Friday, January 22, 2010

Take a couple deep breaths.....

Yes, it was that time again. I had to go back for my 6 month check-up.....back to the place where you feel like you're on an assembly line.

I was right on time but had to wait for 25 minutes before being called into an examination room. My "doctor's assistant" was charming and smiley. She sweetly chirped, "ok, follow me down the hall and we'll get you weighed". I looked at her and said, "no, I don't feel like it, okay?" I was half-way kidding...and was totally surprised when she said. "oh, ok" and we didn't have to do that. Why do they always put those scales out in open view of half the world? Well that kind of perked me up.....I couldn't believe my luck!

Then she started doing all that stuff they do....blood pressure, temperature, and something new....a clip they put on your index finger to check the amount of oxygen in your blood. Interesting. Everything checked out ok. Then she drew blood and that was ok as I'm really easy to get blood from....the nurses just love me. Then my doctor came in. He asked about this and that and talked about my last test results...they were all good, which made me feel even better.

So I decided to ask him about my foot. I woke up with it all bruised up and couldn't figure out what happened. He looked it over and then ordered an x-ray. The x-ray tech asked me how I injured it and suddenly I remembered that I HAD hurt my foot.....a couple days ago as I was HURRIEDLY putting groceries away a 24 oz full bottle of pop fell over and rolled off my kitchen table and landed right on my foot. Of course I wasn't wearing shoes at the time. I swore a little and then went about my work and forgot about it. I guess the pain pills I take kept me from really feeling how bad it DID hurt. Anyway.....come to find out, I have a broken toe. Oh Happy day! Well, it could have been could have been a broken FOOT.

While there I told my doctor about being called for jury duty again and he wrote me a note advising that I would be unable to serve due to medical problems. I don't know if this will work or not.....its not a lie, I do have medical problems as far as walking and getting around but remember what happened when I tried to get door delivery for my mail? So, we'll see. He said if they declined to accept the excuse to let him my dear friends I may not have to go after all and that thought just thrills me to pieces. Let someone else have a chance at it who has never done it before.

I came out of there with my prescription refills and he gave me 90 day supplies refillable. This is the first time I've had them dispensed like this and on the way home it dawned on me that this was going to save me about $160 over the course of the 3 months. All right Doc! Of course the pain pills couldn't be written like that....too many restrictions.

They told me that eventually prescriptions will be transmitted electronically to the drugstore. Now I like that idea....that way they will be all ready for you when you get there.

This is also my first x-ray under Medicare....and I am wondering just how much it will cover. Before Medicare I was covered 100% by Blue Cross. Now Blue Cross is supposed to pay what Medicare doesn't, but I found out that's not always just depends on what it is.


Coffeypot said...

Sorry about the toe, but good score on the pills.

Sue From Florida said...

Don't you love how a Doctor's appointment can chew up a whole day? For me it's something to look forward to... it gets me out of the house. Good grief, that's sad..LOL!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good day at the doctor's. Don't you love that big sigh of relief when you find out that everything's OK? I'm glad.

bearly domesticated boneman said...

In retrospect, I've busted most of my toes at least once, and sometimes multiple times.
First time, doc taped my little toe and the one next to it together and suggested i stay off it.
(not bloody likely the way my first wife used her credit card)
After that, i did my own taping, but generally just favored whatever foot was hurt.
(thing is, I have size 14 feet. Rarely can I go a month without finding SOMETHING to strength test my feet on. Occasionally, the olympic skiing coach calls me for tips.)
So, now you're telling me I didn't need the pain?
(maybe not...)

If only you could do both, eh?
Can you imagine sitting in court and quietly start singing some song from the sixties or seventies?

I dunno.
Sorry you got popped on the foot.
Yay for getting out of duty.
Sorry you're going to be on drugs, because sometimes fruttrefters sakle tize mack mack.
Yay, you'll have a pop to drink when you get home.


Jamie said...

That sounds like a great appointment, actually. That almost never happens, so yea for you!

You know, I have had broken toes before and never really knew it, it seems that I just barrel along and ignore the pain...

Have a happy day, Val. :)

forsythia said...

I once slammed the door on my foot and broke a toe. The doctor said there was nothing to be done about it, that it would get better on its own. Sounds like you had the best possible day at the doctor's, except for the long wait.

Mama Llama said...

I sure hope that toe of yours feels better soon.

How nice to have an advocate..and one in the medical field at that. That, I would say, is a greater score than anything else.

Be well, Val.

Gypsy said...

Lets hope the doc has some sway in the legal world and you get out of jury duty. I'm so glad the results were good, well apart from a broken toe anyway. Hey and way to go on the not getting weighed thing. I like your style Val.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Sounds like a pretty good day at the doc's Val...that's always a relief. If you're like me, you're relieved to be done for a while now. Take care not to hit that toe. I've had one broken toe in my lifetime. All you can really do is tape that toe to the next one and let it heal. Happy weekend sweetie.... Hugs, Joy

BREZZ said...

nuthin like a dr's excuse to get out of jusry duty -- woo hoo for you :))
no need to worry-- i know someone who got out of jury duty with a note from her DENTIST :)) true story.

anyhow-- sounds like a dream appointment to me. well aside from the broken toe-- but if the pain pills help-- then no worries-- they heal pretty quick-- and that's all you really can do is wait --

hope the bill holds no surprises.. wishing you luck there.
money-- ugh. makes me wanna be amish. lots of things do actually.

anyhow-- hope today is good to you-
hugs ;))

dana said...

I'm interested in how Medicare takes care of this, since it's in my near future. I've broken two toes and two fingers in the past 5 years. My broken toes HATES being touch by anyone and one of them has a tendency to "flop" under my other toes when I walk barefoot through the house. DAMN that hurts!!

gayle said...

Hate you broke your toe but so glad it wasn't your foot!!

Happyone :-) said...

Ouch a broken toe. Glad to hear you probably won't have jury duty!!

Margaret Hall said...

Well, thank goodness for GOOD NEWS~!! But, sorry about the toe, Val!!...
Here's to you getting out of that nuisance,---Jury Duty!
Ahhh, good ol' Medicare!...Good luck on that one, too..
Good to see you bloggin' away, my friend!!

Linda Medrano said...

I always feel such a "whoosh" of relief when I leave the doc's office and have a good report that everything looks fine. (Wouldn't you hate it if they said "Damn! That looks AWFUL" about one of your parts?) Anyway, Medicare is a year off for me and I'm not sure at all how this crap works. I have good coverage now, but guess the other will become the primary. Oh I hate muddling my little brain cells over this stuff! (Hope your toe is MUCH better, Darlin'. That smarts!)