Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I apologize.....

A lot has been going on lately in my life and with working more hours than I normally do I sometimes do not get the chance to read or comment on as many blogs as I'd like to. I'm able to read blogs at work, but cannot comment. As someone I have a lot of respect for once said, "real life trumps blog life" and that's true. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on circumstances.

I have neglected some of you lately and please accept my apology for that. At home I have suffered through hundreds of interruptions and sometimes would simply forget where I left off on my blog commenting when I did find the time to do it. You just can't even imagine the frustrations I'm going through right now......or maybe you can because I'm sure we all have them at one time or another. Life is like that.

I love every single one of you and if I don't comment for a while....YELL at me and remind me that I haven't said anything to you lately. Please don't think I singled anyone out purposely to ignore. I don't do stuff like that. Bear with me here.....I just need to get a few things in my life adjusted. Thank you, dear friends.


Kelly Jene said...

I love you. I appreciate you even thinking of us during your busy life. You are a dear friend to us all. ((Hugs))

mama llama said...

You have a lot going on. Just don't forget to reach out and let us know you're still here on your blog--at least that way I can be reassured!

Take care of yourself and your family. And promise to be well.

JYankee said...

I like that doggie... aaawww...don't worry about it... lately too many people are apologizing for stuff in blogdom... I for one can't say much cuz I am the same..many times I look at blogs at work and don't have time to comment..then forget to when I come home...

Life at Star's Rest said...

No need to apologize...life has a way of throwing unexpected curves. Thanks for the visit and I'm really doing great! Carmon

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah no apologies needed. I do take a break from blogging very often to sort out things in real life.
Take your time Val.

fiwa said...

Sweet friend, do not even give it a second thought. Life gets in the way sometimes, that's all there is to it. Please don't add to your stress by worrying about commenting. Your friends love you & understand.

I would rather you update your own blog now and then, than worry about commenting on mine, if time is short. I like to keep up on what is going on with you.

Sending you hugs -

boneman said...

are y'kiddin' me?
Aren't we all like that?

I'm surprised some folks ever come back t'visit me.
Well, ok. Some don't.

(oh poo.)

Look what they miss, eh?
We're talking high drama and sometimes grand comedy, too!

Wouldn't miss yours for the world!

boneman said...

by the way, two things.

#1 there's an alternative method of communicating with your children at my 'experimentality' blog....

#2 y'know....that he's a talker should work out to your advantage.

Just remember this one fact....
he who asks the questions is in chrge of the direction of the conversation.

Maria said...

I never take things like that personally. Ever. I only allow myself one hour per day on the computer, so it is not uncommon for me to only get to blog hop to everyone's site about once or twice a week at the most.

Just do what you can, when you can...

SOUL: said...

we've all been there charlotte--- take your time..
i hope things settle down soon for you-- so you can come and grab hold of my stuff. :))


do take care,
and have a good night--

Gypsy said...

Actually I've about given up on EVER catching up again. I know you'll get round to me when you can and vice versa. Sometimes I have to read up to 10 posts at a time at some blogs. Where the hell do people get time to publish 3 or 4 posts in one day? I rarely post that many in a week.

You take care of YOU and don't overdo it. I need my dose of effin' humour so I can't let anything happen to my main source of comic relief :)

ordinaryjanet said...

I love that doggie! So cute! who can possibly be mad at a face like that?

I think you've been by, so don't worry about it! we all slack off now and then. :-)

Talisman said...

Hang in there and don't worry about the blogworld. I hope things calm down for you soon.

simonsays said...

Hang in my sweet, wonderful friend. It will all calm down eventually. :)

I use the "real life trumps blog life" line all the time, too, but I can't remember which of you ultra smart bloggers said it. Any ideas?


Mary said...

I need to ditto everything you said. It's obvious that I haven't been visiting on a regular basis. It's Friday morning and I'm just now getting to your Tuesday post.

I was off track for a while and getting back on is keeping me busy. I found a spider web condo in my hall and that just doesn't go in this house. When the house is back in order I'll be all well once again.

Love you too.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Kelly Jene ~ thank you, you always say the nicest things!

Mama Llama ~ I'll be around in a few days. Thank you for your caring.

jyankee ~ yep, that's exactly what I did. Purely an oversight...but I felt really bad about it.

Carmon ~ I'm so glad you're doing great. You are truly an inspiration to womanhood!

Mother Hen ~ Sometimes we just have to put things in order and sometimes it takes longer than we expect.

fiwa ~ you have a knack of always just saying the exact right thing. Your kind words have helped me more than you realize. Big hugs.

Boney ~ Maybe if I would have done that to my son at that age, he wouldn't be giving me so much lip at THIS age! LOL

Maria ~ yep, that's about all I can do. This started out as a FUNNY blog...I wonder what happened to it. LOL

Soul ~ sigh...soul-friend, too bad we can't get together over pots of coffee and tell each other our tales. I think we would be at it for DAYS. lol. Thanks for understanding.

Gypsy ~ you actually made me laugh at loud and BOY, I NEEDED that. Thank you ever so much. You are always so good about your commenting and keeping up with stuff...I don't know how you effin' do it!!!! LOL

Janet ~ Yep, I think yours was one of the few that I made it to.

Talisman ~ I need calming down too. Guess its time to hit the Xanax again. LOLOLOLOL

Jamie ~ Yep, dear friend, the one that said it that I remember is Anonymous Boxer. It certainly rang true and I put it in my "things to remember" filing cabinet in my brain. I've been through a lot lately, but not as much as you have. (high five's)

Mary ~ isn't it amazing how FAST we can get behind and how SLOW the catching up is. I'm bad about my emails doing that to me too. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you're better.

SOUL: said...

i think you're right big C-- :))
i'll get the coffee goin, come on ovah!

hope your fiday is a good one-

Anonymous Boxer said...

I remember when and why I had to say that and I'm truly touched you remembered. Even better that you're giving yourself some time to not be in Blog Land.


ac said...

Don't trouble yourself at all about this. We're just sorry it's going like that for you right now. You'll get back to us when things settle down. Heck, we know ya love us! hugs! ac