Sunday, December 7, 2008

There are earth angels among us.....

We've heard that many times before and a lot of us sure have witnessed it. I work next to one. I envy this woman because she just has such a giving second thoughts at all.

Recently, she went to the grocery store and bought the makings for a complete Thanksgiving meal, as well as added extras like bread, milk, eggs, hamburger and macaroni and cheese and spaghetti for the days before and after. She gave all of these groceries away to a struggling needy family she had heard about.

This isn't the first time she's done something like that and I don't expect it to be the last. She recently lost her husband of 40 years and has realized that her life had been very blessed and actually it still is. Although not rich, she is comfortable and though she can't have the one thing she wants the most (her husband back), she doesn't have to worry about being out in the street with no income. She wants to pass along some of her blessings and Thank God for people like her.

Her early life story is very poignant. She was taken away from unfit parents at a young age and went from foster home to foster home back when the agencies were less than adequate. Her childhood memories are more like nightmares. And yet she brought herself up from such a hard beginning to marry her true love and raise lovely children who are an asset to society. I look at her in awe.

I wish I could do something for her to show her just how special she is. I really don't think she's aware of it. But God surely knows and I'm sure she's been reserved a seat at His table. Do you know any earth angels? I hope so. I feel its a privilege to be in the same room with her but I can go further than that and actually call her a friend.


mama llama said...

Wow. What a poignant story...and so necessary for me and ALL of us to read and remind ourselves of this season and always. I have been touched by the graces of Earth Angels as well, in different ways, and I will always be grateful. I suppose the best thanks we can all give, however, is to emulate and respond in kind when we see where the touch of an Earth Angel is necessary.

A worthwhile goal.

Be well, Val.

Kelly Jene said...

Maybe one of those Willow Tree angels would be a suitable gift. They have great ones and they're really beautiful.

Smocha said...

As you know, Soul and I had a pretty rough life when we were young. I can not even tell you how many times we were helped by angels on earth.

I'm pretty sure some of them were heavenly angels too, just here for THAT moment ,to help us.

You are very lucky to have a friend like her.

My friend Desert dirt Diva is one of my "angel on earth" friends.
She has a heart of pure gold.

simonsays said...

What a wonderful thing for you to write. I suppose showing her this post would only embarrass her, but to be thought of as an "earth angel" truly is just about as good as it gets. I try to be just that for folks and have done some things that made me wonder later if God had put me there at that moment to help someone...

And just so you make a pretty good one, yourself.

Hugs friend. :)

happyone said...

What a wonderful story!
I know a person like this too, my friend Nola. I could write a book about all the kindnesses she has done. Nice to know there are so many good and kind people out there!! :-)

Romany Angel said...

Thank goodness for people like this. I wrote a post recently that spoke about the compassion people sometimes show to strangers. It was about a young woman with cancer and I am still thinking about the story days later.

People like your friend make the world a much better place and I am sure special things lie ahead for her.

SOUL: said...

hey there C--
just came by to let ya know i'm still alive

i do know a couple of these kinds of people.
and like smocha said-- have crossed paths with some just at the right time in my life--

anyhow-- i hope you have a happy day-

The Real Mother Hen said...