Thursday, May 13, 2010

Read my Lips....No More Vets

Yes, Tuesday was the day. The dreaded ... go to the Vet day. Of course it had to rain that day. Not just a little shower poured.

As soon as I grabbed her leash, she knew she was in for a car ride and she LOVES to ride in the car. She pranced merrily out to the garage, stood on her back feet and danced outside the car door. I felt so danged guilty.

The vet's office is about 2 miles away. She was fine in the parking lot, leaving her mark in approximately five different places. However, as soon as we entered the waiting room, it was another ballgame. She turned into a shivering mass of jello. I was the first appointment after lunch so no one else was in the waiting room and they called us quickly. I'd like to know how a 17 pound terrier can suddenly morph into a 1,700 pound horse with all the strength to match. She stiffened her legs and refused to move. I didn't want to drag her by the neck so I had to carry her. I was not her favorite person at this time. Inside the little room she suffered the indignities of having her temp taken.....rectally, of course. The look on her face was almost priceless. Just when she started to relax a bit, they whisked her off for her blood test and to get her nails trimmed. She looked disgusted when she returned but gave me the happy face in an all out effort to make me feel sorry for her and take her home right then. Then she tried hiding behind me and if she could have gotten into my purse, she would have.

All in all, everything was ok and $244 later I emerged with a very-happy-to-get-out-of- there dog. Now it was still raining but not as hard. At this point I'm only 2 blocks or so from the grocery store and I'm out of stuff like bread, milk, creamer for my coffee and getting low on dog food. I decide to take a quick run in there while I'm out. With the temp at 48, I know she'll be ok in the car for a few minutes.

At the grocery store parking lot, I unhook her leash so she won't get all tangled and hang herself. I attempt to exit my vehicle and leave her inside. She's sticking to me like Velcro and I have to do some maneuvering, going out the door butt first. (this must have made a pretty picture for the old guy sitting across from me). In my attempt to quickly shut the door before she could jump out, I smacked myself right in the face with the car door. Honestly I hit myself so hard I almost knocked myself out. I have a bruise alongside my cheek that's about 6 inches long to show for that bit of stupidity. I sure hope makeup will cover it up so I can look halfway decent for work tomorrow. I didn't dare glance at the old guy in his car cause if he had been laughing I probably would have kicked the front of his car and made the airbag go off. (did you ever see that youtube video? OMG, go here and check it out. I guess maybe I have a warped sense of humor but I laugh every time I see it. Oh well....back to my story now.

When we got home, she headed straight for bed and after giving me a dirty look, curled up to nap the rest of the afternoon. I can't blame her. She'd had a rough day. I wonder if vets make house calls for animals smaller than horses and cows. As for me, I made myself a nice big cup of coffee with creamer and indulged in some no-bake cookies that I also picked up at the grocery store. Yummmm.....doesn't get much better than this. And....oh yeah....just thought I'd throw in that it quit raining as soon as I got all my errands done and was back home.
For some odd reason, every once in a while when I visit blogs it will automatically leave a link to my latest post on the blog I visit. I don't know why it's doing this (if you can help me, please email and tell me what to do) and it does it randomly. It doesn't seem to matter if I leave a comment or not, so I don't think that's the trigger. I've tried to search in Blogger to find out what causes this and how to make it stop, but I haven't been successful. So I apologize, in advance, if I've left a link to my post on your blog or if I leave one in the near future....please delete it and I'm sorry for the inconvenience....its not being done on purpose. Honest!


JY said...

OMG! Seriously funny stuff... they just KNOW when it's the vet's office. I wonder how long they'll keep those hard feelings.. !!! Let us know about your shiner... glad you didn't do any more damage...

forsythia said...

Hilarious! Not the part about the car door. Can't tell you how many times I've done the same thing. Even knocked my glasses off. And there doesn't have to be any kind of craziness going on for me to just do it. Born clumsy, I guess.

ain't for city gals said...

Been there, done that with the vets...I guess they must feel the same as we do when we have to go to the doctor's office....MollieDog is due for her rabies, heart worm and check up...I'm procrastitating on making the appt...not only the hassle but the $$$ ....

Coffeypot said...

I love that video. You go girl. And wouldn't it be nice if you got a pedicure and manicure when you went to the doctor?

