Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well.....I drew a pig

My friend sent me an email with a link to a personality test in which you "draw a pig". So, being adventurous, I decided.....why not. I drew the pig (as best I could using mouse and cursor) and the results amazed me because they are more true than you could imagine. LOL

Go here if you want to read it. Go here if you want to take the test yourself. To be fair to your own test....don't read my results until you've drawn your own pig and received your own.

In other eye keeps improving but my sight in that eye is still very bad. My appointment has been changed to the 23rd so hopefully by then I will notice a bigger difference.

My daughter is pulling her 8 year old out of the public school system. We are both deeply disgusted with the things that have been going on at that school. We have waited for a year and a half for things to get better but they have not. We thought that perhaps it was the teacher she had last year and we were willing to see if things changed this year with a different teacher. Some things improved but others have not and the children.....for the most part....are just plain MEAN...and they are getting away with it. She will be attending a private Christian school starting Monday. Stay tuned for updates.

Hope all is ok in your little corners of the world.


Rae said...

That is sad news about your grandchild. It seems I hear more and more about the lack of concern in the school systems anymore. I hope things improve with the change.
I am hoping over to the pig test now.

Happyone :-) said...

Both of my kids took their kids out of public schools too. The two oldest were home schooled and the two youngest are now being home schooled.
Hope your eyes continues to improve.
I'm off to draw the pig.

forsythia said...

My little piggy will never go to market. It was harder to draw than I thought it would be, and the test results were only partly true. But it was fun.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm sorry it had to come to your daughter finding another school for your granddaughter...but if it's going to help her have a more healthy and positive school experience, then I say bravo to her. I honestly do think some kids get in a bad situation in some schools; and if noone in authority is doing anything about's time to look at the alternatives.

I took the 'draw a pig' test....what a hoot! According to that....I'm a realist who believes in tradition. I'm friendly and remember dates. I'm emotional and naive, secure, stubborn and stick to details...and I'm a good listener. Accurate? Some of it. Hugs, Joy

Leann said...

My daughter is having the same type of problems with her daughter. It seems every year promises are made of a quality education only to be withdrawn once she hits the school year. She has been homeschooling and may do so again this next year. Only time will tell.

I hope your granddaughter has great success in her new environment.

Moohaa said...

That is the age my son was when I pulled him out of public school. He was being bullied and picked on.. in second grade for cryin out loud! Crazy. I sure hope the private school is good to her. I couldn't afford that so that's when I started home schooling.

gayle said...

I drew the little piggy and the results were very true.......Wow!

Hopefully your grandchild will have a better experience at the new school!

Jamie said...

I thought your pig was cute. I didn't try it, hell I can't draw with a pen and paper, let alone with a mouse.

I have been in a huge funk. Bleh. I will return the email, I swear. I miss you.

Happy Monday, girlfriend. Big old hugs. :)

ethelmaepotter! said...

Hope all goes better with the Christian school, but I wouldn't get my hopes up too much. The Christian school where my son worked until this year, a very prestigous school in this area, has had its share of troubles, the most recent being a teacher and a volunteer instructor arrested and dismissed for statutory rape of their students. Overall, I think private schools are a MUCH better choice, but not wholly without problems.

My pig came out alright, but doesn't show as well in the smaller picture; however, that last analytic is right on!

Jamie said...


I know you aren't still drawing pigs. :) And I know that this winter has been long and hard and full of other, not-fun, crappy, crappy, crass-appy bullshit.

But post. I miss you. We all miss you ----

Big hugs and love. :)