Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm just plain disgusted.....

You know I guess I've never really thought about how many "lowlifes" there are out there.....and the really devious ones disguise themselves as good, decent people.

I hit on this subject briefly before but this time I'm really mad. I had NO idea just how big of a problem this was. I guess I try too hard to see the good in everyone, especially at this time of the year.

Our fire department is involved, along with other groups, making baskets for the families in need. I know they are in need all year 'round, but at Christmas it seems to touch more people in a more profound way. Collections are taken up and the food distributed in hundreds of baskets.

I complained about expired food being donated before but I had no idea just how prevalent this practice is. What is with these people? Do they think that just because some one needs some extra help, they are undeserving of food that is fresh? Well, you know, life can turn on a dime and I sincerely and truly hope that each and every person who has purposely given expired food to the needy will someday have to face that problem themselves and be in a position of having to ask for help.

I was informed by the maintenance crew that the dumpster behind the building that is being used to sort out the food for individual baskets was overflowing. Overflowing with what, you ask? Well, with expired food that was donated, that's what. I was appalled. If a huge dumpster can be filled to overflowing just out of ONE building being used to sort baskets, just think what the overall picture must be for say......the about the county?

Unbelievable! Why even bother to donate? Just throw it out....or are they hoping that the needy families will have to be subjected to such humiliation? It does make one wonder. Well, I can assure them that there are good people at work, sorting through things, just to make sure that only good food is given out and you low-life trash in sheep's clothing will have to think of some other evil to do to make your life worth can you even look at yourself in the mirror? Shame on them all.


Romany Angel said...

I daresay they are patting themselves on the back about how generous they have been and how christian they are for helping out the needy. One word for you Val....KARMA.

SOUL: said...

gypsy-- you beat me here now too-- :))
man i'm a slacker--

mornin charlotte-

i see where you're comin from on this one. i'm sure a few of these are honest mistakes, they can't all be purposely just dumping old food to needy folks, just out of their own laziness to get rid of it some other way. the census of people just isn't all bad. ya know.
but i'm sure there are a lot of folks who basically clear their pantry of old, unwanted, and even dented crap... not thinking or caring if someone gets ill. afterall--- they're just beggars. who can't be choosers. right.
i too think it's rude, cruel and disgusting.
and really, the longer i live . the more i do see karma at work.
these are the ones who will find a roach on their plates at their favorite restaurant--- or find themselves in that same food line
one day .
it happens.
it's been said right?
"you reap what you sow."

anyhow, at least the food banks are smart enough to check these dates and give out only the safe food.

people just don't know what a blessing it is to have those places available--until they've had to use one a time or two. maybe that's what it takes, to not abuse them.

you're a special lady my friend.
i hope you have a special day :))

Maria said...

The same thing happened at my office. We set out a barrel for donations and yesterday when the guys from goodwill came to pick it up, they told us that they were instructed to go through it first and over HALF of the food was expired. HALF.

How tacky.

happyone said...

It is too bad that there are people out there who do things like that, but then look at all the good people out there who are helping people not just a Christmas time but all year long.
And I really believe there are more of them out there than people realize.
Have a Happy Friday.

Brad said...

Is there a sign up? Like: "Expired food will be tossed, please check your dates" ? Maybe that would help the un-thinking clods.

mama llama said...

What an incredible, disgusting shame.

I just took the Monitos out to shop for a new toy (out of their own piggy banks, thank you very much!) for Toys for Tots...they each bought one. I told them they needed to think about what they would want to receive, to help them make a decision.

That is a lesson I pray they remember all their lives. Do unto others...

Be well, Val.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'd like to believe some of that has to be by mistake Val....I'd really like to believe that. I know I probably have cans of food that have expired dates that I may not notice. I'm trying to be charitable's that time of year. I think putting a sign out like Brad suggests is a good least it could help.

And for those who meant to donate expired food....yes, 'Shame on them.' Happy Holidays Val....

ordinaryjanet said...

I agree with Joy's comment, I'd like to believe people just don't check the expiration dates before they donate. I've tossed cans that were over two years out of date, when I get around to going through the pantry.

If they donated expired food on purpose, they better pray they aren't one day in the position of being the recipients of charity.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, readers! When a can of food reaches its "expiration date", it does not automatically spoil. I would be happy to accept your outdated canned goods.