Thursday, March 5, 2009

I enter a new phase of my life.....

Yep. I hated to do it but I have had to get notes from my doctor to get a handicapped parking placard and a request to have door delivery of my mail. My hip and my knee have had it with my stubbornness in this situation. They've heard all my excuses and are ready for mutiny if I don't be it.

This winter has been a brutal as well as in other parts of the country. I know we aren't done yet. We've gotten some pretty nasty snowstorms in April. On one of my trips to the mailbox this winter I nearly fell and I pulled a groin muscle as well as twisted my already troubled knee. This happened as a vehicle was going by and it was a near miss. Its taken 2 months to heal from that. It got me thinking. Maybe it was time for me to consider myself for a change.

I decided I'd tackle the post office first. I bought another mailbox and had my grandson install it by my front door. Today I composed a letter to go to the postmaster of my local post office. Dealing with government and all its red tape....I'm wondering just how long it will be before my request is approved or denied; that is, if they don't lose my letter in the process. Do I sound bitter? Do you think maybe.....just maybe....I've had less than positive experiences with government agencies? Hmmmm......... yes, you would be right.

I will take a little drive over to my local Secretary of State office to submit my application for the handicapped placard one day next permitting. I, somehow, don't think I will have a problem with that. We'll see.

So now folks, I have succumbed to riding the little carts when I'm shopping, made the decision to submit for the handicapped placard and the door mail delivery. I will be put on Medicare this month. I'm feelin' mighty old. All that's left is to go to blue hair.

Oh....and my sense of humor.....I found it hiding at the back of my closet and when I went to grab it, I only got the warped side before it got away bear with me. I'll get it all back eventually. Keep smilin'.


boneman said...

Humor. Yes'm. Sometimes laughing at it helps relieve the pain a bit.

If your's is anything like Indiana, there will be no trouble in getting the designation. Here, all you have to do is show your doctor's note.....and pay the slight fee.
They want us to pay to be handicapped?!?
Well, if it comes to it, and especially with my upper body strength what with chopping wood all Winter for a few years, I'll just drag myself across the parking lot.
Hey. I need that $20 for shopping with!

As for the postman....well. The ol' string on a wallet (or, money) trick could work.
Just throw the wallet out by wherever the old mailbox is, just before the mailman comes (be sure to tie on the string, first) and, when he bends over to pick it up, pull it in....every step he takes, pull closer, closer....there! pull in the string'n'wallet behind you, and ask him (batt those pretty eyes at him first) "well, I declare! Could you just get me my mail while you're standing here?"
(now...I don't know right off how to get him in the second time, but, give me some thinking room. I'm bound to come up with something!

josie2shoes said...

Believe me, Val, you will love that handicapped parking permit. John has one because of a knee injury and being able to park in close after nine hours on his feet at work is a real blessing. It's great to have curbside parking at movies, etc. too! :-)

Cheryl said...

Like you said, life goes on. We're all heading towards the time we need help. I hope you don't get a hassle from the post office. We have those cluster boxes here, so we'd have no option. I once parked in a spot for patrons with infants, etc... I limped. Cracked my daughter up.

Anonymous said...

No No Val. I see you with purple hair. Never you mind. The bones may getting a bit creaky, but your wit is sharp as ever. Now rev up that cart on your next shopping trip and tell 'em all to clear the way!

Big Hug Today....

Loz said...

Do people still have blue hair over there? I never understood that.

You're only a little further down the road than most of us and not as far as others.

Summer said...

You get to drive the little carts in the grocery store? My youngest, The Prince, will be so jealous. He's one of those guys that loves things with wheels and motors.

You can come over to my place and be bitter with me any day. We can be bitter pals. And we can laugh about it.

Take care.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Well Val, I hope you don't get bogged down in any 'red tape' this time. God knows we've all hit our snags of it. And...we're all going down the same road....hitting the same bumps. Just keep that beautiful humor or yours closeby, brush it off....and use it. It will save you every time sweetie.... So much love coming your way.... ~Joy

forsythia said...

I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting one of those handicapped placards for your car. One thing that bothers me about those handicapped placards is that so many able-bodied people seem to have them! I know I had no trouble getting one for Mom. The Maryland MVA just asked for a letter from Mom's doctor, which probably would have been easy enough to fake. And here's a moment when I wished I had a camera. I was in the big shopping center in Laurel, MD, and saw a car parked illegally in a handicapped parking space. The license plate said, "GYMNAST."

Boxer said...

Hang in there and let's hope Spring arrives soon.. for all of us. I fell in December during our snow and my elbow is still painful. I told a friend, I'm getting to the point in life where aches and pains seem to be more permanent than I'd like. I'm just glad you can get the help you need. Take care of yourself.