Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just the facts ma'am.....

This election is really getting to me. There are so many things that I dislike and like about each candidate that I'm having a terrible time of it. Just when I think I've got my mind made up, I get a scathing email with a bunch of possible truths, possible garbage about one side or the other and then it sets me back to square one again. I often split my ticket when I vote. I usually vote for the person, not the party. Is that wrong? Anymore I'm really confused.

Someone told me about this website that is supposed to be fair and is not leaning one way or another....just toward the I thought I'd pass it on. - I've been reading some of the stuff on it and hopefully it will help me to make a decision that I will be comfortable with. My daughter and I will be voting alike so as not to cancel each other's votes out.

If anyone knows of another place to get honest answers about both sides, please advise me. I'm just so effin' sick of the lies. I hate the mud slinging too, but they are both doing it. I realize there are no saints left but I'm just sayin'.....


Kelly Jene said...

My advice is to pray about who God would have you vote for. That's what I'm doing. I can't depend on mankind to tell me the truth.

Love ya!

desert dirt diva said...

i totally agree with you and will be going to check out the web site because at this point when i get to the pols i'll be going enie meanie mineie moe, who is the best so i can vote...

desert dirt diva said...

p.s. thanks for following my blog.


The best place to go to get the facts is your instincts--and also by what you want done--we all have different needs and well here's an example:

Her:her biggest problem-she has a son out in Iraq and wants him home--who will she vote for?

Him: his biggest problem: His daughter is pregnant at 15 and he wants her to have an abortion---

Her: biggest issue: needs healthcare for her children, is a single parent that barely makes ends meet---

I Think what works best (for me at least) is to make a list of the things that matter the most to me--and based on that, what I want, my instincts and how what I want and what matters matches to the candidates is how I vote.

If my biggest problem is "are they qualified--well, I don't know--no one no matter what can ever be that ready to take on the world.



Maria said...

I'm just the opposite of you. I am enamored with this election, mostly because the whole thing is so historically interesting. And like one of your readers, I make a list of things that really, really matter to me and then see who supports it:

1) gay rights
2) health care reform
3) protect a woman's right to choose
4) the environment

So, you choice is easy.

jyankee said...

I am like you in that I try to follow...however difficult from overseas and with Japanese tv...the main interest in both the candidates is that:
1. Obama is a name of a small city on one of the coasts here in JP.
2. Sarah Palin's glasses are of a JP manufacturer.
*sigh* see what I'm up against????

simonsays said...

Thanks for the link - this website looks like a good one to help sort the whole mess out. Like you, I'm losing my patience with all of it.

Thank you my dear friend, for your words of wisdom and encouragment on my blog.

Hugs. :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I feel the same way. Thanks for the info on the site....going to check it out!

Brad said...

factcheck is a great site - I'd refer you to some of the sites I read but we all know I'm just a big ol' left-pinko-commie so what's the point? *smirk*

Hope your doing good Lovie - I have a meeting tonight but should be on IM tomorrow night.

The Real Mother Hen said...


I avoid all the polls now, because they can send my blood level to the dangerous level.

Good luck.

Mary said...

Have you ever seen two little boys sitting in a sandbox hitting each other with their shovels - fighting over a shovel-full of sand? I believe they are now running for president of our great nation!

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Golden To Silver Val said...

Gosh Deek - you must have me confused with someone else....I only write on one blog.

simonsays said...

Missing you!!! Hugs.

boneman said...

About who to vote for....
If you like where the US is, and what we're doing, vote Republicant.
If you are fed up with it, the lies, the wars, the mud, vote Dumbocrat.
(note the equal opportunity name slinging there)

But then, and this is the most important part....after the elections are over....
and it doesn't matter who won, because they both do the same thing, then is when you want to get organized for the next election.
You see, after it's over, the two sides always say, well, OK, let's get together and solve these problems together.
Which is hogwash!
They'll keep on fighting like they always do....

But, their purpose is to calm the crowds into not noticing that neither side is worth a tinkers "dang!" because it's only two sides of the same coin.

But, a third side?
Yeah, baby. That's what we need!
(sorry, I wouldn't vote for Ralph Nader if he came over and washed my car every week for a year!)
But, we NEED that third party.
It won't happen yet this election, but, watch for a bit more energy involved with digging it out of the hole this time!
Thing is, it's just going to take a big effort on all our parts because the danged government and the professional politicians really want things to stay the same.

(dang! Don't you just hate it when the comment is longer than the post? I bwetter get out'a here, or it will be.)

Then again, I started a new blog for just laughing at.
You know...when you really need a break, eh?

desert dirt diva said...

missing you hope all is well

Smocha said...

Just stopping by to check on you ...since you haven't updated in forever.:)

Hope all is well .