Sunday, June 7, 2009

Did you know.....

Did you know.....You can sure learn some off-the-wall stuff from the younger generation....some of it is quite helpful.

Did you know....there is a website you can go to where you can put in your cell phone number, then make up another number that you'd like to have shown as the caller I.D. read-out when you place a call to a third number that you key in. It will call that number from your cell phone and show the fake caller I.D. number you've chosen on the recipient's phone. This is just plain scary and I'm telling you so that you won't be fooled if someone calls you and says they are from a certain business and tries to get info from you. You check the caller I.D. and its their number and so you think the call is legit. Not always so. Use extra caution. Don't give out any personal info unless you call them.

Did you know that you can keep something for 10 years and never use it, but the very day you throw it away, you will find a use for it. I know this is one of Murphy's Laws....but its actually true.....believe it.

Did you know that even paper towels are not what they seem; the cardboard roll itself is bigger around, giving the impression that the roll is the same size as always, but, in reality, there aren't as many towels on the roll as there used to be. First it was toilet paper, now these. I think a lot of marketing people think we are a bunch of airheads that won't notice. We notice....but what can we do? I really hate the deceit part. Check the cereal boxes.....same height, just not as wide.

Did you know you're not supposed to keep an item with rechargeable batteries in it in the charger when not in use? I didn't. Cost of new batteries = $16.50

Did you know that a lot of our good old American foods that have been around for generations are being made in China or Mexico? Don't believe me? Start checking the'll be shocked.

If you change one burned out lightbulb in a two bulb fixture, the other one will burn out within two days. This happens even if you wait to change the burned out one, hoping the other one will go too and you can change them both at the same time. Even if you put brand new bulbs in a two bulb fixture, they will burn out at different times.....which just fascinates me for some reason. (it doesn't take much to amuse me).

Keep smilin'~


Betty said...

Take a look at a Kleenex tissue. It has gotten so much smaller that it is almost square, now, instead of rectangle. And a three-pound can of coffee is almost down to two pounds. Many others are shrinking, and going up in price.

SOUL: said...

i am amazed.
actually, i already new much of this. and have been flamin mad about it for months. payin more for less. and the stinkin companies that we have been loyal to for years think we're so stupid we don't notice any of it-- i bet they notice they are losing business. maybe not right away, because the money still rolls in, but soon enough they;ll notice the loss. i'm making lot's of changes in what and who i buy from. i hate gettin robbed. you know that though.

but-- i too am easily amused... and will take an extra half hour in the store just to see who has scrimped on what-- or who if anyone has gone back to the norm, to regain customers. it's rare-- but it's happening.

what a disgrace tho eh?
oh well.
what can we do-
take it ez charlotte

happyone said...

The ice cream containers are getting smaller and smaller (they used to be a half gallon) too but the price goes up.

Cheryl said...

I didn't know. Interesting stuff!

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

What a bummer, huh???...Gee, the food labels annoy me the most! But, I recently ordered some shirts for the summer from a catalog company, and when I was looking at the labels for wash info, I saw "made in Bangledash", "made in Indonesia", "made in India", and of course, "made in China". WHAT? can't I get a shirt from the USA?
Can't find any plastic anymore other than China....wonder if they turn over the item to the label from us???
(doesn't take much to amuse me either, my fellow blogger)

Joy Des Jardins said...

There's some very interesting stuff here Val. It doesn't surprise me about the lightbulbs at all...that's actually happened to me. And I agree with Betty about the Kleenex...I've noticed that too.

Mariposa said...

Those are all very, very good points to remember! Thank you for taking the time to put your notes into words so all of us can learn!

forsythia said...

That bit about the website is enough to make my hair stand on end! What next?

Anonymous said...

In the 1960s, the standard roll of toilet paper was 500 double-ply sheets. Now, a roll that is narrower and has only 350 double-ply sheets is labeled as a double or triple roll!
It's been a while since I've seen a 5# bag of sugar.
We all think that we would rather the companies be up-front and honest when they need to raise prices; but, surely these shrinking "standard sizes" wouldn't be so popular if the subterfuge didn't work on us. The only things getting larger are our clothes. Remember when a size 8 meant that the garment had a 22" waist? (Answer: when I was in 9th grade!) Goodness only knows what size equates to a 22" waist, now, and I have no "need to know." *laughing*
Cop Car