Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh Goodie! More snow.....

Last night coming home was a bit on the treacherous side due to MORE snow coming down. Its STILL snowing today; they say we could get 7 inches of the glorious stuff. This guy spun out and nearly lost control as he pulled out of a gas station in front of me on a slippery highway. There was absolutely NO traffic behind me and he could have waited for just 10 seconds and pulled out without nearly causing an accident but he didn't. I can't help but wonder what type of mentality a person like this has. I don't understand it and I will never understand it. And....after he got in front of me, he slowed way down and drove super slow, making me have to go around him rather than alter my speed just for him. I imagine him almost losing control may have scared him a little. I hope so.

Isn't it funny how we all get into our regular little routines and if we have to omit one or more, it seems like the rest of the day is Whether we like to admit it or not, we all are creatures of habit. I'm at the age now where I am pretty set in my ways and I don't like change. I have the pillows on the couch set up in such a way that it supports my back and neck and I can snuggle down with an afghan to watch TV or read in ultimate comfort. When my one granddaughter comes over she likes to take all the pillows and make a tower out of them. She does this very methodically, humming while she's arranging. I get a kick out of watching her and wondering what little story she is playing out in her head, but at the same time I really don't like her messing with my little setup. I haven't said anything to her and I won't in the future either. I just put them all back after she's gone home.

One time when she was here she took every single tube of lipstick I had in the bathroom and put them in a little basket, which then went into her dollhouse in the den. At the same time, she also took the hand mirror out of the bathroom. I didn't notice this until I was getting ready for work the next morning. I didn't have time to search for these items, so I got ready as much as I could, grumbling and mumbling the whole time. I use the mirror to fix the back of my hair but had to resort to using my compact mirror which just doesn't work as well. I went off to work with no lipstick on until I remembered I had one in my purse. I eventually found it and completed my 'paint job' at my desk.

I've been getting a lot of phone calls from charities lately....wanting more money. You would think that they would be smart enough to realize that January is NOT a good time to be asking the average person for money. Most people have Christmas bills catching up to them, plus property taxes are due in February. And usually the calls come in right around the time people would be eating supper. This makes me angry....I don't know about you. I've already written off two charities because of them bothering me so much for money. I give what I can, when I can and don't like to be pestered. I know....I know....there are a lot of people hurting and these charities do help them.....but at the same time they need to realize that its tough for everyone now. I always feel so effin' guilty when I say no to a charity that I give to when I have it to give.

And speaking of that. You know the mail you get from certain charities wanting money and they have either a nickel or a dime pasted inside the envelope? What's up with that? That really makes me mad because they are giving away money that could be used to help. Nickels and dimes really add up. I make it a point to never donate to charities that do something as stupid as that. They need to re-think their strategies.

And while I'm on the subject.....ever since I joined Green Dimes, my junk mail has been reduced 90% and I honestly mean that! What a great organization! Check it out and don't be afraid to use them. For a one-time small fee ($20), they will do wonders for you, not to mention they will plant 5 trees in your name.

Well friends.....I'm off like a prom dress. I have some serious reading to catch up on. Be well.


mama llama said...

Off like a prom dress? You are so funny.

I was thinking of you when watching the news/weather. And here, just imagine, we're just itching for even a mere flake...if it's going to be this cold and rain, just as well it snows.

Please be safe, be careful and keep warm, Val. Thinking of you.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about charities ringing all the time especially when it is most inconvenient. They used to always ring when I had two babies in high chairs wailing for their dinner. It pissed me off so much that I have had a silent number for years so now I never get bothered.

It's awful isn't it? You really want to help but there's only so much left over at the end of the week and you know what they begins at home.

Dear Liza said...

Yes, I think so many winter drivers are just plain asking for it.

Stay warm and out of the snow today?



SOUL: said...

you're pretty good at
restraining yourself. if i were to begin
listing my pet peeves i might never
stop :))

the lip sticks might be little people
to you grand daughter --
they could all have names and everything. maybe they're gonna live
in her pillow castle?

take it easy charlotte :))
happy sunday