Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time for another recipe.....

These cold, dreary, winter days just beg for a meal like this.
Its one of the first recipes my mom taught me how to make.

This meal is very easy. You can put it in a crock-pot, or a dutch oven (my preference) to cook on the stove top or you can also put the dutch oven in your oven. I prefer the stove top method.


You will need:

1 Chuck Roast, approx 3.5 lbs. (You can also use a rump roast but its a lot more expensive)
Approx. 8 good sized white potatoes, peeled and quartered
1 small bag of baby carrots, peeled and washed (they already come that way)
1 stalk (not the whole package) of celery, leaves and all

1 envelope of Lipton's Onion Soup Mix
1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup (right from can, undiluted)
1 cup of plain water or just enough to almost cover the meat and potatoes when poured in the pan.

Enough Olive Oil to lightly coat bottom of the pan
Salt and pepper to taste

2 to 3 tsp. of Kitchen Bouquet if desired.

Put olive oil on bottom of a 6qt. dutch oven and get it hot enough to brown the meat. Salt, pepper and lightly flour the meat and brown it on all sides. When finished with that, sprinkle the onion soup mix on top of the meat, break up (big pieces you will later remove from the gravy) the washed celery (leaves and all) and put that on top of the meat also. Then put the peeled and quartered potatoes around the meat, then add the carrots in the same fashion. Put the undiluted cream of mushroom soup on top of all that, add the cup of water, wait until it starts to boil, then put the lid on the pan immediately. Turn down the heat to simmer or on some stoves, low medium.

Cook on top of the stove for approximately 4 to 4 and a half hours, UNDISTURBED. (do not lift the lid).

At the end of 4 hours, everything should be done, the meat should be tender enough to cut with a fork and it has made its own gravy! If you want a deeper brown color to the gravy, like in the picture, you may add a couple teaspoons or so of Kitchen Bouquet to the mixture after you've taken the meat, potatoes and carrots out of the pan.

To make this in the oven, just put the pan (covered) into the oven at 325 for the same length of time after you've followed all the steps above. For the crockpot, brown the meat in a pan on the stove top, transfer it to your crockpot, cut the water to 1/2 cup, then the recipe would be the same, except you would cook it on low for 8 to 9 hours or high for 6. The basic secret is to LEAVE THE LID ON. The steam is what makes everything so good and tender.

I know you'll love this. Enjoy!


fiwa said...

YUM! I can't remember the last time I had pot roast. Thank you for the recipe - I'll give it a try once we're done with our ham.

Have a wonderful day Val!
love you -

Smocha said...

I wish I had a crock pot, a roast or an oven I knew how to use. LOL

That looks so yummy:)

I'll save the recipe for lateh' ,dahlink, latah'.


boneman said...

what's that knocking at the front door?
That would be me, and I'll gladly wash dishes for a taste of that bit of business.
I can almost smell it!

desert dirt diva said...

Santa brought me a cock pot and this looks like a great recipe...i will be trying it next weekend.. when the hubby is home

desert dirt diva said...

p.s. post more recipe..or just e-mail me some and were do u bye the kitchen bouquet stuff

Cheryl said...

Chuck steak is on sale again this week. I guess that's because it's pot roast season. Can I break out of my routine and try a new recipe? I really should. So many people love their pot roast. I've only ever had the kind I make. Such a creature of habit.

Anonymous said...

This is what My Grandma always fixed and I make it for my family all the time, DDD2 said I should stop by, I'm amazed she doesn't remember this recipe, it was a Sunday Dinner my Grandma cooked for us Well, almost every Sunday. I came from her blog and Wishin you a Happy New Year.

Bear Naked said...

We started making pot roast again last month.
I don't know why we had stopped cookong it because we both enjoy it so much.
We add peeled onions to ours. YUM!

Bear((( )))

Leon Basin said...

Looks good!!

Romany Angel said...

I really must buy myself a crock pot. This looks easy enough for even me to make. Thanks Val.

ac said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to make it soon and surprise The Captain. That man is all about some meat and potatoes! :)

Dear Liza said...

This was my mom's recipe too - are you SURE we aren't sisters?

Love ya.


SOUL: said...

omg that looks sooo good.
i'm stahvin !!!!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Well this looks totally YUMMY...and now I'm ready for bed and I'm hungry...thanks Val. Hugs, Joy

Christine said...

Sounds good served over noodles and what the heck is a dutch oven? Actually as far as I am concerned the stove top is where we keep the mail and the kitchen is where we house the microwave but I AM available for your next dinner party. :-)

Anonymous said...

this is soul-- sayin hello. from iowa--
i'm freezin !!!!
wish i had some of that pot roast !

where are yeeewwwwwwww

Brad said...

Too funny - this is exactly the way momma taught me - to the letter !