Thursday, October 3, 2013

Phishy Phishy in the brook.....

That sign is two years old so you know the stats are even higher now.

The other day when I was in the middle of all the pounding on my roof I received a phone call from a lowlife scammer, phishing for information.  I had no idea it was such a widespread operation at the time. A few days later I googled the phone number from my caller I.D. and was very surprised to see so many complaints exactly like mine. I went to a couple Forums and put my complaint in and tomorrow I will notify Federal authorities. The following is a copy of what I posted there and tells the story in a nutshell:

Received this same call on Sept. 25 at 2:56 pm. Caller I.D. said it was from Voice Network I and listed 248-742-3843 as the number. It was a female with a very heavy accent that I thought may have been Asian but since reading the may have been Indian. My first impression though was Asian. She told me that everyone would be getting new Medicare cards from the government and she needed to verify information to make sure the cards went to the right party. She then repeated my name to me and asked if it was correct. She did the same with my address and then my phone number. She had all correct, which is a bit unsettling. She then said that she needed my banking information to verify I was the right person. I stated I was not going to give her that. She argued that it was needed to confirm my identity and asked for it again and I refused again, this time loudly. She hung up on me. This made me especially nervous since it was coming from my own area code. I will be reporting this to the proper Federal agencies. Hoping these lowlifes get caught.

I wondered why the lowlifes didn't block their number but after reading the complaints on the Forum, I found that the number was a non-working number. They have managed to manipulate caller I.D. into displaying that number. They could be calling from anywhere.  So....don't ever trust your caller I.D. either!!  Such a shame that life is like that now.  Remember the old logos from "The X Files"?  Trust No One.  Really hits home now.

On a brighter roof is finished and it looks wonderful. The company I picked was so easy to work with.  They worked well, cleaned up all of their mess and did a great job. Who could ask for more.  Next is the attic cleaning in two weeks.

Keep Smilin'

A little after 6, 10/4/13, I received another one of these phone calls. Caller was middle eastern male, phone number 617-284-1955; caller I.D. said "Massachusetts call". The dialogue started out basically the same but I interrupted him and said "you people are all going to hell for what you're doing....every one of you"  He then started yelling "f--k you" over and over....while I kept responding with 'shame on you'. He then hung up on me.  I have reported the first call to AARP Senior Medicare Patrol, 1-800-799-4638. She took down all information and advised me that there have been an abundance of these calls the last month or so. They are doing all they can to advise all seniors. After making certain that I had not divulged any information to those lowlifes, she advised me to contact the Attorney General's office of my state, which I did do. I was advised by them that they are also aware that it's been happening using many different phone numbers.  Keep on your toes, my friends, and stay safe!


Eileen said...

I have gotten similar calls in Canada - obviously not about medicare - and I too had one of the callers swear at me.

I've complained to the Phonebusters here in Canada, I'm on the Do Not call list and nothing seems to work. As you say they hide behind unused numbers.

The next time they called....I waited until they were part way through their spiel and began screaming at the top of my lungs. I know they wouldn't have listened long but even knowing they heard it for a few seconds was satisfying to me. It only took a couple more calls for them to quit...I assume they took the number off their list.

Or maybe they were done with that scam. In any event I haven't had more calls!

forsythia said...

People around here get calls from a breathless man saying he is on his way to our house to deliver the life-saving medical equipment we ordered . . . . which we didn't. I just hang up. I've gotten three calls from this eager beaver and always hang up. So far, so equipment has been delivered. :-)

lotta joy said...

I eagerly hang up before I ever even hear the speel. But last week I decided to play along when they told me they were from Microsoft and they had been notified of a virus on my computer.

I agreed to do whatever he told me to do. When he said to hit 'this' key, then 'that' key, and tell him what was on the screen, I told him "Nothing. That virus must have really cleaned me out."

Then he started yelling and asking if I wanted him to fix it. I said "Actually, I don't even own a computer" and laughed when he hung up.

SOUL said...

hey stranger :)) you have graduated from "effin" to " "f--kN" :)) you've come a long way baby.

i have missed you.

don't hate me cuz i went nutty -- i'm back .. with a new friend -- you can go to the same address to see a pic of , umm well... IT :)) if'n ya want to.

SOUL said...

I never stopped either 'C'. Just so ya know
I was very happy to see you. ;))

Leann said...

It is sad because most of these target seniors and a lot of them all right into the trap. People disgust me.