Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gimme a comfy chair, I'm plum tired.....

Well, the present shopping is done, now I have to wrap the effing things. The thought has crossed my mind to just hide stuff around my house, unwrapped, and play a game of "hot and cold" to let them search for them. But it wouldn't work out. You couldn't assure the right person would find the right gift. To say I don't like to gift wrap is an understatement. I don't know why either. Its really not that hard....its just something that I don't particularly enjoy. Maybe its the idea of all the work that goes into wrapping, and it gets torn up just a few days later. Gee....I don't know. I'm just plain weird, I guess.

I still have to get groceries and clean my house. This weekend will see me doing that, I guess. Then I have to work on Monday and Tuesday. I really do expect those days to be very quiet at work. A lot of people will be too busy to worry with doing business.

I'm getting ready to go up to the drugstore in just a few minutes. I have to stock up on Nyquil and Dayquil. Both me and my grandson are coming down with something....scratchy throats and a cough starting up. I sure hope we can ward it off with these products. They've always worked great before, so I do have confidence. I just plain don't have TIME to be sick.

Unlike last year, only ONE of the things I ordered didn't come in due to being out of stock. I did not shop at the same place as I did last year. Once burned, you know. They were horrible to buy from as far as online purchases. Packed horribly and even though I ordered WAY in advance, some of the things came in only a couple days before Christmas. So this year I used two other stores and have had very good luck. I think I'll stick with those from now on.

We have some nasty weather headed our way, predicting up to five inches of snow by tomorrow morning. I was supposed to make the dressing for our annual Christmas dinner at work that's being held tomorrow. Ordinarily, I would not have to work until Friday. I called and canceled coming in because I just don't want to take that chance just for the purpose of eating. One of the workers said if I'd still make the dressing, they would come pick it up in their 4-wheel drive. I have to laugh at that, but said I would make it so they could have it. Too bad they can't cart me back with the dish, but then I'd have to worry about getting home afterwards. If it doesn't look too threatening, I may still go in.....you know how it is....you never know with weather, its so unpredictable.

Well, I'm off to the drugstore.....battling traffic all the way. Its truly a jungle this time of year. HO HO HO. Stay safe out there.


mama llama said...

Now to wrap the effing things!!

That is a quote and a half!!

What a pain, weather and all. It's so hard to cancel plans due to weather issues. I am glad I made it clear to my West Coast family that I will NO LONGER travel for Christmas. Just too much...too tiring...too many germs...sure sounds like you know the story all too well!

And Ho Ho Ho to you, too! :)

Be well, Val.

Mary said...

Val, I hope all is well in your world. I haven't been around much lately but hope I'm getting back on track.

Sounds as if you are almost ready for Christmas. One year I found large plastic bags with Christmas patterns on them. I filled one for each person, tied them with bows and called the job done.

fiwa said...

I would wrap the effing things for you, if I could. I actually like the wrapping part best of all.

Hey - you could do the hot and cold thing, you'd just have to let one person go at a time, and you'd have to remember for sure where each person's stuff was. I actually think that's a fun idea.

We are having the same weather issues here - supposed to snow tomorrow and Thursday, and it's not getting above freezing. I'm just going to say eff-it and work from home.

I hope the cold passes you over.
Don't work too hard, kay?
Love you -

Brad said...

Hello Dear - I'm with ya on the wrapping. It so much work and mine still come out looking like a three year old did it.

Stay warm and don't be going out there 'just to eat' if your coming down with something! not worth it!

Much love,


SOUL: said...

i'm not big on wrapping either-- guess that's one good thing about this year. not much to worry about in that department.
happy to hear you're all finished though.. bet you're glad of that. the one at a time-- hot cold thing sounds like a good idea-- except the ages present a problem.. you'd have a riot on your hands in no time :))
anyhow-- hope you kick that cold before christmas-- so you can be your jolly ole effin self :))

big hugs charlotte-

Anonymous said...

Hopping in to wish you a Merry Christmas. Hold the medicine and all that wards off that cold...

Simonsays said...

I like your hot and cold idea too. And like most of your commentors - I don't like the wrapping part. This year though, because there is NO room for anything stuffed in a closet or otherwise, I have had to wrap the gifts as they arrrive and that has actually worked well for me. Just a couple at a time, and done. Soooo...But then, I didn't buy them all at once like you did, otherwise my theory wouldn't work. I hope you feel better soon friend. Hugs...

Anonymous said...

Well at least you've bought your effin' presents Val. I still haven't mustered up the energy or motivation to go out and do it yet. I know I could order on line but I like to see things in real life and I just feel weird shopping on line. I know...I know...I'm just a crazy Aussie.

I hope you manage to stave off that bug that is trying to get you in it's grip. There's nothing more miserable than being sick at Christmas. Stay well and big big hugs to you my funny little friend.