Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Enough is Enough!!!.....

It is nearly 8 pm and I have just hung up on my NINTH recorded political phone call of the day.......and it's not even October yet!!!!
Yes.....NINE calls in one day!

And they are all recorded so you can't even yell at them for bothering you.

Furthermore, I'm so lucky that I'm receiving calls representing BOTH democrat and republican platforms.

Our State Representative is trying to get a bill passed that will prohibit these INTRUSIONS into our life unless we wish to receive them.  I hope, with all my heart, that she can get it passed.

In the meantime, I apologize profusely for being such a lousy blogger. It's been over a month since my last post.  My daughter is still here and feeling 90% better. My grandson has a pretty good job now. My son also just found a pretty good job. So things are looking up in that area.

Boy oh boy I sure wish I could say I won the Lotto....but no such luck. Maybe it would help if I bought a ticket.....ay?

To bring you up to date:

I hit a pothole, which Michigan is famous for, and bent the wheel rim on my car (aluminum wheels). We did find another one (used) to replace it and that work will be done in the next week or so.  $$$

My 74 year old brother-in-law just came through surgery to repair a hole in his lung which happened with no prior warning at all. He's home now and doing great but it was touch and go for a bit. He quit smoking 30 years ago and figured he wouldn't have any problems after all this time. One never knows, do they?  Anyway, he's doing fine now with no sign of disease.

The leaves are starting to turn and we've had one frost already during the night. Fall is definitely right around the corner.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we will have another mild winter like last year. is ringing again. may hear about me on the 11 o'clock news.

keep smilin', my friends.


Beau's Mom said...

Finally. A post. I signed up for the "do not call" offer in Indiana. In Florida, either there isn't an offer or I missed it. Every day, whether I'm up a ladder, in the shower, or walking to the mailbox, I hear the phone ringing. By the time I get there and look at the Caller I.D., I've wasted precious time getting To the phone. I can't help but think of people in a wheelchair or asleep.

Beau's Mom said...

Oops. Wrong avatar.

Peruby said...

I dropped my landline years ago. Pure sweetness. We all just use our cell phones.

forsythia said...

My 9-year-old grandson has taken to asking unidentified callers "Is this the Democrats?" :-)

Happyone said...

We don't even have a land line anymore and never get unwanted calls on our trac cell phones. : )
Nice to see you posting again.
Glad to hear you BIL is on the mend.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

We get other robo calls but so far no political ones. For which I am profoundly grateful!

Josie Two Shoes said...

It was good to see you checking in here! Those calls, in fact any and all "nuisance calls" just drive me buggy. We only have a landline because our security system requires it, so I know calls on that phone are going to be wrong numbers or something annoying. I cannot imagine working at a job that required me to interrupt other people's lives and relaxation time with something dumb. If we want political propaganda, we can certainly find plenty of it elsewhere! I am glad to read that some of your family situations are improving, we'll cheer for you when you finally have your house to yourself again!