Happyone :-) said...

You need to be more careful Val! Hope your face isn't too sore!

Our vet was so good with animals that my dog Sam used to actually like going to see him.

Brad said...

Poor puppy - doesn't sound like it was fun for either of you!

It's finaly looking like spring out here - Sunny and 70*+ - I finally have the pots on the porch planted and the beds weeded - at least the first go round!

Not sure why your leaving links (blog droppings?) I haven
t played with blogger in quite a while so who knows what it culd be up to! - Hope your doing good love!

dana said...

I LOVE to visit blogs that have that little *code* embedded that shows my present post. Makes me feel all ooey gooey. Anyway...when I first rescued Beau from doggie Auschwitz, he wasn't afraid to go to the vet. I now realize that he was still catatonic and didn't know WHERE he was going to end up and had accepted his fate. NOW that he KNOWS he has me as his mom and my house as his home, all we have to do is get OUT of the car at the vets and he turns into a washing machine on high spin with a vibration problem. POOR doggies. If only they understood that we ARE going home afterward.

Linda Medrano said...

Harry reacts the same way to a vet, but carrying him is out of the question. He tries to climb under the closed door, Harry tries to get on my lap and into my jeans with me. Anyplace but here with that doctor! (And we have all women vets who are very nice and gentle.) Poor babies!

boneman said...

well, it would be so very much easier to read her lips IF she would enunciate more, wouldn't you say?
(Laughing at the horn beeper, though!)

Ah yes...dogs and vets.
Weasel was a good boy. Ran like a top till seventeen and a season, had two heart attacks, took him in, he was done with it.
Tug and Gni Gni, however, did their utmost to get the vet a brand new set of 17" tires for his SUV (and danged near did it with meds running for each dog near a hundred every month.
Ha Ha was a "solo runner", strong willed and quite the faithful, not many visits to the vet,... and Beanie before her had some serious issues, but the most expensive of medications kept her with us for half a year.
We can't even get him into the car let alone take him to the vet.
And now, at approximately 16 and a half, a Belgium Shepherd (close to a German shepherd, but with bigger ears) getting hard of hearing, a bit hard of seeing, has to take three or four rockings before he can get up on all fours...
almost sad sounding, right?
Given a good brushing, he prances around the front yard like a six month old pup, gets the very best of food (meats and gravies in his dry chow) and gets always free scratches behind his ear.
It's going to be a sad morning some day...
But, not today.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Why should dogs be any different than us humans Val? I feel the same way about going to the doctor...hate it! It's just as hard for you, the owner, to deal with things at these times...meaning your pup. At least when YOU go to the just have to deal with YOUR emotions about it. At least your pup is fine and up-to-date; albeit an expensive visit.

Hey, that little link back to your blog is set up by the owner of the blog you post on. There's nothing you can's not something you've done. It's meant to be a nice little link-back to your blog gesture. Hugs, Joy

connell said...

OK, I tried it today, and danged if it doesn't work.

I tried to read my dog, Max's lips.
And Max says, " mwrowl mwruffmowlch mwowf."

I guess all that's left is for me to go back to school and learn dog-speak.
Geez...first big brother and newspeak, now this.
Next thing you know, we'll all have to learn rap just to communicate to each other.

SOUL said...

sounds like a day in soulland. you know that right? :))
poor doggy. they do know how to get pity don't they. did she get a cookie?
i haven't seen the video yet- but i'll check it out in a sec. you haven't left a link at my blog (yet)- i think you thought you did once-- only thing that was there was some kinda chinese thing- but i get those all the time.

we got a ton of rain yesterday. but casey james parade seemed to go on. i was happy i didn't go through all the mess to get there though-- he ended up under some small pavilion thing -- i think. not much is actually shown on tv- i think they're savin it for american idol. but yeh.. i was happy for him he was able to have his big day and concert-- but happier i didn't kill myself to get out there.

have a great day- stay dry-
and hey-- come back- i'm all updated and sit :))

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a very stressful time for both of you! I suppose they view it like I view going to the dentist! I hope your head is ok..:)

ordinaryjanet said...

Poor doggie and poor Val! bet you're glad she doesn't have to go to the vet very often.