Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Once a year.....

into every pet's life a little rain (pain) must fall. Hopefully no more than once a year.

Yes, it was that time again.

I purposely schedule her shots so it's nice weather when we have to go to the dreaded vet's office. As soon as her leash comes off the hook she gets all excited. She knows that she's in for a car ride and thankfully she associates car rides with something pleasant so the first part of our event is rather nice.

Then we get to the parking lot of the vet's office. She knows that something is up but....forever optimistic, she runs around peeing on spots that have been peed on hundreds of times before her. It's not until we open the door and go inside that this happy little dog turns into a quivering mass of Jello. If it was possible for her to climb up the front of me and slide into the back of my sweatshirt and into my bra....she would gladly do so. There was only one other dog there at the time....a huge black Lab who was also shivering and shaking while giving pleading looks to her owner.

We got her the two shots that she needed....her checkup and her heartworm test.  Then her heartworm medication, her flea preventative and her nails clipped. She's in good health, a perfect weight and beat all land speed records in exiting the building. How such a small dog can morph into something so powerful is beyond me....but, trust me, it happens.

My bill for the 50 minutes I spent there was $298.00.  I will get a $20 rebate on the heartworm meds in the form of a credit card lookalike, which I will put into my wallet and forget about until it has expired. I figure a lot of people must do this because why else would they issue a rebate in the form of a card?  HA....so dummies like me can forget about them and they end up not having to pay you anything.  They aren't dumb!

I honestly do not know how people who have 3 or 4 pets can afford it.  I personally know a guy who has 6 dogs.....he uses them for hunting but they still have to be licensed and vaccinated and take heartworm preventative.

So we are home now. My dog is exhausted. She is now in a deep sleep and I know ..... from past experience.....that she will sleep like this until tomorrow then she'll have all her energy back so she can once again go outside in the backyard and tell off all of the much bigger dogs whose yards borders ours. They just mostly give her that "yeah, yeah, whatever" look and slowly walk away from the fence. She takes that as victory I guess as she prances around the yard feelin' big.

How much are vet bills in your area?


lotta joy said...

I can't be sure what the vet bills are in my area because they work such a bait and switch that I'm always talked into more than we came for.

The blood test for Beau was offered for $100 to discover what the hell he's so allergic to. Right after the blood was drawn, the vet said "Oh oh....that blood test is $300 instead of $100. Sorry."

Peruby said...

My vet is very reasonable. I believe she understands what we are all dealing with.

I will be making my appointments today. Thanks for reminding me!

王洛 said...
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Linda@VS said...

Levi and Gimpy have both been for shots in the past four months, so I added up their bills for you. The total came to $478.40 ($239.20 per dog), but that total included six months' worth of heartworm tablets for each dog and three months' worth of flea treatment. Still expensive, but only about 60% of what our previous vet charged. It was location, not cost, that caused me to switch vet clinics, but my bank account is really glad I did.

forsythia said...

We had a standard schnauzer that whine and moaned at the vet's. Glued herself to the door which led to the waiting room, once we were confined in "our" room to wait for the vet. Wigged out when she saw the nail clippers. It was traumatic for woman and beast.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Our bill is about the same as yours, ours was $268. I wonder how multiple dogs owners do it. Chance didn't need a Rabies shot this year so with that added in it would be par with yours:(