Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've been tagged by Heather at Adopting a Child to list 7 weird things about me. Oh Brother! Well, here goes:

1. I find it calming after putting the clothes in the washer to lean over, head supported by my elbows and just watch them agitate, with the clean smell of the laundry detergent wafting up as I’m watching.

(they asked for weird....weird they shall get)

2. The tastiest food on my plate I will save for the very last to eat. When I was a kid, I'd eat the vegetable I hated most first so I could get it out of the way and then the rest of the food would help get rid of the taste of it.

3. Though I'm not afraid of them....I don't like clowns. I think they are evil. I never allowed my kids to have clown dolls or pictures or even clown coloring books. Don't laugh.... remember that serial killer who used to dress up like a clown? Even Stephen King made a clown evil in his book, IT.

4. Speaking of books.....I love the smell of new books and will sometimes put my face in a book just to breathe it in. Matter of fact..... I just plain love office supplies....pens, pencils, notebooks, notepads.

(yep, I know this looks strange, odd and weird)

5. And since we are on the subject of reading material.....I start looking at a magazine from back to front.

6. The sound of seagulls and the ocean makes me feel tremendously sad so, because of that, I avoid what most people would consider paradise.

7. My intuition or hunches can sometimes be so accurate that it scares me.

Ok, there it is. I know I have a lot more than this, but of course you can never think of them when you want to and so I had a hard time even coming up with the required 7. I'm not going to tag anyone with this but if you want to play along, please do so. Do we share any weird qualities? At least if you're having writer's block, its a post.


Bear Naked said...

I posted my oddities the other day at
Bear((( )))
Other than your aversion to clowns I don't find you too wierd at all.
Me on the other hand....

Bear((( )))

Kelly Jene said...

I too, save my favorite food for last.
I LOVE the new and old books smells... as well as all office supplies. Staples... huhhhh... I love that place!
My hunches/intuitions are quite accurate as well.

I'm sorry the ocean and seagulls makes you sad! That makes me sad, as those sounds bring me such fulfilling joy!

Gypsy said...

Well what a weird bunch we are because I would have to say I recognised myself in all of those things except the sounds of the ocean and seagulls though now that you mention it, seagulls in particular have a mournful sound. I find the beach a sad kind of place in winter when it's grey, cold and deserted. Oh sod it, I'm exactly the same as you Val...haha.

mama llama said...

That well-developed "sixth sense" can indeed be a frightening one, can't it? You know, I'd love to read your palm...


Be well, Val.

happyone said...

I only eat food I really like. I don't want to waste any calories!!
I've come across quite a few people who don't like clowns.
I too like looking at the clothes in the washing machine!

fiwa said...

I love the smell of books - new and old. Those aren't weird things... they're the quirks that make you YOU. :)

love YOU,

Summer said...

I do the same thing with magazines. What's up with that? It's not like they are written in Hebrew.

Brad said...

Funny - OC tagged me with this one to. I'll be doing mine next. I'd forgotten about your feelings on clowns - you haven't written about that in a while! I love the one about eating your veggies first - that is just SO you!


Dave said...

I enjoyed this. I discovered you through Bear, and am happy I did. I always read magazines back to front as well.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ahhhh, finally I know someone who dislikes clowns too! Hurray!

Cheryl said...

I love office supplies, and the idea of sinking my nose in a book. I'm going to try that tonight.

simonsays said...

Charlotte, we have SO many things in common, even the weird ones.

I have missed you and will be back soon. I want to thank you for your kind words.

Hugs honey.


Maria said...

The wonderful, late George Carlin once said that there is nothing scarier than hearing your doorbell ring at 3 in the morning and looking out the peephole and seeing a clown standing there.

mama llama said...


Happy Halloween, Val!

SOUL: said...

hey my spidey friend :))

how ya been?
i'm baaack.

again, we matched on several..

i'm finally gettin around the blogland.. shocking i know--
hope you have a great day!