem more sprightly than myself.. I honestly have sat and watched them and I swear every single abandoned cart is rolling right towards my car. Thanks Val for the story of your sweet Lhasa. I really appreciated it.


Margaret said...

Here, here! Applause! I cannot agree more...The fast food part annoys me sooooooooo much..(now I am admitting to fast food)..When you go up to the window for change and they plop down the change, and it is NEVER counted OUT! Soooo, I just stop and count it, as I don't trust them...(sigh)...And, I went upon a rant about litter on my Wordpress blog..drop over and see if you

Anonymous said...

Almost all of your pet peeves are also on my list, Val. Two that are not: 1)In my experience, it is faster to park my car and go into the fast food place. Usually, I leave while the sucker (who would have been the car just in front of me) is still waiting for his/her order. 2) I find that the older I get the more willing I am to cut others some slack. Probably because I've committed their particular "sin", myself????
Cop Car

boneman said...

right after the guy that passed you like you were standing still is out of sight?
The cop pulls you over for doing six miles over the limit.


I clean up after folks, too. On the way in to the store, pick up a piece or two of trash and poke it into the trashcan, usually right in front.
I figure it's working out a balance.
I've probably tossed trash down, or at least car exhaust and aerosol, I'm still trying to catch up with my own sins.
And, for the chance to make good on it, I get happy about it.

(M)ary said...

"why do some people wait until they get up to the fast food drive-through window before getting their money out"

guilty as charged and i have no clue why i do that!!