Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch break and a stretch.....

I told you the squirrels at my place were gutsy and this just proves it without a doubt. I took this through a closed window and screen but I seriously think that even if I had been outside he probably would not have gone far. I went through a huge bag of seed in one week and finally just took the danged bird feeder down.

Hope you got a chuckle out of this. Nothing I've thought of so far can keep them out of the seed intended for the birds.....I even greased the pole on the one in the front yard.

Moving right along to other things happening in my little corner of the granddaughter graduated from kindergarten today. It absolutely flew off the scale on the cuteness meter! All those kids looked so darn cute I could hardly stand it. Now usually girls have always outnumbered the boys, but this year in her was 17 boys to 6 girls. They all had "diplomas" and their teacher did some creative stuff with a magic wand and *Poof*...they were in first grade! Granddaughter wanted pictures taken with all the teachers and aides and office staff and librarian and janitor and bus drivers and lions and tigers and bears.....oh my. Everybody loves her...she is just such a social butterfly, that one.


Gypsy said...

My problem is with rabbits...lots of them. There are acres of grass they could eat and I even mulch my garden beds with straw, but no, they have to eat every plant I put in the ground. Grrrr....

Congrats to your granddaughter on being promoted to "big school". Thanks for reminding me of those cute days. My daughters turned 15 yesterday and I am feeling all melancholy.

happyone said...

Try putting a toy slinky on the pole. When the squirrels try to climb up it the slinky just pulls them back down. It worked for us.

boneman said...

Mums for Gypsy. I think they're the flower that discourages rabbits. Or was that marigolds?
Well, plant them both, what the heck. They're both pretty.

We have rabbits around here, but, they don't get onto the garden too much.
'Course, I put food stuff out for them they like better.
Carrot tops because I buy them that way. I just chop off a bigger piece and toss them where rabbits and I have our dealie going.
I wish we had a squirrel to feed here.
I heard they like corn on the cob, even the old stuff, left too long on the plant. Hard waxy corn on the cob.
Just throw it away from your birdfeeder, make more visits to the feeder.
Oh what the heck. Squirrels are cool. If you make a place for them and then feed the birds, too?
They'll actually wait till after they're done with their chow before going back to the bird food.

And, as I think of it, marigolds IS the right plant for getting rid of rabbits from your garden.
And, gosh, string some slinky around your garden to give it that German Concentration camp look.
Not barbed wire, mind you.
I'm thinking more along the line of Hogan's Heroes...

Maria said...

I don't mind my squirrels but we are being overrun by bunnies....

fiwa said...

Awww... congratulations to your sweet little grand daughter! I wish you could share pictures - but I understand why you don't.

Squirrels crack me up - I have been on a church crawl lately trying new churches, and one of them had a feeder like that right outside the glass wall behind the alter. All during the service these two squirrels were playing grab a** at the feeder - it was distracting but totally hilarious!

And Val, Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies of all times - there are SO MANY good quotes from that movie!

love you -