Sunday, June 15, 2008

One more thing to tick me off.....

My driveway is wide enough for two cars to sit side by side. My son likes to park his vehicle directly in front of the garage door which houses MY car, leaving me no way to get out unless I ask him to move his car. I've told him about this on at least THREE other occasions and since he has done it again leaves me with no other option but to think he's doing this ON PURPOSE.

To add insult to injury....he has not only parked his vehicle there, making me a prisoner in my own home....but he has left the premises. Whereabouts unknown. He did not say he was goodbye, no nothin'. Someone had to come here and pick him up but I was told not a thing. This is beyond being inconsiderate. This is being just plain uncaring and STUPID. I swear, I did not raise him to be like this.

When he comes back I'm going to tell him that I had a phone call and was invited to meet Sean Connery at the local restaurant for a light supper but had to decline because I could not get out and I hope he's proud of himself that he made me miss this. Furthermore, I'm starving and there isn't anything here to cook and in addition to that I also had a chance to work this afternoon helping my boss with his election for TRIPLE time and had to decline all that too for the same reason. Mention martyr and I'm the queen of the hop.....nobody does it better when I put my mind to it.

Its supposed to thunder storm and his window is down. Ask me if I'm going to go out there and put it up. HA.


JYankee said...

Oh NO Val... how rude! Is there a way you can put an extra bumper on your car and then just back out into his car and have his car roll out onto the street???? Just kiddin.... Gosh... STUPID... oh well... kids are kids no matter what age eh???

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah, I can nuke him for you :)

Val you're too good, therefore your son may not take you seriously. Men are like that. They don't hear us when we speak nicely to them. They only hear us when we scream :)

Betty said...

Have you thought about letting the air out of his tires while he's gone?

Kelly Jene said...

That's a bit frustrating. I can't stand it when my neighbors park in my spot (we're in townhouses). It's inconsiderate, rude, and unnecessary. I hope he really listens to you.

Anonymous said...

Mother Hen is right about men/boys not taking women/girls seriously. Unfortunately, we must escalate to get the attention that should have been paid. I was going to suggest buying a boot to put on one of his tires (I am serious, Val!) but Betty has a cheaper alternative that would work as effectively. And, whatever you do, do not apologize for inconveniencing him. Son or no son he has behaved abominably--repeatedly.

Another thought: If the window is down can you get into the car, release the brake with the transmission in neutral, and roll it toward the street enough that you can get around his car?
Cop Car

fiwa said...

I hope you read him the riot act, Val. It's inexcusable to be so careless about something like that when he's staying in your home. I would have been hot under the collar too.

Hope today is better.


Cheryl said...

Oh, I'd be so mad! Knowing my child, she'd be mad at me for being mad at her. Good luck!

Mary said...

GRRRRRR! I'd be so mad that I'd be seeing red. I like the part about letting the air out of his tires. Now I'd probably do that for real.

Much like cheryl, when my kids were young they would probably have been mad at me for being mad.

ordinaryjanet said...

Have him give you a duplicate key so you can move it when you need to get out. If he won't give you one, swipe his key and have one made. I know, easier said than done but if he won't listen to reason...

Smocha said...

OOH! Kids love to take advantage of MOM.
I hate that!

I was going to say ..have his car towed out of there. But I'm sure he can't afford that I agree with Ordinary Janet . Get your own keys.

This sounds TOTALLY like something my sons would do. And NO , they were not raised like that either:(

GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!Hope you get a solution:)

ac said...

I know it's annoying. I'd be livid. But omg..... You made this situation so entertaining and humorous. Forgive me for laughing at your plight. LOL LOL LOL

PS. If Sean Connery asks you to dinner, can I come?

boneman said...

OK, here's the gig, but, for isn't men/boys being rude. Some of us pay attention to our Ma and take the extra time it takes to help out.

#1 Boy needs to come up with an extra set of keys. (not a request)
#2 Ask him face to face if he has a problem living with you.
#3 and isn't it time to be looking for a place of his own? How is he working to that end? and when can it be expected?

After that, I'm with the idea about the extra bumper OR get a come-along. They're pretty easy to hook up, and might take some grunting on your part, but, I'de pay good money for a picture of his face seeing four tire marks (from his car being dragged along a few feet) on the driveway.

boneman said...

OK, joking aside ( I couldn't help that last) it's time for the two of you to sit and discuss some basics.

Golden To Silver Val said...

jYankes ~ lol, that would be funny and its one of the more gentle things I thought of to do to his car.

Mother Hen ~ You are SO RIGHT. Why is that...we have to scream at them and then we get talked about for screaming. MEN!

Betty - I thought about DESTROYING that car...believe me!

Kelly ~ Oh we'll have it out and he'll be ok for a while...then he'll "forget" again. Grrrrr

Anonymous ~ yes I thought of a lot of stuff to do to his vehicle...none of it nice. But he's supposed to move out of here soon...sooner the better.

fiwa ~ yep it seems like he gives me at least a weekly dose of "hot under the collar". Does wonders for the blood pressure.

Cheryl ~ and you know what??? You're RIGHT. He WAS mad at me just because I was mad at him. So it ending up in a yelling match....and here it was ALL HIS FAULT. Go figure...

Mary ~ yep, just like I told Cheryl...that's exactly what happened.

Janet ~ the duplicate key is a good idea and I think I will tell him about that. No reason why he can't leave one hanging on the hook.

Smocha ~ my solution is for him to move. Its been too long...him being here...its time.

ac ~ well....I'm just a real riot Alice I guess. Remember when that used to be a saying? I just thought of that. LOL. Anyway...I'm still ticked about missing my date with Sean. I'll see if he can get a friend for you next time. My son brought me ice cream the next day to make up ... I ate it then told him I didn't care for it. HA.

Boney ~ yep you're right and those points will be discussed very soon. I just need to get ready for it because talking to him is just so FRUSTRATING because he just won't SHUT UP and LISTEN. Whew!

Maria said...

Kids are stupid. They just are. They don't really take that step of thinking of others, even the sweet, good, kind kids. At least not until they are about 25.

My next door neighbor, Sven, is one of the sweetest 19 year olds that I know. But, when he goes back to college, he will leave his bedroom looking like a cyclone hit it and it will never occur to him that his MOTHER is going to have to go in there like she is his personal maid and clean it up. He will come home for Christmas and I can guarantee it will never occur to him to notice that the dump he left now has freshly changed sheets, a nice smell of Pledge and vacuum cleaner marks...

Gypsy said...

Hell hath no fury like a Pisces woman scorned and you'd better believe it.

Here's what you do Val. Don't let the air out of the tires because then you are still stuck in the garage. When it starts to storm open all the doors so it gets good and soaked inside and then every time he gets in and out with a wet behind it will remind him of his folly.