Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Do This Sometimes.....

Many years ago I saw this picture in a magazine. It was a postage stamp size picture and was advertising a tapestry for sale. I really loved the colors and interpreted it as a representation of these "older" ladies gossiping up a storm on their shopping day in the village. I drew it, using the tiny one as a guide. I named it "Social Network". Its done in pastels (chalk) because I can work with that pretty good. I am terrible with oils or watercolors.

Its 38 degrees here and, according to the weather map, we have snow coming....its 3 counties west of us. A good day to snuggle down inside and maybe read for a while. I still have some laundry to do, but I can read while the machine does the work. I surely would be in a mess if I had been born back in the day when there was no such thing as electricity. I have the utmost respect for the Amish. Although if we didn't have a TV or a computer, think of the extra time we all would have.

My granddaughter, who is in kindergarten, has missed several days of school along with about 10 others from her class. Seems as though a "single dad" brought his child to school sick because he didn't want to miss work. Needless to say, the whole class was exposed and now every mom of every sick child from that room has it out for that dad. I can picture them with torches and weapons, circling his house, ready to spill blood. (shades of Frankenstein) My daughter has cleaned up so much puke that she's practically traumatized by the whole ordeal. Who knew that such a small child could expel such large quantities. Heaven help that poor single dad if my daughter ever comes across him. It won't be a pretty sight.


SOUL: said...

love the visual of poor mommy cleaning puke. but i feel her pain. and the grand-daughters too.
soulkid got terribly sick a couple years ago like that. if i coulda blamed someone-- it would have been just how you said-- and some parent would have been in a whole lot of pain.

anyhow--- did you "re-do" that picture from the one you saw?
if so-- very well done!
if not-- it's strange that you found it after seeing it long ago.
you have me confused. but as you know by now-- that is not a difficult task :))
see? i just now noticed the writing on the pic -- realizing that it's not your wall at all.
and so, since i can laugh at my own idiot-ness-- i won't even delete this comment.

i better shut up before i make even more of a fool of myself--

hope your day is good...
mines movin along...

it's kinda warm here.. still... i am gonna miss it when it gets cold.
i am allergic to winter. it makes me hateful.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Soul ~ Yes that's my picture, hanging on my wall. The writing you speak of is just a date stamp from my camera. I drew the picture, copied from a postage stamp sized one in a magazine...making it a LOT bigger so I could frame it.

happyone said...

Nice job on the picture!!
I don't have a television - we got rid of ours over a year ago. I do spend a lot of time on my computer though!!
I am NOT ready for snow yet. I think the earliest it has snowed here in Maryland where I live is on the 11th so I guess it could come any time now.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh Val, you are really good. I really like that painting.

My husband picks up bugs and pass them to me all the time, and he isn't even in kindergarten!

simonsays said...

Well good heavens, you are smart, beautiful and talented too? Not fair, missy. :)

I love the chalk drawing.

I can't draw stick figures.

Love ya.

Brad said...

I love that picture. It remionds me a lot of an artist my Mom used to buy - Degarza I think. Great colors - LOVE IT!

Summer said...

I wouldn't want to be beating the laundry on a rock down by the crick.

Lovely picture! You're so talented.

SOUL: said...

wow charlotte--

hope the little one is done barfing btw.

have a good week-

Romany Angel said...

That picture is beautiful Val. Well done you clever little thing.

We had a power outage a few weeks ago and you'd think someone had cut off a limb the way I carried on. The worst part...I couldn't make a cuppa. That pained me more than anything.

Do you think someone should warn the single dad that he's about to be run out of town by a mob of angry mothers?

forsythia said...

Lovely picture.

Little ones around here have the same bug. Our 8-month old grandson was so unhappy yesterday.

Maria said...

I'm one of those warpath mothers. I get so pissy when I see a sick kid at school...not only is it really, really cruel to force them to go to school when they are sick but it is stupid to put everyone else at risk too.

Bing is a teacher and I think she is immune to nearly everything. I used to be the person who caught everything, now I think I am less apt to be one of the dominoes that fall...

A.B. said...

that's a beautiful piece of art you created - and I love the idea of the gossiping storm. They seem protected by their hats and by their friendship. Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pastel! As to the clod of a father, unless someone gets up the nerve to discuss the issue with him, he will likely continue in his erroneous, selfish ways. It isn't enough for us to complain to one another, we must take the complaint to the source. Otherwise, we are just blowin' in the wind!
Cop Car