Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just when I thought I conquered it.....

it put its thumb to its nose and wiggled its fingers at me. I'm speaking about my tires of course.

We have suffered some of the coldest weather in this last week since Hector was a pup. Saying "bitter" just doesn't do it justice. I'd like to use that for an excuse of why it happened but, sadly, it only added to the inconvenience of it all.

Since I don't work every day and therefore don't leave the house every day.....I've been starting my car every day like a good female is supposed to do.(how many times do men yell at us for not doing something like well as not checking the oil)  I didn't want to have to contend with a dead battery on top of having the flat tires. So every day I went out and started the car and let it run for about 15 minutes or so. Did I every walk around the vehicle to check on my tires you say?  Why yes....yes I did. I did it for two days and then told myself I was being silly and stopped doing it.

Friday morning I had to be at work earlier than usual as my co-worker wasn't going to be there and I had to run the office. I went out to start my car about 10 minutes before it was time to leave and it started right up. I was so proud!!  The temperature outside was a little above zero....single digit above.  When it was time to leave I started to back out and the car was hard to move......VERY hard to move.  I gave it a little more gas than I usually do and it finally started backing out of the garage. It was obvious that something was terribly wrong.  I got out of the car, walked around to the passenger side and my front tire was so flat it wasn't even funny. The rear tire was also low on that side. No way of driving ANYWHERE on these. I called the maintenance man at work because the automatic switchboard still had the phones going to the recorded greeting. He said he would call the guy who helped me a few days ago and let him know. (he works part-time for the same place I do)

He did come through and helped me out.....even came and picked me up and took me to work. I know he felt terrible about it as he had assured me that he felt the tires were ok. I had to spring for a set of new tires, which he took care of for me by putting on a spare and driving it to the tire place and waiting for it. I gave him my credit card. It didn't help that we had a snowstorm that day and traffic was nearly at a standstill.

I am hoping this is the end of least as far as tires are concerned. My bit of advice is....never get TIRES from a junkyard. Even if they look good, they probably are not as they had the guy who helped me fooled.

All in all I was exactly an hour late for work. I know my boss wasn't very happy with me but I did so much work for him that day that I believe I made up for it.

At least we're having a heat wave right's 24.


forsythia said...

Days like that make me wanna go to Dunkin Doughnuts and buy out the store. They say you shouldn't kick a man when he's down, but no one said anything about tires. Hope the coming week is better.

lotta joy said...

It pisses me off that bosses are never understanding or compassionate. Of course, they think the entire building would fall apart if THEY didn't show up.

Did the tire store mention anything about a year of free service if something goes wrong with the tires? Or am I living in the past.

Leann said...

I hope the tire fairy treats you nicely from now on :-)

Thank goodness for friends who will go out of their way to help you!!

Kat said...

Nice to have friends .....i hope its all well now