Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just tell Me WHY.....

So after finishing last night's short post, I went directly into the kitchen....did not pass GO...and made myself a stiff drink. The book ticked me off because there is just so much stress and unhappiness in the world now and I thought I was reading something that might end differently than it did. It was almost like the author just got sick of writing the book and decided to end it.... just like that. I will be selling this book on as I don't keep books I don't like. Back to last night, I settled my pajamaed self onto the couch and put in a movie. IRON MAN, to be exact. It was very, very good, by the way....even though I had to watch it in installments. girl that I am.....NOT - after having my drink and being all warm and cozy and such....I fell asleep. Woke myself up to an irritating sound (my snoring) and realized from the drool coming out the side of my mouth that I had been doing some serious sleeping. I had to finish the movie this morning. So, now that I'm in a better mood, I can get down to writing some stuff about WHY do people do the things they do. One of the main reasons that I walk around slowly shaking my head.

Case in point. Friday morning I'm driving to work in rush hour traffic. This woman beats all land speed records to enable herself to pull out in front of me. I take this in stride even though I can't help but notice that there is NO ONE in my lane behind me and she could have waited 4.5 seconds longer and then pulled out leisurely....but she preferred to nearly roll her van, so thats ONE WHY. The next WHY is that she proceeds to drive 33 mph in a 50 mph zone, directly in front of me in rush hour traffic so I can't get around her. Having no one behind me is of no help to me in this case. I notice that she frequently is scraping the curb and actually bounces off of it on more than one occasion. Even though its going on 8 in the morning I wonder if she's drunk or high on something else, so I back off, not wanting to be involved if she rolls the van by going up over the curb. I'm forced to follow her for several miles before I'm finally able to get around her and I can't help myself.....I just HAVE to get a look at the driver of this vehicle (I didn't know beforehand that it was a female driver) and WHAT do you think I see....well, I see a female driver with an effing CELL PHONE pasted to her ear. WHY? People like this need to be committed.

The office building in which I work gives out forms this time of year. You have to go to a particular office in the building to obtain the forms or to turn the completed forms back in. Approximately 1900 times a day I am asked by people coming into the building where they have to go to obtain or turn in the forms and also how to get there from my office. I would like to add that there must be a SIGN on the walls of this building, strategically placed every 10 feet or so that gives out that precise information and furthermore the signs are bright neon pink or orange....difficult to miss. There also are signs pasted on each exit/entrance door of the building. WHY? Don't people READ anymore? Are we a society of blubbering idiots? And....yes....I behaved myself and answered each and every one of them sweetly with a smile on my face.

And this last WHY for this post just made me angry. I received a call from someone who had bought a foreclosed home....that obviously needs some repair.....but they have rented it out to a low-income family and they wanted to know if they could further take advantage of the poor state of our nation as well as our local government (my words not theirs) by securing money specifically set aside for low income families so they could fix up their house just because a low income family is renting it. I took pure pleasure in telling this greedy person, "Sorry, no...YOU have to be low-income, buying and living in the home yourself in order to obtain such free repairs". GREED! This is why our nation is in the mess its in. Greed. (I didn't say the greed part, that's just my thoughts)

So, I'm going to put my soap box away now for a while. Sometimes I get into 'bitch mode" and I just have to let it out. Hope your day is great. I think mine is going to be better now. I just got one of those "you think you have troubles, but you have nothing compared to some people" slaps. My daughter brought home a flier from church. They are having a benefit dinner for this 29 year old man who was shot in an attempted robbery incident which will leave him paralyzed. He has 2 small children and no health insurance. I do not know him or his family but my heart goes out to them and God Bless the people who are helping them. I will be one of them. Say a little prayer for this man and his family and if you happen to know someone wealthy that would like to help, I have the address of the Credit Union that is accepting donations for them.


desert dirt diva said...

do they not have laws in your state about cell phones.. in cali, they passed a law, no cell phone use, but forgot to add NO texting those idiots whho were cell phoning are now texting..hmmm..o.k. they finally figured it out and now there is a law prohibiting either...but then last week i'm on the back roads of the desert and what do i see? a friggin cop driving down the road yep you guessed it ON HIS CELL PHONE!

Golden To Silver Val said...

DD Diva ~ yes we have laws regarding cell phones but each community passes their own. In MY community we have no such laws as yet. I suspect it won't be long before we do. In support of the police officer, a lot of them have dept. issued cell phones in which follow-up info or confidential info is given to them so it won't be on the air waves for the public to listen to. He may have been using it for that reason....or not. You never know.

The Real Mother Hen said...

You are absolutely right to tell the man off.
You are absolutely right to use the word GREED. The free market capitalism rewards only the Greedy folks. URG!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never figured out how law enforcement officers can pay attention to what's going on around them (including traffic) and communicate--via cell phone OR via radio. Amazing!
Cop Car

fiwa said...

Heehee... I came over to comment on this post, and then clicked on your page to find out I'd gotten an award! ;)

Do you know, I read somewhere that women in support/secretarial positions have a much higher instance of heart problems than any other profession? Because people drive us nuts! I can so sympathize with you about the people asking directions for the form when it's posted all over the place. At our sales meetings people will be holding the agenda with instructions about where they are supposed to be - and they will STILL come up and ask. My ex colleague would say "Well, let's look together" and make them look on the page with her till they found it. It didn't solve anything though - they would still come up and ask the same question next time around. I don't know if it's laziness or what.

Brad said...

Hi ya sweets!

Sorry your book was such a let down - I hate it when writers wimp out in the end and don't finish the story.

Greed is the word of the decade it seems - I would be TOO EMBARRASSED to call up the city asking for money I don't deserve. Who raised these people?

Great choices on the award - all three some of my favorites. That includes you of course. - I'll be looking for ya on IM!

Anonymous said...

Wow... there is a fine for talking on cell phones here while driving... US$500 or so. Enough to make you get off of them!

Gypsy said...

I hate it when people pull out in front of you when there was no-one behind you. That's bad enough but then they add insult to injury by going under the speed limit once they have totally slowed you down. If they're not in a hurry why couldn't they wait? Why? why? Why?

As for the people who apparently are too lazy to read the can control many things in life but stupid is just unfixable.

Hope you are having a better day now Val.

Mary said...

I wish I were wealthy so I could help deserving people who are in difficult circumstances.

I understand the need to be a "witch with a B." (I'm not adverse to simply stating that I can be a royal bitch. The phrase I use is a family thing. One day my oldest son, who was in fifth grade at the time, came home from school and announced that his teacher was a "witch with a B." I've used the phrase ever since.)

Glad you feel better. Take time to rest and smell the roses - if any are left. If not at least rest.


Too bad people just dont' care anymore..that's the issue. :(

Bet you enjoyed your drink! :)


Summer said...

I love your soap box. I have some lemon oil if you need it!

The cell phone thing. DRIVES ME INSANE!