Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This n' that.....

to go with a refreshing fruit salad.

For the summer, my granddaughter is coming over to stay with me on the days that I don't work  This is doing everyone some good and keeping me on my toes, so to speak.

After work on Monday I went grocery shopping at a different store than I usually go to. I used to shop at this store a lot before I retired because it was conveniently close to my work. I was surprised to see that they have replenished their supply of rider carts and now I can confirm they have the best ones anywhere around. I actually got a cart that didn't go dead on me halfway through shopping......and it was at the end of the day too!

I bought stuff to make a refreshing fruit salad as the day was hot and humid and it just sounded good.  After stopping to pick up my granddaughter, we came home and cut up the fruit and made the dip:

1, 8 oz package of cream cheese
1, 7 oz container of marshmallow fluff

Beat up the cream cheese until smooth, then add the fluff a little at a time and mix well.  You can either carefully (so you don't smash the fruit) mix it into a bowl of fruit or put it in a separate container and use it for dip.  Yum yummy

During grocery shopping I observed some women who desperately needed to look in a full length mirror before going out in public. I am no beauty shape definitely needs to be redefined to put the curves back in the right places.....but I, at least, do try and make myself presentable. I am embarrassed FOR these people who obviously don't care if they make our eyes bleed. Their motto....if you don't like what you see....then don't look.

The one that got me the most was this middle aged lady who had poured herself into a pair of leggings. They were stretched to the max....showing her white underwear. I kept waiting for them to explode. She was about 100 lbs overweight, which did not help. She also did not have a bra on and her generous endowments hung halfway to her waist. Her short hair was smashed in the back (bed-head)......maybe she had just arose from a nap and suddenly decided she needed groceries and bolted from her home in a rush. Anyhow, it's one of those circumstances where you don't want to stare but you can hardly contain yourself. Mentally I was putting her in a different outfit and visualizing it taking off 50 plus pounds. Who needs Wal-mart to people watch?

Oh yeah.....another thing.  I have now confirmed that I totally suck at video games. It looks so simple.....I don't understand how it can be so hard.  I just hope granddaughter doesn't lose respect for me because I killed off every one of the soldiers in my unit.  Thank goodness for the 'save game' feature.

Don't you wish real life was like that?  Make a mistake?  No problem.....just do that part of life over.  LOL

Keep smilin'.


Eileen said...

I love summer since the fruit is fresh and tastes so good in a salad. I've never made a dip but it sounds great!

My least favorite outfit at the grocery store are pajamas. Perhaps that was this lady's sleepwear?

No bra comes in a close second!

Have fun with the video game!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Mmm,fresh fruit with dip... sounds delicious, and now I'm hungry... thanks! :-))

I definitely agree on the "Wal-Mart Wear" looks, sometimes I just want to go up and say "Can I take your picture so I can show my husband how low class people look?" Probably get me punched out, but it would be worth it! I mean yes, LOOK IN THE MIRROR (but what if they DO, and like what they see?? Scary thought!!)

I excelled at video games... first Pong and then PacMan, things went rapidly down hill after Ms PacMan, and before long I felt like a bumbling idiot using toes instead of fingers for the joystick! You and I could probably have a pretty good showdown if we stuck to Pong! :-)

Jan Newman said...

LOL. I could see the woman you described. Very vivid picture.

Hughes ap Williams said...

My husband just commented that seeing people like the woman you described is like driving by a car crash. You don't want to look, but you just have to.

Leann said...

My 6 yr old grandson cannot figure out why I can't play video games with him. I don't get it :-)

Hope you enjoy the time spent with the granddaughter :-)