Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dana's been hacked.....

If any of you are followers of Dana of LIFE IS GOOD, I'd like to tell you that her blog, her Facebook account and her yahoo email address were all hacked into. She was able to get her email back, but the Facebook and Blog are history at this point. The passwords have been changed and she can no longer post.

Yes....she suspects it was done by the same people who have been terrorizing her.....unfortunately, they are family members or ex-family members. Right now she's trying to figure out what to do. So please, if you know anyone who follows her, pass on this info.

You know Dana.....SHE WILL BE BACK!!!

Also, if you have any ideas on how she can protect herself in the future and still post a blog (which she enjoys immensely), please let her know. Thanks to all of you.

Update: Go into the comments section of Dana's last post for a message from Joe.


glnroz said...

she might try creating a new Gmail account, set up a new blog and word of mouth (comment to a few of her followers) will direct folks back to her.. I drawn out process but these hackers can be a pain,,

lgsquirrel said...

I used to follow Dana but have been a bit negligent in the recent pass. Thanks for letting us know about these issues. I hope when Dana resurfaces, I will be able to find her new blog. Oh, and I am a new comer to your blog but intend to be a repeat visitor.

Beau's Mom said...

I've tried to contact igsquirrel and quite a few others, but whoever hacked me is thorough. We obtained some professional computer help, and will have a forensic search done to the hard drive tomorrow. Until then, NO POST on my LIFE IS GOOD, and some emails "from me" are NOT "ME", but the hacker.

I've started a tentative blog, and I say TENTATIVE because it is only a matter of time....moments....seconds....before the ex-wife, and ex-family members of HIS track it down.

In the meantime, we're constantly inundated with hate mail (for eleven years now) wishing us LONG and PAINFUL deaths, followed by the words: "we're praying for your soul"

THIS is what we're up against.

Thank you Val.