Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good grief.....I'm almost obsolete

Today at work one of our police officers (a baby) who has been with us for about four years came into my office to report that the cable back in the police department was no longer working.  I said maybe the company was having a problem as the fire department was out  as well.  I added that the cable in my office has never worked well. I said it was like viewing a TV that had reception from rabbit ears and all it's set on is the news..

Him:  I've never seen a TV with rabbit ears.
Me:   Well, the picture is all snowy and distorted.
Him:   oh....well, I guess I'm lucky then. LOL  I've only known cable.
Me:    Yep, once TV was free.....and really, the programs were pretty darn good.
Him:    Oh yeah.....I've heard about those old black and Mayberry.
Me:   Hmmmmm..... Ever played an 8 track tape?
Him;   nope
Me:   how about an LP record.
Him:   no
Me:   45?
Him:  gun?
Me:   No....a record.
Him:  ah, no  Well, I've got to get going, I've got warrants to swear to and get signed.
Me:   Ok, I'll make sure they hear about the cable.  In the meantime, Lord help me find some Geritol, I suddenly feel very old.
Him:   Geri.....what?
Me:    Oh nevermind.....go to court!




Eileen said...

I remember a day when I was the youngest person at the office. Not anymore, now I work with people who are younger than my children.

Oh well, at least he knew what most of those things were.

Josie Two Shoes said...

How well I understand this, I am obsolete too. The "kids" I work with are all more than 25 years younger than me, including my supervisors! I feel very, very old at times... especially when it comes to things like traditional values, work ethics, parenting, etc. They haven't got a clue about any of the things you mention... but we sure do! :-))

lotta joy said...

When Joe and I were the new kids on the fire department block, all we could think was for the OLD MEN to retire and get out of our way!

When WE were the old 'men', we knew from history what the younger ones were thinking and it hurt.

And to tell the truth, we did take our brains with us when we left, and those who remained had no idea what true fire fighting was all about. For them it was just waiting til payday.