Saturday, February 5, 2011


or....a little bit of a bunch of things.

First eye. It has improved but its been happening so frustratingly slow. My vision is still distorted and it really throws my depth perception off. My follow-up appointment is in 10 days, so hopefully I will be all better by then.

The blizzard is old news by now. We did not get nearly as much as was first predicted (24")....thank goodness. But we did get about 10 inches and its snowing again today. They say we may get another 4" to add to what's already on the ground. The wind was miserable though. It was coming out of the north which made it even more cold or maybe it was just the thought of "north wind" that did it. At one point my sliding glass door froze closed. LOL, I guess that's a heck of a lot better than having it freeze open! My poor little dog had to go out in snow that was as deep as she is tall. She took it all in stride though. She went out, did her business and then was at the door ready to come back in to the warmth.

We are breaking in our new supervisor at work. None of us quite know what to expect and most of us are a little bit nervous. He's probably just as nervous about us. Its been amusing to watch some of the employees interact with him. I guess I can safely say that there have been no surprises.....the suck ups were at their best and the lazy ones were breaking their arms patting themselves on their own backs, trying to convince him how much work they do. Its unbelievable. Anyone could see through what they are trying to do.....I'm shocked that they can't see it themselves.

My daughter had a friend.....a man her own age. (40's) She's known him for quite a few years but they've only just been friends. She thought highly of him. They tossed around the thought of perhaps him moving in with her and sharing expenses. She has a huge extra bedroom and he said he could help her around the house doing stuff that she can't shoveling snow for example. They enjoy each other's company and get along well. He stayed over at Christmas and was included in our family festivities as well as dinner. A few days later, after he'd left, she noticed that half of her medications were missing. The pain pills she has to take as well as muscle relaxers. To say that she is devastated over this is an understatement. Now we've found out that he has a drug problem. We haven't seen him since then. He's not stupid....he knows that she has missed her meds by now. What was really sad is that she had to go 20 days in pain.....just because this addict wanted to get 'high'.....she had to suffer. This is why my daughter has trust issues. This is the second time this has happened to her....the first time it was a babysitter that did it. And no....she didn't make a police report. Even though she is 100% sure he took them, she has no real proof. He was once an honorable man and he has to live with what he's done and I know it will eventually haunt him. And we know why "his own family" was not helping him out. He's been unemployed for a year, getting unemployment and hasn't even been looking for work. It should have raised flags with us, but we've known him for so just didn't. and learn.

On a happier 8 yr. old granddaughter has energy to burn and has been getting yelled at in school because she never stops moving. We figure busy hands are happy hands so my daughter enrolled her in Karate school. She goes Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Top that with taking Kumon (tutoring for math and reading) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as well...... plus bible school on Wednesday evening, this little girl doesn't have much spare time. However, my daughter is totally exhausted!

Well, I'm going to cuddle up with a good book....its snowing like crazy outside and the perfect night to do something along those lines. Whatever you're safe. And...of course....keep smilin'!!


Mikey said...

I'm so sorry for what your daughter went thru. That's a horrible thing, and not much she can do. Terrible to lose an old friend and that trust. It's amazing to me who's a pill popper these days.

Cheryl said...

I hope we hear that your eye is back to normal soon. I can't imagine what it's like having your vision so distorted.

Too bad that your daughter was so fooled by this friend. Did he know all along that she had these meds? His addiction was stronger than his conscious. What a shame. Your daughter has to know that most people can be trusted, but it will be really hard after this.

Enjoy your snow and your book!

JTS said...

It is always good to read an update from you Val! I'm also glad your eye is improving, and I wish you less snow and more warm! I remember those long, endless winters of my childhood, not nearly as much fun as an adult!

I've been thru serveral new bosses/supervisors in my life, and yes the posturing of coworkers can be quite amusing and at times annoying. Eventually I think the new person figures out who is for real and who's a pretender.

My heart goes out to your daughter. Nothing is harder than having your trust betrayed. Addiction brings out the worst in people. In time your daughter will find that there are trustworthy people, though maybe not as many as we would hope! I'm pretty cautious about folks too. Surface appearance can be so deceiving!

I had to chuckle at your daughter being worn out by your grandddaughter's busy schedule of activities. It's working... at least for her! :-) Seriously, I'm betting your granddaughter is also reaping the rewards, as long as there is also some free time scheduled into her life to just be a kid.

Curling up with a book and a furkid sounds perfecft for a cold winter day... enjoy it!

forsythia said...

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Good thing she learned about his problem before he moved in.

Leann said...

It is always difficult to find out the worst in a person. Especially one she has known so long.

I hope the eye gets better soon and you won't have the distorted vision anymore.

Snow, snow, and more snow. You're correct it would be a wonderful evening to curl up with a good book and enjoy the warmth of your cozy home.

Take care and hope your Sunday is wonderful!

token said...

I am so sorry for what happened to your daughter --- my X sister-n-law did that to my mother once and I wanted to call her on it so badly, but Mom said no.

Jamie said...

Val --- You posted! I love your updates. :)

So sad about your daughters friend, there is so damned much addiciton going on all around us. Like the commentor above, I'm happy she saw his real colors before he moved in.

TY for the email..yes, I know, I am behind in my writing. It doesn't mean I don't think about you, it generally means I am in too much pain. But I'll get to it, I swear.

Big hugs! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey, Those floaters are so annoying..I hope you are all better soon! Sorry to hear about your daughter and her beau..good thing she found out now..but sad that she has to go through more trust issues.
Stay warm:)

Happyone :-) said...

Glad to hear you eye is improving. Too bad about your daughter's friend.
Last year we have LOTS of snow. This year most of the snow has passed us by but it sure has been cold!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm so sorry your daughter had to experience this...not only missing her medication, but finding out someone she truly trusted and liked was the culprit. That's a hard thing to get over, and it does make a person untrusting of just can't help it. I hope she is doing okay Val.

We got hit pretty hard with the blizzard. I have posted about it a couple of times. Initially we got about 20 inches or so...with horrendous drifts and even more horrendous winds. Then we got another couple of inches a couple of days ago, and a light dusting again yesterday. Temps are expected to drop, but the sun is out today and it doesn't feel too bad out there. I can only pray that we've seen the worst of the snow. I hope you stay warm and safe sweetie....good luck. ~Joy

dc said...

This book lady wants to know what you are reading. DC