Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something is getting more frequent.....

....hatred. Oh, its always been around but it was kept hidden for the most part. Here lately it seems to be everywhere. I'm no goodie-two-shoes but I know I've never done anything like what I'm seeing and reading. Yep, I may have whispered to my girlfriend that so and so looks just awful in that skirt and.....what was she thinking!!!! ....but I certainly would have never publicly embarrassed her by saying it out loud. And, at the age I am now, I've learned to keep my mouth shut about things that could hurt someone. I may be thinking it but I keep it to myself. Of course, thinking it is nearly as bad I guess.....but at least it doesn't hurt the one you're thinking about.

I play on a free online game site. I've played the games there for years. I usually go there once a day and give my brain a little workout. I don't stay very long at any one time but its something I used to look forward to. There is a chat section for each game and I rarely contribute, but I do read it. I have noticed a trend lately. People are getting more and more hateful; they say hurting things or else they take someone's comment and turn it around, blow it out of proportion and the insults start flying. It seems like a lot of people have huge chips on their shoulders now. I have to admit I've gone into certain game rooms and have been so engrossed in reading the chat section because of a 'fight' that is going on that I completely neglect the game. At first it was intriguing....almost like eavesdropping, but now its disgusting to me. I am unable to understand why people cannot get along well enough that they can't come together in an innocent, open to all ages, game room without getting ruffled feathers and flinging insults.

So now that I've seen this happen enough I've also noticed that a lot of the same people are involved. Now I check to see if they are playing the same game I am and if so, I often leave the room and go to another one. There ARE sections that are friendly and polite. What's wrong with these people that they are so quick to start something? Is this a learned trait or is it just the frustrations of their lives coming out and the only way they can find relief in their own misery is to strike out at others? I'm seeing more and more of this behavior and, frankly, I'm embarrassed that people act in such a way. There is a lot of hate being distributed in demonstrations, on TV, radio and in articles, not to mention web-sites and music. When is this going to stop? I don't think a day goes by that we don't hear of something hateful and UNNECESSARY that's been done or said. The anonymity of the Internet makes it all the easier for hate to be nourished and distributed.

I just wish people would stop and take a good look at themselves and stop and think just for a half a minute before spewing out some words that can't be retracted. Remember what our old Sunday School teachers taught us? If you're going to say something and you're in doubt....answer three questions before you say it. Is it true.....Is it kind.....Is it necessary. If you can answer yes to all three, then go ahead and say it. That's sage advice we should all adhere to.

I have no answers to solve this problem and I desperately wish I did. What is so distressing is the fact that the "haters" pass this disturbing behavior on to future generations and therefore its kept alive......and growing.

Well, 'nuff said. Have a Blessed day everyone.


Christine said...

The problem is these are hateful people that use the anonymity of the Internet to vent their anger and spew their venom. As long as there has been an Internet there have been these nasty exchanges. Sadly I don't see it changing any time soon.

Karen said...

Yes, there is lots of hate out there, but also lots of good things happening. I guess we just have to find more of the good things and just try to make the world right around us a better place in any small way that we can.

Brad said...

Great post - Having never been to Sunday School ( I know! ) I didn't get the true/kind/necessary speech - but I know it now! and will use it!


lucylocket said...

I think those reality shows on television have a lot to do with the lack of civility today.
What I can't understand is why do the people who watch seem enjoy the drama of confrontation and back-biting.


sad and unfortunately it's everywhere. Who would have thought that the internet, which cannot express emotions technically, would be another spot spewing anger and hatred.

HEY WAIT! Isn't that what blogging is for? Next time they start their drama, tell them this, "GET A BLOG!" :)

(sort of like, "Get a room" but -not)


Florida Sue said...

I think that narcissism has reached a peak that we have never seen before. Everything is me me me. Somehow people feel they have the right to say anything they please, and yes I agree that TV has a lot to do with it. People just seem angry all of the time. I don't know what has happened to compassion. I listen to talk radio sometimes at night, and the hatred I hear spewed is downright frightening. Right on Val.

Jamie said...

You are so right...but I see alot of it in real life these days, too. Many of the people I work with have to be the unhappiest I have ever been around, and that of course, creates hateful behavior. I always try to see the reason behind it, but I am getting tired of doing that, and have decided that some folks are just a-holes and like acting that way.

Great post dear friend. Come over for coffee soon, okay? Hugs.

forsythia said...

They rage on the radio, they rage on TV, they rage on the internet, they rage on the road. Enough already.

Smocha said...

I agree , I hate the hatred. Grow up already ,people.

I remember when my kids were little they would fight over the dumbest things and one that I NEVER understood was when it was
" MOM! he thinks Snoopy is a cat."

(for lack of a better example)

And it would be a full on fight.

WHO cares? Everyone is allowed to think whatever they want. Why would anyone care enough to fight about someone else's opinion?

I hope my kids learned that lesson.

Courtesy has gone by the wayside these days and it's a damn shame.

P.S. Bradly ,they have Sunday school for grownups too :)

Jamie said...

Hope your weekend was awesome, Miss Charlotte!

Happy Monday...sigh....

Hugs. :)

Moohaa said...

Hate is considered part of free speech. Which I think is a bunch of bull poo. I, too, have encountered much hate around the web and in life. It's sad and I don't understand.

Big LOVING hugs for you Friend.

ordinaryjanet said...

I agree that the anonymity of the Web allows people to vent their frustrations on innocent people. I just wonder how many times something person A said to person B triggered a rage in person B, and person B went on to take it out on someone in person B's real life? People don't stop to think of the consequences of their remarks. It might be nice if there was a way to delay publication of comments for a few minutes, then give the poster the option of deleting their comment before it was published.

SOUL: said...

howdy stranger-- sorry-- i'm late. :[

i've found the best thing to do in those situations is to walk away-- or in your case-- turn the page---
it's just not worth it.

gossip , and feeding into that kind of stuff has never really been my thing.
i have learned-- perhaps in high school? why don't these people grow up huh?
that if someone is that bored-- or even just that mean spirited-- they just aren't the type of folks that you can learn from so walk away.

don't be hatin... right :))

thanks for your cheery tips yesterday-- and your right-- holdin on to that flicker of hope here.

are you gettin ready for colder weather? it's startin to come our way-- hope you have a easy winter this go round.

big texas hugs charlotte!

Debbie said...

I play POGO and I agree with you! It's everywhere though and I'm noticing it more and more. Maybe that's why I'm getting back to reading blogs. Peaceful :)

What's happening to all of us? Sad.

Mikey said...

Amen to that. Hatred breeds hatred. I see a LOT of violence today, it's very much encouraged. Very sad to see and easy to end up watching. I try very hard not to participate, but it seems to be everywhere. I'd like to say I blame the economy as part of it. People are frustrated right now, and anonymity on the Internet makes it easy to let it all out.
Still, it gets old.